Backup Cameras and What You Should Know About It

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Backup cameras, also known as ‘reversing cameras’ or ‘rear view cameras’, are the rave these days. These sleek, modern devices are specially designed to allow drivers to keep an eye on their vehicle’s rear and stay protected from accidents.

Rearview cameras are also extremely useful when backing up, enabling you to enjoy zero blind spots and park your car without hitting anything else.

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Backup cameras show you a wide view behind your car, so you can clearly see objects in your rear. Some backup camera systems can connect to multiple cameras, so you can get a complete 360 view of what lies outside.

If your vehicle doesn’t have a reversing camera, you should know that federal laws advise all drivers to equip their cars with advanced rearview monitoring technology. This means that soon enough, backup cameras will become mandatory for any type of vehicle.

Who Can Use A Backup Camera?

Backup cameras are perfect for 5th wheels, industrial vehicles, campers, RVs, trucks, and SUVs. Please notice most backup cameras are equipped with wireless technology, which enables the camera to transmit the signal wirelessly. If you choose one of these cameras, you don’t have to worry anymore about installing cables or wires in your car.

Anyone can use a rearview camera, including the owner of sedans or town cars. You can easily install a wireless backup camera equipped with IR lights if you park your car regularly during the night.

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You can also choose a car stereo such as the Pumpkin android car stereo with a backup camera included. This complete system allows you to control your phone & home appliances, while also giving you the peace of mind that your vehicle is safe.

How Does Backup Camera Work?

As a rule of thumb, this camera will activate once you shift in reverse. However, dual backup cameras allow you to change the channel for front/rear/dual by swiping on the screen. Once the camera activates, all you have to do is to look on the monitor and you’ll park quicker and much better than before.

A reversing camera can successfully replace rearview or side mirrors. It allows you to clearly see what lies behind you, so you can park without hitting any invisible obstacle.

Most rearview cameras come with grid lines, so you can park flawlessly without having to interpret the distances. You can also choose to flip the image or to see it in reverse.

The monitor can be mounted anywhere you seem fit. You can place it on your dashboard, on your windshield, or at the center of your board.

Benefits Of Backup Cameras

Probably the biggest and most obvious benefit of installing a backup camera in your vehicle is that it helps saves lives. These cameras have saved millions of lives so far. In an industrial site, backup cameras can protect industrial vehicle drivers from accidentally going over their co-workers.

When parking, backup cameras can help drivers brake before hitting the child hidden in the parking lot, behind two cars. In traffic, backup cameras allow trucks to know when they have dangerous or careless drivers behind them.

Another huge benefit of backup cameras is a financial one. You won’t have to break the bank to repair your car, because you won’t make a lot of accidents. Thanks to your new backup camera, you’ll be able to park safely without scratching your car or hitting another car.

If you drive an industrial vehicle or a truck, you can use a backup camera to safely tow another vehicle. The camera gives you a perfect close-view of your trailer or on the vehicle towed.

Top Features Of Today

Backup cameras do much more than just broadcast footage. Many of them come with a plethora of unique features that you didn’t even know you needed. Not just these features are quite interesting, but they also make the product more useful and functional.

One great feature is the WVGA resistive multipoint touchscreen. Some backup cameras today, such as Pioneer AVH-W4500nex car stereo with backup camera, are equipped with advanced multitouch screens. Thanks to these screens, you get to enjoy better responsiveness when controlling the device and super bright colors.

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Other backup cameras, such as Furrion FOS07TASF 7″ Vision S, come with full observation kits. They allow you to gain complete peace of mind by connecting up to four cameras to the main screen and recording 360 degrees all around you. These cameras are excellent for RVs, campers, and trucks.

Most backup cameras offer you reverse images, so you can simulate the view in the rearview mirror. Some backup cameras offer you several viewing modes, including image flip, flip & rotate, backup lines, and extra backup lines.

More Useful Features

A very useful feature of modern rearview cameras is infrared lights. Some backup cameras can have as many as 30 IR lights. If you drive during the night quite often, a camera with high infrared capabilities is a must-have buy. It will help you to park easier and stay safe behind the wheels.

Some advanced backup cameras in the 2020 plus now offer audio monitoring. You can hear what the camera records in the rear of your vehicle, so you can drive safer during low light conditions.

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Most backup cameras come with a wireless adapter, so you can mount them to the taillight and turn them on instantly. This makes it super easy for you to install them and offers you more functionality. One of these devices is the DohonesBest Wireless Backup Camera, which offers perfect recordings with no interferences to over 100mph.

Ultimately, some modern backup cameras can be mounted over your rearview mirror. An example is the gorgeous-looking CHICOM Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera 9.66. You can replace your rearview mirror with a large 9.66” monitor and record in full HD what is happening in the back of your car.

Some other important features to look at when purchasing a backup camera include the viewing angle, shock & vibration rating, waterproof rating, and ADAS features.

Main Types Of Backup Cameras

Today, there are more types of backup cameras than ever before. For starters, you can find loads of RV backup models. These are standard-looking devices, referred to among truck drivers as “the box”. They can easily be mounted on industrial vehicles, trucks, busses, trailers, 5th wheels, or even on farm equipment.

They have a standard field of vision of 120 degrees and are equipped with an adjustable sunshade and automatic night vision. These backup cameras are either wireless or wired. Some common features include grid lines, integrated microphones, and HD lenses.

Another type of backup camera is the license plate camera. They are sleek, unobtrusive, and are mounted right on your license plate in the back. They are designed to complement your car design and come standard with night vision and HD resolution.

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You can also find reverse cameras in the form of “ice cubes”. These are compact units that are usually used by motorcycle riders and bikers.

There are also find dash cameras that record inside your car. Since they are extremely useful for Uber, Taxi, or Lyft drivers these are also named “Uber cameras”.

Ultimately, you can find all-in-one cameras or stereo systems. These are systems similar to Pumpkin android car stereo. They connect to your smartphone and allow you to take full control of your vehicle, home appliances, and agenda.

These stereo systems with additional backup cameras or included backup cameras are probably going to be the next big thing in the 2020s, so keep your eyes open. They are leveraging the power of technology to improve your driving and help you stay safe behind the wheels.

The Bottom Line

Now that you are well aware of the benefits, features, and types of backup cameras available on today’s market, it is time to make your own choice. Leverage the numerous benefits of backup cameras to stay safe when parking and to protect your co-worker’s lives in an industrial workplace.

It definitely helps to have a “video pair of eyes” in the back of your head. Select the right backup camera & monitor for your needs and make your life easier.

On this site, you have a vast number of backup camera reviews. Read as many as you wish in order to decide which backup camera model is the right one for you.


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