Douxury 4K Backup Camera System

Douxury | 4K Backup Camera System | 10.36’’ Monitor | 4 AHD Camera 4 Splits | Great Night Vision | 365-Day Replacement Warranty | Operated Temperature from -59°F to 176°F | and more …

The Douxury 1080P is a wireless backup camera that can be used for monitoring your RV, truck, or 5th wheel. It features a 7” dual-monitor LCD screen and a stable signal. The monitoring mode can be changed to either a single or full screen with 4 video inputs. You can also add additional cameras for future use. Also, the four video inputs are easy to upgrade.

The new generation of Douxury wireless backup cameras is equipped with an upgraded signal chip, which can provide a signal that can reach up to 300 feet in an open area and 180 feet in a truck camper. The wireless camera system of Douxury can provide you with a wide view angle and full HD images, while the color image processor and the sharp lens will allow you to take great pictures during driving

Wireless RV Backup Camera, DOUXURY IP69 Waterproof...
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Wireless RV Backup Camera, DOUXURY IP69 Waterproof...
  • Upgraded Wireless Backup Camera: With unique dual...
  • 4 Split Screen: 4 channels tv monitor. You can add...
  • DVR Recording Function: RV backup camera supports...
  • IP69 Waterproof Level: With the latest sealing...
  • 1080P HD Backup Camera: Adopting 1080p CCD image...

The camera features a 1 light sensor and 18 infrared lights. It can provide you with a clear and unobstructed view of the night at up to 50 feet. Compared with glass-based backup cameras, the Douxury wireless backup camera is IP69 waterproof. It features full glue sealing technology, which makes it more effective in various weather conditions.

Using A Douxury Backup Camera For Your Vehicle

The camera can be mounted on the rear of a 40-foot marker light. After the power is turned on, the system will work immediately. It can be able to transmit images at speeds of up to 65 mph during a rainstorm. The camera was easy to install, but since the power to the camera came from the marker lights, you have to figure out how to turn them on.

After a bit of work, you will be able to get the camera to work properly, and you can experience a good image, and you will feel happy.

If you get this Douxury camera for your vehicle car, which does not have a backup camera, you can install it in just less than an hour, and you would not have to mess with the wires. The ability to see what is behind the machine also helps people feel more secure, and the screen brightness can be adjusted to achieve a more natural effect. The other good thing about this model is that it can be used during the day and at night.

Douxury is a better model product and is recommended for anyone. The picture quality is good, the extra lead is good, and the menu options are better than the other backup camera systems.

Why Douxury 4k Backup Camera Is Better?

With a Douxury backup system, it can help drivers avoid getting into accidents while parking or driving in crowded areas. It features a 170 rear view camera that allows you to see clearly and safely.

The wireless reversing camera system from Douxury eliminates having the wires between the camera and the rear view monitor. It is incredibly easy to install and maintain, and it is also less expensive. The signal strength of the Douxury camera is solid and stable, as it can reach up to 10m from the vehicle and up to 100m from the open area. It can be used for various applications such as hatchback, SUV, mini lorry, estate car, cargo van, etc.

The Douxury wireless camera system also features excellent quality and is equipped with an IP68 waterproof feature. It can also be used with a night vision function that will help you drive more safely and securely. A back up camera for your car is an integral part of a vehicle. It adds a level of sophistication to a vehicle. However, what if you want to purchase a new back up camera like Douxury? Most people would happily take this opportunity.

With the availability of a high-quality car backup camera, you can now enjoy the best possible driving experience while using your vehicle’s backup camera. This feature not only provides you with a safe and secure way to monitor your vehicle, but it also allows you to enjoy the feeling of having one from your car in crystal clear view.

Douxury Backup Camera 4k vs. Xroose Backup Camera

The Xroose F3 is a wireless camera that can be used to back up your vehicle. It features a 152-inch wide-angle lens, a 3.0 AHD control chip, and an IP69k waterproof and fog-resistant coating. On the other hand, The 4K AHD and 1080P camera system of Douxury provide the best picture quality at the best possible resolution. It eliminates the blind spot and makes driving safer.

Is the Xroose F3 a better choice than the Douxury 4k backup camera system? for your car security needs? There are various models available for your car security cameras. However, before you decide which one to buy, you need to make sure that it meets your specific requirements. One essential factor you need to take into account is the built-in digital video recording function of Douxury. This allows you to record multiple video clips at the same time.

As the Xroose Backup Camera comes with a built-in backup camera that is ideal for capturing images in adverse weather conditions. The Douxury Back-up Camera is compatible with most modern vehicles, such as box trucks, trailers, and tractor-trailers. It can also function seamlessly with a power supply that’s 12-24V DC. It features a durable and reliable design that can function seamlessly even in harsh weather conditions.

Douxury Backup Camera 4k vs. AMTIFO A10 Camera

The Amtifo A10 features a 170-degree wide vision and is IP69K waterproof. Its 4 channels and 10.1′′ monitors provide a large viewing area. Meanwhile, the Douxury 4K backup camera system features a 10.36” monitor and a 4 HD camera for monitoring RV truck trailers. It can also record audio and video using a digital video recorder.

However, some facts about AMTIFO A10 is that due to the size of their bodies, recreational vehicles are often more complicated to navigate than regular cars. Doing so can be very dangerous, especially for those who are used to driving in reverse. One may also say that side mirrors are for this purpose. On the other hand, The Adjustable parking assist line on douxury features 18 infrared LED lights that provide clear images at night.

You can adjust its height and width according to your needs. Also, it is very convenient for a fast operation.

The use of AMTIFO A10 rearview cameras has replaced the need for drivers to manually look at the road in order to see what is happening around them. Most vehicles come with these cameras after the purchase. But the Douxury’s wide and waterproof angle cameras are made of IP69, which can withstand various harsh weather conditions. They can operate at temperatures ranging from -59 degrees Fahrenheit to 176 degrees Fahrenheit.

The wireless system of the Douxury 4k backup camera system is easy and very simple to install, and it does not have any signal problems. You just need to provide the power to the monitor, and the camera will automatically switch on.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Douxury a wireless backup camera?

The Douxury is a wireless camera system that features a robust and stable digital signal that can reach up to 300 feet in open areas and 180 feet in vehicles. It also comes with an auto-dimming feature that allows you to dim its output whenever it senses that something is wrong. It is an excellent choice for truck campers that are looking for a reliable and secure way to protect their vehicle.

2. Is it worth installing a Douxury 4k backup camera?

If you are looking for a way to monitor the distance between yourself and another vehicle in the dark, a douxury wireless backup camera is a great investment. It is one of the most extensive tech upgrades that you can make to your older car, and it will keep working all the time seamlessly.

3. What is better? Wireless or a wired backup camera?

A wired camera is much better than a wireless one for capturing high-quality images. The connection between the camera and the car’s screen allows it to receive and transmit data faster, which results in a more focused and sharp picture. Fortunately, the douxury is as good as wired and wireless due to its function.

4. Is Douxury an affordable backup camera?

Douxury is an affordable backup camera for your vehicle, given its nice features. You can get an excellent backup camera at an affordable price. So, if you’re on a tight budget, you may want to consider this one.

5. What is the size of the screen of the Douxury?

The Douxury 1080P is a wireless camera that can be used for monitoring the rear view of your RV, truck, or 5th wheel. It features an 11 x 8 x 3 dimension and a 7 inches screen dual-monitor system.


One essential factor that you will want to consider when it comes to choosing an aftermarket backup camera is its visibility. This is because having a camera that has a wide viewing angle and a deep lens will allow you to see what is behind your vehicle more clearly.

The resolution of the screen and the camera are two factors that affect the image’s clarity. The larger the screen, the better view from the camera. Also, the angle of the lens is taken into account to determine the best viewing distance.

Nuoenx Wireless Backup Camera

Nuoenx Wireless Backup Camera | 7-Inch Monitor  |  152° backup camera angle | Monitor supports 2 cameras | Split screen |  Colorful and Cristal Image | and more…

The rearview camera, which projects an image of what is behind the car on a dashboard, has become more common and more popular on new vehicles. Even some entry-level models have these features. Also, it has been announced that backup cameras will be required on all vehicles especially brand new ones.

Nuoenx offers a variety of wireless camera solutions for RV, 5th wheel, and commercial use. This complete backup camera kit includes a 5-inch HD monitor, a standard license plate camera, and a rearview camera with an IR night vision camera. 

Nuoenx Wireless Backup Camera, 7 Inch Monitor Rear...
149 Reviews
Nuoenx Wireless Backup Camera, 7 Inch Monitor Rear...
  • 🚚🚚 STABLE HD 1080P IMAGE - The 7 inch...

This product utilizes a digital transmission technology, which eliminates the interference caused by other wireless signals, such as radio and cellphone. It can deliver stable images without affecting the other wireless transmissions. It has a high-quality rear plate camera which is ideal for vehicles.

You can fully use it even on rainy days, and both the camera and lens are IP68K waterproof, which means they can be used for a very long time.

A wide-angle lens and high-resolution sensor provide superb image quality and are ideal for capturing high-definition images. Also, the device can be operated with a voltage range of 12V-24V.

The Advantages Of Nuoenx Wireless Back Up Camera

A stable image can be achieved using this technology, which does not interfere with other wireless signals, such as those from cellphones and radio. The parking lines can be adjusted according to your needs. They can also be turned off when the monitoring condition is not working properly.

Its wide-angle view provides better visibility and safer parking for cars. Also, it is ideal for people with mobility issues. This high-quality backup camera has a waterproof standard of IP69. Its lowest temperature resistance is -4 degrees Celsius, and it can be used for long periods.

This item supports both rear and front view cameras. It allows you to view both the original and the mirror images. It helps you avoid obstacles and friction while driving. The image quality of this backup camera is amazing, even at night. It features an infrared function that allows you to see vibrant colors.

How To Install A Nuoenx Backup Camera To Your Vehicle

Most newer vehicles, including trucks and cars, come with a backup camera. This is great for anyone who has got a newer car, but there are also plenty of older vehicles that do not have cameras. This is why the Nuoenx backup camera is recommended to use and get the benefits.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to install a Nuoenx backup camera on your truck or other vehicles without spending a fortune. An easy-to-use kit is all you need to install.

Mounting Options

There are many features to consider when it comes to choosing a backup camera. One of the most essential factors that will affect the installation is the camera’s mount. There are various ways to mount a rearview camera, but the most common are the following:

Flush mount –

A flush mount camera is a type of bracket mount with a flat design. The goal is to keep the camera’s profile as low as possible.

Bracket mount –

A bracket mount is a versatile vehicle mounting option that can be used on the back of your truck to accommodate various mounting positions. On the other hand, if you decide to install a bracket, it can also mean that you will have to drill into the vehicle. It is also important to remember that it can cause your vehicle to get damaged.

OEM mount –

Some vehicles, such as trucks, come with rearview cameras. If you do not want to deal with the mess of mounting all these cameras on your vehicle, you can usually find a mount that fits your specific car.

Plate Licensed mount –

A license plate-mounted camera can be mounted to the top of your vehicle’s plate, or it can be built into a frame. These mounts are relatively easy to install, and they can be used with existing license plate hardware.

The Difference Between A Wireless Back-Up Camera vs Wired Back-Up Camera

One of the most important factors to consider when it comes to the installation of a camera is the type of it. Is it wireless wired? Each type has various advantages and disadvantages.

A wired camera is generally better than a wireless one due to its ability to provide better picture quality. However, the main advantage of a wireless camera is that it is very easy to install. Also, without having to run wires, it eliminates a lot of headaches.

Although it is not a universal rule, wireless cameras are generally cheaper than their wired counterparts. This is due to a lot of overlaps between the two.

Although it is not as easy as you might think, installing a truck backup camera is relatively easy, whether it is a wireless or a wired camera. If you are still not satisfied with it, check out more guides about the Nuoenx wireless backup camera.

Nuoenx Wireless Backup Camera vs Fookoo II FHD2-Wired Backup Camera

The Fookoo II FHD2 is a popular choice for vehicle owners who are looking for a reliable and high-quality backup camera system. Nuoenx is the company to first introduce the use of high-resolution cameras.

However, the convenient and easy-to-use design of the Nuoenx backup camera system makes it a more ideal choice for vehicle owners. Just plug the camera in and monitor it separately from the power supply.

On the other hand, the Fookoo II FHD2-Wired camera can be easily installed in your vehicle. Its innovative technology and impeccable quality ensure that it will provide you with the best possible experience. But the monitor of Nuoenx can be powered using the included cigarette lighter, radio, fuse box, and ignition switch.

It can also be connected to various power sources such as the tail light, running light, and license plate light.

Nuoenx Wireless Backup Camera vs. VECLESUS VMS 7-inch Wired Backup Camera

The Vecleus VMS is a modern backup camera kit that can be used on most vehicles. It has wide applicability, which you can also use on various types of vehicles, such as buses, trucks, and even cars.

Meanwhile, the Nuoenx IR Night Vision system features a unique LED light source that can provide you with an extraordinary view of the world at night. It can also monitor both cameras at the same time. The system comes with two cameras, and you can switch between them by pressing the button “SEL.”

The dual-range transmission design of Nuoenx allows you to monitor both your vehicle’s audio and video functions from up to 300 feet away. It is ideal for most vehicles, such as cars, trucks, and campers. Also, the suction cup mount can be installed on either the dashboard or windshield without drilling holes into the dash.

Meanwhile, The VECLESUS backup camera features a wide voltage range that allows it to work seamlessly with most vehicles with a voltage of 9V to 35V.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many cameras does the Nuoenx backup camera have?

The system of Nuoenx consists of two wireless backup cameras. One of these is a standard license plate camera, while the other is a rearview camera.

2. What is the special design of the Nuoenx Backup Camera?

The monitor of Nuoenx features a special design that supports both a split-screen and full-screen display. You can also monitor both the cameras at the same time by pressing the SEL button.

3. Is the Nuoenx backup camera waterproof?

The IP69 waterproof backup camera is ideal for vehicles. It features a high-resolution sensor and is built with durable IP68K material, which will keep working for more than two years. Its wide viewing angle and low-temperature resistance ensure that it can provide stable and clear images.

4. What is the main feature of Nuoenx?

This wireless camera kit includes a 4.3-inch monitor and a rearview camera. It is equipped with a digital transmission technology that allows it to deliver stable images even when connected to other wireless devices, such as cellphones and radio.

5. Is the Nuoenx Backup Camera easy to install?

The convenient installation of this system is made possible with the digital wireless transmission. Just plug the camera into the power supply and monitor it separately. Also, you can connect the monitor to a continuous power source such as the taillight or the running light.

6. How long is the range signal of the transmission distance of the Nuoenx?

The wireless working range or transmission distance of this monitor is over 300ft in an open area and 50ft in a vehicle for continuous use, which is ideal for most vehicles, such as cars, trucks, and vans. Its suction cup mount can be installed on either the dash or the windshield without drilling holes.

7. Why is Nuoenx Backup camera better?

Nuoenx backup camera is better because this camera/monitor system has a better image quality than any other backup camera system. In fact, you can mount it on the back of the truck’s upper railing. The camera can also be pointed right to allow you to see near the motor.


If you have an old car that does not have backup cameras. This product was a good idea to install. The Nuoenx is an excellent investment to add to your vehicle as it has a 5-inch monitor that can be placed right on the dash. It comes with a license cover that is included, making it very easy to install.

Yakry Y28 Wireless Backup Camera

Yakry Y28 | Wireless backup camera | DVR Monitor | Recording Function |  Dual Antenna | 150 Degree Wide Angle Lens | and more …

Yakry Y28 wireless backup camera is one great choice if you’re looking for an easy-to-install, picture-quality, and waterproof camera system.

Yakry presents one of its finest vehicle backup cameras on the market. The Y28 unit is packed with excellent features that will really serve its purpose. This can be a perfect addition to your vehicle’s complete setup.

RV Backup Camera Wireless HD 1080P 2 Wireless Rear...
1,292 Reviews
RV Backup Camera Wireless HD 1080P 2 Wireless Rear...
  • ►【Latest upgraded Dual-antenna Digital...
  • ►【Back up Camera with Recording Function】RV...
  • ►【4 Channels&Backup Lines ON/OFF...
  • ►【Easy to Install】 Bracket Adapter and...
  • ►【Two-Year Technical Support and Quality...

So, let’s know more about the Yakry Y28 wireless backup camera and why it’s the best choice for your vehicle.

​At a glance:

                                               Screen Size:   7 inches
                                               Display Technology:   LCD
                                               Video Resolution:   1080p
                                               Installation Type:   Dashboard mount or Surface mount
                                               Real View Angle:   150 degrees
                                               Voltage:   12 volts
                                               Weight:   4.24 lbs
                                               Type:   Rearview camera
                                               Compatible Vehicle Make:   AC


Yakry Y28 features the latest and upgraded dual-antenna digital signal. It has a wireless Bluetooth backup camera system featuring unique and dedicated digital signals, chips, and a dual antenna. What’s more interesting about this backup camera is the signal can reach as far as 360 feet in an open area and work on a vehicle under 220 feet.


This model is a camera with an excellent recording function. You can connect this backup camera on either reverse only or for constant and advanced monitoring. Also, you can connect this backup camera to a 12 to 36 volts power source.


This wireless trailer camera system can accommodate 4 cameras on the monitor. You can possibly add a license plate camera or a travel trailer camera to this wireless rearview camera system.

DIY Backup Lines

You can switch on or off the guidelines wireless rearview mirror camera. You can easily adjust its width and height, depending on the setup you prefer. According to your needs, you can adjust it left or right with 150-degree angle lenses and IR night vision.

Ease of Installation of Yakry Y28

It comes with a bracket adapter pigtail wire plug that’s compatible with Furrion’s pre-wired bracket and power outlet. Once installed, the Yakry Y28 provides clarity and image stability without intercession.

Two-Year Warranty and Tech Support Guarantee

You can attach this wireless backup camera system to the dash using the suction cup accessory. In fact, you can request the suction cup accessory from their customer service free of charge. Yakry ensures to provide excellent technical support and warranty to their customers.

Main Features

What makes Yakry Y28 a good buy? Here are the main features:

– Four-channel support

Yakry Y28 wireless backup camera system supports full screen, split-screen, and quad screen for easy driving, navigation, and high-speed observation.

– High Definition Monitor

Y28’s touch button monitor features 1080p for a clearer view.

– Recording Function

You can insert an SD memory card, and the recording functions work. You can easily review footage when needed.

– HD 1080p Resolution

This camera system features HD 1080p resolution. This will provide you with a clear and comfortable vision – even at night.

– IP69K Waterproof Camera System

The camera is high-end – made of IP69K Waterproof, suitable for everyday use even on rainy days.

– Stable Wireless Signal

This camera system signal works effectively and efficiently within the range of 220 feet to 360 feet (on wider areas). This system is very much compatible with cars, RVs, motorhomes, trailers, pickups, campers, 5th wheels, and vans.

– Backup Lines Options

It allows image flip, and you can switch guide lines on/off with the menu. You can turn on or off the backup lines.


● Yakry Y28 can provide the power adapter according to your needs.
● 7-inch monitor for a wider view
● Dual cameras provide advanced blind spot elimination.
● You can wire the cameras for constant monitoring or backup purposes.
● It comes with a user manual and access to the installation video on YouTube.


● The back cameras may sometimes be laggy in certain circumstances.

Verdict Yakry Y28

This Yakry Y28 wireless backup camera is a highly recommended camera system. The quality of the component is outstanding – especially the mounts and casing. The camera comes with a long cord, which is very useful for mounting it. The camera is excellent, and the night vision is also great.

The only drawback you may find in this camera system is the back camera might be laggy in certain situations. But, all in all, this is worth the purchase. There are a lot of settings you can choose from. You can set up different orientations in camera views and can simply add backup lines as you wish.

There is a wide variety of generic backup cameras available from Yakry, but wherever they source their products, they have the best value ratio. The Y28 is a high-end camera that’s compatible with Furrion’s pre-wired trailers. It features two cameras that can provide infrared vision, and a wide 150-degree field of view, making it ideal for night vision.

If you want the best backup camera that can be mounted behind the rear windscreen of a car, truck, or SUV, then the Y28 is for you. It features two rear views that are almost 180 degrees wide.

What are the main Futures of Yakry Y28

The main feature of this backup camera is a seven-inch, non-touchscreen with a built-in HD display. It has built-in backup guidelines, and it can record up to 70 hours of continuous audio. The cameras also have a built-in 220-foot range, which means they can connect to the device using Bluetooth.

The Y28 can be powered either by a 9V battery or by a standard plug. It can also be equipped with a no-drill installation. The cameras have a good 89% positive review rating from over a thousand users, and some of these are from previous versions.

Warranty and Customer Service

Yakry’s parent company Shenzhenshi also sells similar products under DoHonest, iStrong, and Vanfare brands (we found) has no visible presence or customer service in North America.

Actually, the only contact information available is within the instructions manual, although we found an email that seems like its YouTube channel. So, we asked for a copy of the user’s manual, but five days later, the customer service responded by asking for the order number.

With Yakry, every customer is guaranteed a two-year warranty and technical support, which is great! Also, you can request some free accessories for various fitments free of charge, which is impressive (marketing-wise)!

Yakry Y28 Wireless Backup Camera vs. Douxury 4K Backup Camera System

Yakry and Douxury both provide the clear view that every car owner and driver would need for smooth driving and parking experience. However, both brands have distinct characteristics that make them stand out from the other.

Yakry Y28 and Douxury 4K both possess good qualities as backup cameras. But, if screen size matters to you, then Douxury 4K offers a wider screen with a 10.36-inches AHD monitor.

When it comes to the installation, you may find the Yakry Y28 a lot easier to work on compared to Douxury 4K. Besides, Y28 is compatible with Furrion’s pre-wired bracket, which Douxury doesn’t.

Another thing is the warranty and technical support. Vehicle owners can have peace of mind with a guaranteed two-year warranty from Yakry. Though I know (based on research) that Douxury offers warranty and customer service, it can’t surpass the level of support Yakry gives to its customers.


1. How long is Yakry Y28’s record time?

Yakry Y28 can record up to 50 hours using a single camera, but two cameras can record up o 70 hours at the same time. In most cases, two cameras can record simultaneously, sometimes a single record of about 60 hours.

2. Is there a speaker unit for Yakry Y28?

There’s no speaker unit for this model. You can only use this as a parking and driving guide. You can rely on its functional features.

3. What is the monitor dimension without mounts?

The length of Y28 is 7.08 inches, and the height is 4.5 inches. As for the thickness, it is about 2 centimeters.

4. Is Yakry a good brand?

Yes. Yakry is a trusted and reputable brand promoting quality backup cameras. There are many good reviews online – especially from a well-known marketplace worldwide. In fact, Yakry not only offers the Y28 but there are also other good backup camera systems available, depending on your needs.

5. What types of vehicles does Yakry Y28 compatible with?

Y28 is very much compatible with different types of vehicles – including motorhomes, campers, vans, RVs, pickups, trailers, and 5th wheels.

6. Can the backup camera be battery-powered?

Yes. Y28 backup cameras can be powered by batteries or other 12 volts power supply. But, you may need to purchase the batteries yourself as it does not come with the package inclusions.

7. Are there directions for installation?

Yes. The package includes a user manual. The instructions are easy to understand, and you can install the backup camera pretty easily.

8. Can I put one camera each on the front and back of the car?

Yes, you can put one camera each on both sides. However, it is advisable not to set up this way if you are going to install the camera on a 30 feet trailer truck as you may lose your signal – especially at freeway speeds.


When looking for an excellent and high-quality backup camera for your vehicles, you need to sort the best among the rest. Opt for the one that suits your car’s make, your needs, and your preference.

If you want the nicest features in one backup camera, then Yakry Y28 can be your best option. All the main features and its functions are really worth its price. Ensure your safety by having a clear view of the different angles. And avoid accidents by eliminating the blind spots.

AMTIFO A10 Monitor with 2 Wireless Rear View Cameras

Amtifo A10 | Amtifo 10.1″ | 170-degree wide vision | IP69K waterproof | 4 channels | 10.1″ large monitor |  wireless digital signal technology | and more …

Amtifo A10 – some facts about it. Because of the bulkiness of recreational vehicles, they are usually harder to navigate than other regular-sized vehicles. Because of that, driving in reverse is very much a challenge and, oftentimes, dangerous to do so among RV drivers. One may say, “that’s what side mirrors are for!”, which is simple-minded thinking for people these days.

In the present, the problem of limited road perspective is now answered by rearview cameras! Most vehicles would come with backup cameras already after purchase to provide safety and convenience to new owners.

RV Backup Camera Wireless HD 1080P 10 Inch DVR...
98 Reviews
RV Backup Camera Wireless HD 1080P 10 Inch DVR...
  • Upgraded RV backup camera adopted the newest...
  • Wireless backup camera for trucks with super large...
  • Durable Wireless Trailer Camera and License Plate...
  • RV camera system can switch to dual/quad split...
  • AMTIFO A10 back up camera systems wireless provide...

In the case of RVs, backing up such vehicles are now much more convenient with the help of backup cameras. As a driver of such a vehicle, you should have a clear view of what waits at your vehicle’s rear. With backup cameras, you can have another perspective of what may come at your back while on reverse. Now you can be more focused and not get into dangerous accidents while backing up your RV.

Several companies are selling such products at the present because of its recent surge of popularity in late 2018. One of these companies is Amtifo, which just released a new 10.1-inch monitor and backup camera model in October 2020.

What does Amtifo’s new backup camera systems offer that no other products of the same nature in the market can? In this article, let’s understand the standout features of this product to find out why RV owners should have it.

Features of AMTIFO A10 Monitor with 2 Wireless Rear View Cameras

Amtifo A10 Monitor and Wireless Camera system has tons of features to give other similar products a run for their money. In this part, let’s get to know some of its features and find out how useful they are for RVs.

Wireless Camera Function

Amtifo’s RV Backup Camera Systems’ main attraction would have to be its wireless functions on its cameras and monitor. Its wireless connection allows for stable connectivity of the cameras for up to 984 ft distance of monitors and cameras. Furthermore, this device can perform amazingly with not much signal interference within a 56 ft radius.

As such, even at 90mph speed, its camera can shoot clear and crisp images with not much delay.

Amtifo A10 Wide and High-definition Monitor Display

Along with great and clear image capture capability on its cameras, the Amtifo A10 Camera System also comes with a 7×10-inch monitor display. Furthermore, its monitor provides a high-definition display of up to 1080p resolution for video playback for clearer perspectives when backing up.

With its split-screen display function, you can also have multiple perspectives of everything within capture distance of your cameras. Your monitor can display up to four different camera angles from all cameras attached to your vehicle’s camera system. That way, you can see different angles when backing up or driving and keep your driving safe and worry-free.

Multiple Backup Cameras with Night Vision Features

Another standout features this camera system has are its beautiful, crisp view cameras which are both waterproof and wide-angled. Furthermore, all cameras included in this system feature night vision capture and withstand -22°F~176°F temperature with minimal recording quality drop.

Its IP69K camera attachment allows for a 170-degree wide-angle view and waterproof capabilities, and automatic rear assists markers when reversed. This way, drivers can have a clearer view of the road no matter the time, weather, or situation it is.

Disadvantages of AMTIFO A10 Monitor with Multiple Camera System

As great as Amtifo may be, some recreational vehicles will not work by having this product as its camera system. When choosing these types of products, you should always exercise the right purchasing decision methods to avoid consumers’ regret. Here are some drawbacks you may encounter while deciding whether to buy the product or not:

  • Expensive purchase. Amtifo places a huge price on the product’s tag despite only having two cameras and the monitor in the package. To use its quad view function, you may have to order two more cameras for your system. Additional cameras cost a lot to order and could cost you more than half the price that you’ve initially paid.
  • Brackets needed to also set up a side-view camera angle on your RV should be bought separately from the package. Although adding more cameras is not necessary for the product, for some, a complete set is important for maximum safety.
  • Before buying additional components of the system, make sure to think through and make informed decisions to avoid paying much.

Comparisons to other RV camera system products

​There are not many similar products to compare to Amtifo’s backup camera system which makes it a better choice than others. However, this product does not sound much worse than other camera systems of similar nature sold in the market either. Amtifo A10 backup cameras can therefore be compared to some of these products below as better or worse in some ways:

eRapta Wireless Backup Camera for RV. Compared to Amtifo, eRapta’s monitor is relatively smaller as its display stands only around 7X4 inches. However, eRapta has about the same advantages in its cameras as Amtifo would have with its 1080p HD camera resolution.

It does, however, come with 4 cameras included in its packaging instead of 2, making quad-view possible immediately after purchase.

Therefore, eRapta could be considered a worthy equivalent of Amtifo in the present in terms of camera quality. It only ever has a slight edge over Amtifo with both the components present upon purchase and pricing.

Xroose FY04 Backup Camera. In terms of the cameras used as backup cameras for the systems, both Xroose FY04 and Amtifo use IP69K cameras. As such, neither of the two can be heavily exposed to harsh weather conditions. However, FY04 uses wired connectivity instead of wireless functions as opposed to Amtifo’s wireless capabilities.

Xroose also features less camera viewing angle than normal, while the latter uses the standard 170-degree viewing angle.

Xroose’s limited functionality only makes its compatibility with other vehicles very low as opposed to Amtifo and its diverse features. This does not, however, take away from how near identical both Amtifo and Xroose are in terms of camera quality.

Frequently Asked Questions about AMTIFO A10 Monitor with Multiple Camera System

FAQs are often important when learning more about a certain product and giving you more information before buying a product. A whole lot of details surrounding Amtifo’s backup camera systems have been covered heavily in this article.

Yet, questions still probably linger as to what you can expect about the product. Here are some frequently answered questions that we encounter from people who are curious enough to ask:

1. Which vehicle models should work for this product?
– Any recreational vehicles models that support a 10-inch monitor display near its windshield can work for this product. If you have room for such a monitor within your mobile home, you may consider purchasing this product. However, if you are conscious as to how the monitor may obstruct your view while driving, think carefully before buying.

2. Does this product work with four camera angle view?
– Amtifo monitors do support multiple camera angle views from up to four different cameras connected to the system. However, the product’s packaging only comes with 2 cameras at initial purchase instead of 4. To make the system support 4 camera angles at once, you have to purchase the other two cameras separately.

3. Is there a license plate camera that is compatible with the camera system itself?
– Currently, Amtifo has yet to develop a license plate camera that can be included as part of its system.

4. How do you set up a side-view camera angle on your RV’s camera system?
– Amtifo itself has developed a side view bracket to attach your Amtifo camera to the side of the vehicle. Having this product as a part of your RC allows for a steady side view display on your monitor when used.

5. Up to how much storage capacity in your SD Card can the device support?
– You can connect a microSD card of up to 32GB of storage for video recording and image capture. This is especially useful in case your vehicles run towards an accident for evidence safekeeping.

6. Can you turn the Guide Lines on and off?
– Yes, you can turn the reverse parking assist lines on and off whenever you please.


Despite the widescreen monitor packaged along in Amtifo’s Wireless Camera System, this product may not be as unique as others. The product does a lot of things well, especially its high-quality backup camera.

However, the features brought by the other wireless camera systems may be more welcome than those introduced by Amtifo. But still, one could argue that Amtifo still offers one of the best backup camera products for your RVs.

If this product suits your vehicle specifications, then you may want to consider adding this to your RV. And if you want to use its full functionality, you may want to save up to get the full system.

CARPURIDE 7-Inch Double Din Car Stereo with Backup Camera

CARPURIDE 7-Inch Double Din | CARPURIDE CA700A2  |  Compatible with Apple CarPlay and Auto functions  |  HD, night vision, and 170° viewing angle waterproof backup camera  |  Rear image will be displayed on large touch screen automatically when the vehicle is in reverse  |  and more …

Backup Cameras, since 2018, has surged atop the automobile market as one of the most useful accessories for modern vehicles. However, many older vehicle models, particularly those before 2018, may not be compatible with additional backup camera features. But by installing a double DIN car stereo to your car, backup cameras are now available for older models!

For older car model owners, grabbing a double din car stereo with a backup camera feature is very useful. Not only do these products help you travel safely on the road, but it also has other features for entertainment!

CARPURIDE released one of the more high-end Double din Car Stereos with a backup camera, and it’s packed with several features. In this article, let’s find out what makes this product stand out from others and why it’s worth buying.


CARPURIDE’s Double Din Car stereo has tons of features that challenge other similar products from different brands in the market. Here are some features to keep in mind to know if this is the right car stereo for your car.

Bluetooth Connectivity and Car Radio

Calling someone while driving is very tasking for a lot of drivers out there. That’s where this car stereo comes to play. With Bluetooth, you can connect this device to your phone to allow hands-free calls while maneuvering your car’s steering wheel. Gone are the days when your hands are busy handling multiple things while in the driver’s seat.

You can even use such connectivity to stream audio from your phone to your car radio using audio streaming (AD2P). Furthermore, this device allows you to use some apps not supported by either CarPlay or Android Auto via Mirror Links. And if you just want to listen to some radio music, turn on its FM Radio for groovy airplay audio.

Supports both Apple Car Play and Android Auto

If you want to access your smartphones using the car stereo, this device supports both Car Play and Android Auto. By connecting your phone cable to it, you can jack in your phone and enjoy your phone’s multiple features hands-free. Whether it’s receiving calls, messages, voice commands, music, or GPS, using your phone while driving has never been more convenient.

Rear View Backup Camera with Night Vision Features

Not only does it have an impressive Bluetooth 5.0 and Car Play/Android Auto features, but its backup camera’s also impressive. Some standout features of this backup camera have included high definition and night vision capture. And knowing where it will be placed, CARPURIDE provided waterproof features to ensure its camera still works amidst damp weather.

Furthermore, its 170-degree viewing angle displays automatically in the stereo’s monitor when the car is set in reverse. This way, the driver now has a clear and convenient view of what’s behind the vehicle while backing it up.

Touch Screen Display

With its wide 7-inch display, this touchscreen-enabled car stereo can play videos of up to 1080p video quality. Now you can watch high-definition videos at the comfort of your front seat with its playback feature. Furthermore, you can use its mirror link feature to provide you with a better viewing experience of your smartphone’s display.

If reading messages while driving is very inconvenient, plug your phone in and get a better view of the screen.

Cons of having a CARPURIDE 7-Inch Double Din Car Stereo

Nice and unique product features alone do not make for a satisfying purchase of CARPURIDE’s double din car stereo. When purchasing a product like this, you still need to find out whether or not the good outweighs its bad. Here are some of the disadvantages of buying this double din car stereo as an accessory for your vehicle:

Car stereo fits most slots, but not all of them.

Although a universal bracket is included upon purchase, this car stereo is not a guaranteed fit for your car slot. When considering buying this product, learning about the size of your car stereo slot is also important. If your stereo slot fits a 178mm*100mm/7″x3.94″ perfectly, then you may want to consider purchasing this one for your car.

However, if this car stereo is bigger than the slot you have, you may want to trim off its opening. To do so, you may need to pay more to hire a professional mechanic to install the stereo for you. If the opening, however, is a lot bigger than the stereo itself, then adding frames on it may help. A-frame or bezel costs much more to make sure the stereo stays fit inside the opening.

If you want to make informed decisions before buying, measure your stereo opening first before buying this product. That way, you can either avoid further costs or prepare ahead of how much you need to pay for installation.

Not advised to be installed in large trucks.

With 12V working voltage, this car stereo will not be suited for trucks with high voltage output. If used on a vehicle with a working voltage of 24V, it may cause damage to the device. At best, never use this product when your car has a working voltage.

Comparisons to similar products

Compared to other car stereos with backup cameras, CARPURIDE may have more to offer than those in its competition. Here are some competing products in the market that can be compared to the capabilities of CARPURIDE’s car stereo:

JVC KW-V25BT Double DIN. Despite this product’s comparably excellent display, much of KW-V25BT’s unique features are further improved by CARPURIDE. Despite its widescreen feature, its camera is such a downgrade when compared to CARPURIDE’s wide 170-degree viewing angle camera.

KW-V25BT also does not have a 3.5mm AUX port, which makes it unusable for non-Bluetooth or USB devices. Compare that to CARPURIDE’s complete audio support and you can see which of the two is a more worthwhile purchase.

Sony XAV-AX1000 Double Din. Sony XAV-AX1000, when compared to CARPURIDE’s double din car stereo, does not cross the threshold that the latter currently holds. CARPURIDE supports both CarPlay from IOS and Android Auto for Android smartphone users, whereas Sony XAV-AX1000 only supports the former.

XAV-AX1000 also has a very limited feature when compared against the other double din car stereo. Furthermore, XAV-AX1000 has a worse touchscreen feature than CARPURIDE car stereos, which are more touch-sensitive.

Frequently Asked Questions about CARPURIDE 7-Inch Double Din Car Stereo

Although CARPURIDE’s Double Din Car Stereo was covered heavily in this article, there’s more still to know about the product. For that, this part of the article answers many of the queries still left unanswered from the statements above.

1. Which car models should work for this product?

– Any car model that supports a seven-inch long by four-inch-tall car stereo on its slot can work for this product. So if you want to make sure this car stereo fits your automobile, measure its stereo slot beforehand. This way, you may not regret your buying choices and get the right car stereo for your car.

2. What types of ports does this car stereo support?

– CARPURIDE double din car stereo features multiple ports to cater to all port options your device may have. This product features the four play modes: Bluetooth connectivity, USB, AUX-IN, and Micro SD Card slot. Whichever of the four you choose; this car stereo can play any audio you want to play with great quality.

3. Which devices work for the mirror link display function?

– Any IOS or Android Phones can use the mirror link function of the CARPURIDE car stereo. However, IOS phones above the 14.0 version may not be able to use such function.

4. How do you use the Mirror Link display function of the car stereo?

– The steps in using the Mirror Link function of CARPURIDE car stereos are relatively easy to follow. First, you need to connect your phone to the device via a USB cord and sync it to the stereo screen. For android users, however, you need to download the Mirror-Link app before using such functions on your stereo.

5. Up to how much storage capacity in your USB can the device support?

– You can connect USB drives of up to 32GB of storage on the stereo for music or video playback.

6. Does this device have a memory function?

– It does, and you may need a professional mechanic to do the installation for you to have it functioning. The ACC wire (labeled red) should be connected reversely with the B+ wire (colored yellow) for the function to work.


CARPURIDE 7-Inch Double Din Car Stereo with Backup Camera offers some of the best functionalities for a costly price. However, the features brought by the said car stereo are some of the best for products of similar nature. If this product suits your car’s specifications, then you may want to consider this as a part of its accessory.

And if it does not fit your car’s stereo slot, consider with full certainty the cost of paying for modifications.