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AUTO-VOX Solar1 backup camera kit is one of those dashboard camera kits you can’t but falls in love with. This modern gadget is solar-powered, so you don’t need to worry anymore about batteries or whether your car has enough power.

Moreover, you can set it up in just 5 minutes. It’s a set-up and forget device that can literally brighten up your days and help you park completely worry-free.

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This solar backup camera weighs 3.1 pounds and requires 2 Lithium Polymer batteries which are included. The height of the license plate must be less than 6.97″, or Solar 1 can’t be installed.

What Actually is the AUTO-VOX Solar1 Backup Camera Kit?

This modern backup camera kit is a complete unit that includes a backup camera, a monitor, and an extra USB port. This device from AUTO-VOX is quite similar to other solar backup camera kits that have hit the market in 2019, such as the BOSCAM solar wireless backup camera, a product launched in October 2019.

This Solar1 Backup Camera is considered to be much better and more stable than the old backup camera systems. However, for trucks, trailers, and RV, I still recommend you to go with a standard wired backup camera kit, such as the one from PUMPKIN.

This backup camera from PUMPKIN comes with a super large 7” LDC and offers great images because of the Sony CCD sensor. However, it needs a constant power source, which is a perk that its newer competitor from AUTO-VOX makes full use of.

Our AUTO-VOX Solar1 Backup Camera is charged automatically from the sun. Note that when you mount it for the first time, the manufacturer recommends you charge it using the USB cable included.

Despite being released in September 2019, which is just 2 months ago, this device was already purchased and reviewed by hundreds of customers. Seems like the drivers have confidence in AUTO-VOX, which is a company well-known for their useful dashboard cameras that come with advanced features and multiple benefits.

AUTO-VOX Solar1 – Setting it up

You can literally set up this backup camera in less than 5 minutes. The installation is as simple as unscrewing your license plate in the back, adding the frame and the camera, and then screwing the place back on. The frame is extremely solid in place and feels like it can withstand harsh weather and even bumps or scratches.

Next, you need to set the monitor on a flat surface on your dashboard. The suction works great, but you need to ensure that the camera is steady in place. Finally, turn on the monitor in the front, pair it with the camera in the back and you’re good to go.

The entire pairing is done wirelessly, so you don’t need to install any cables whatsoever in your car. It’s all done for you. No professional skills are required.

Product Features of AUTO-VOX Solar1

This backup camera system is equipped with a 2800mAh battery that recharges automatically whenever it detects the sun above. With as little as 30 minutes of sun exposure, this camera can work perfectly for one full year. Once a year, you need to recharge it to the full battery via the USB cable in the box.

However, note that if you don’t have enough sunshine during the weeks and months, the battery will need to be fully charged every two to three months. While it can get energy from the sun even if it’s hidden beneath the clouds, the energy it captures is not the same as pure sunshine. If you live in a sunny state like Texas, California, or Florida, you won’t have any reason to worry.

This device offers you high-quality images and allows you to enjoy excellent night vision. You’ll be able to clearly see objects up to 10 feet in the rear, even if your only source of light is the reversing lights. You can also install this unit in front of your car if you want to use it as a regular dashcam. Moreover, you can easily disassemble it and move it to another car.

Signal Stability

The signal the monitor receives is powered by a strong wireless antenna. The PC1058 is a modern wireless transmitter that ensures that your signal is as stable as it gets. You get to see in real-time what happens behind you.

This is extremely helpful, not just when parking, but also when driving. If a driver gets too close to your car, you’ll be able to see exactly if there is any potential danger on the horizon. Using this camera makes it easy for you to see what lies behind you by looking at just one point, instead of looking at all three mirrors.

When parking, the signal stability ensures you get no image fluctuations, so you can park risk-free and gain the peace of mind that you won’t accidentally hit another car or scratch your car on the curb.

IP68 Waterproof Camera

The camera in the back is completely waterproof. You can drive during heavy rain or even storms and it will still function. Thus, you can easily park during rain or snow.

You can use the camera both in the front and in the rear of your car, regardless of the weather outside.

Adjustable Parking Lines

The AUTO-VOX Solar1 backup camera kit is also equipped with a wide range of features. You can adjust the parking lines so that you can park super easily. Based on your previous experience, you can choose one out of 6 parking line positions. You can also turn off the lines if you’re better off without them.

The Bottom Lines

The AUTO-VOX Solar1 backup camera kit offers you incredible benefits at a fair price. This “solar camera” capitalizes on the free energy from the sun to keep you safe in traffic and enable you to park like a professional.

This product stands out from the market due to its astounding reception, clarity, and resolution. You can easily see during the night, plus you can use the camera in severe weather. No matter where you live, you are probably getting more than 30 minutes of sunshine a day, so you only need to recharge the camera’s battery once a year.

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