Boscam K7 | 5 Inch Wireless Backup Camera Kit | Stable Digital Wireless Signal | TFT-LCD screen | Working temperature: -4°F – 149°F | Mirror/Normal function | and more…

Boscam K7 is considered one of the highly sophisticated and reliable backup cameras available today. Equipped with a digital wireless signal feature, this product helps you view the blind spot clearly. You don’t need to worry about any flicker or interference.

Boscam is a highly renowned manufacturer with a good track record. The durability of Boscam backup cameras is a proven fact. Boscam 7 is not different.

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This model is best known for its admirable versatility and flexibility. The camera angle of this model can be adjusted to suit the vehicle height like other Boscam models including Boscam K2.

You can expect powerful and stable signals for long vehicles. With a 33-feet wide wireless range, this product is a perfect choice for a wide range of vehicles.

This equipment was first introduced on the market in April 2019. It makes use of the latest technology and features to provide maximum benefits for the users. The opinions of the existing users highlight the importance of the amazing functional benefits of this backup camera.

The weight of the Boscam K7 is 1.45 pounds. It is much lesser compared to other backup cameras available on the market today. The product dimension is 5.2 x 0.8 x 3.5 inches.

This Boscam K7 review analyzes the features and specifications of this product very closely with an unbiased approach. You can take an informed purchase decision after reading this review. Let’s start by looking at its design and monitor.

Boscam K7 – Design & Monitor Features And Benefits

The unique design of this product creates a captivating impression. It comes with a robust design that enhances longevity admirably. You can also find the design extremely appealing.

The 5” TFT-LCD Monitor is impressive and user-friendly. It comes with five features for you to choose from, namely; Pair, Mirror/Normal, Reset, Guideline, and BC Control.

You can expect high-quality images with perfect clarity. Providing enough detail, excellent contrast, and finest color accuracy, the Boscam K7 distinguishes objects admirably. The details are popped perfectly.

Since the images on the screen are readable and clear, you can confidently reverse the vehicle. The reversing process becomes optimally safe as well. It never interferes with the look and function of your vehicle.

The screen brightness can be changed based on your unique needs. When the sun is out, the Boscam K7 suppresses the glare with the utmost efficiency. During a cloudy or rainy day, this device seems to enhance the exposure to make the images clearer.

Boscam K7 – Camera

The Boscam K7 camera is an advanced one with a waterproof feature. The working temperate of the camera is between -4F and 149F. You can find this camera user-friendly and flexible.

You can expect excellent low-light vision with this product. The obstacles behind the vehicle are clearly visible even with only the reverse lights. It comes with a minimum illumination of 0.1LUX.

This adjustable reverse camera is an ideal choice for different types of vehicles including cars, minivans, sedans, pickup trucks, and SUVs. The flexibility of this backup camera is an attractive feature that makes this product immensely popular.

You can adjust the camera with ease to suit the varying needs of low-to-the-ground vehicles as well as tall SUVs. 30 degrees can be adjusted up or down to meet the evolving needs of different vehicles. The anti-glare feature comes with five sets of slides.

Built-in Transmitter and Outstanding Switchable Viewing

This wireless backup camera uses a built-in transmitter. You don’t need to put in some extra effort to install a large-volume signal transmitter. This feature eliminates the use of complex wires from the camera to the monitor.

Without making you worry about interference or flicker, Boscam K7 allows you to view your rear blind spot clearly. The stable digital wireless signal used by this device is what makes it possible. It can be mounted on the front or back of your vehicle.

You can mount it on all types of everyday vehicles. The 33-feet wireless range is wide enough to make this product compatible with a broad range of vehicles. In addition to sedan and SUV owners, many pickup truck and minivan owners are using this backup camera on their vehicles.

The mirror/normal image is another important feature that makes Boscam K7 highly effective and popular. The viewings are switchable for front and rearview cameras. This feature allows you to mount the camera on the back or front of the vehicle depending on your convenience.

Benefits And Warranty Offered By The Boscam K7

This camera also comes with an extra USB port. It can be used to charge your mobile device. Boscam always strives hard to safeguard the interest of its customers responsibly. All products including Boscam K7 come with a one-year warranty.

What Does The Entire Package Contain?

When you buy Boscam K7, you will receive a complete containing 7 items. It contains a monitor, camera, mount, user manual, straps & clamps, power adapter, and car charger.

The installation of this device is simple. You don’t need to spend a lot of time mounting this backup camera on the front or back of your vehicle. If you follow the guidelines provided on the package, you can install it with great ease and comfort.


If you analyze all aspects objectively, you can find that Boscam K7 makes a wonderful backup camera. No matter what type of vehicle you use, this camera can be mounted easily to enhance your confidence in reversing.

The compatibility ranges from trucks, minivans to SUVs and sedans. You can mount this device on the front or back of your vehicle without hiring any expert assistance.

The user-friendly interface and the highly sophisticated camera make this device optimally reliable with appreciable functional benefits. The digital wireless signal helps you view blind spots clearly

You can find great features such as adjustable view, wide back view angle, and night vision on this device. Offering high-quality images and excellent features, this backup camera model lives up to the expectations of the users perfectly.

Boscam K7 Technical Support

If you have any problem with Boscam K7 please contact their support here BOSCAM US