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In Memory of our dead friends  Stanislaw Zalesny and Jan Bariczak

In the middle of July, this year ( 1955) after a long illness died sergeant of the 1 st foot rifle regiment Stanley Zalesny who came to America in 1912 as an 18 years old young boy who was active in Sokolstwie where he was training to fight with the enemy for Liberty of his land. He didn’t have to wait long.

When in 1917 in Canada they started Polish Army, he sign himself right away as a volunteer, and after a few months, he and others left for France. He was fighting Germans under the 1st regime on the fields of Szampanii, he was injured and later was decorated with a french cross of war ” Croix de Guerre ” for his bravery.

In the spring of 1919, he came to Poland with the Blue Army, and right away he was dispatched with his regiment to Wolyn to fight with the gangs of Petlury, and after those were defeated, he went thru the whole region of Kijew ( Kiev ) were he was decorated with the Cross of the Brave.

After the demobilization came back to the USA in June 1920, where he joined the 6 SWAP which he was a member of until he left for California.

After he was released from the army, Stanislaw Zalesny got married and his whole energy he spend on his family and raising kids.

One of his daughters got married and the other one was a teacher. Stan Zalesny’s funeral was in the M B church Jasnogorskiej by the priest S Jureko. At the funeral were a lot of Stan’s friends. There was a farewell speech also.

The deceased left behind his wife Helena two daughters and two very young sons . Three days after this funeral, in the city of Lancaster in the Mojave desert unexpectedly died from a heart attack the second sergeant of the 1 regiment Jan Bariczak,  arrived in the USA in 1911. When he came here he was a young 19 years old boy.

He signed himself into the Army of Volunteers in 1917 where he fought in France in the places like Shampania and Lotaryngia. There he was decorated with a ” Cross de Guerre “.

After the cease-fire together with his regiment, he came to Poland, where he was active in the eastern borderlands until the time of the demobilization in 1920.

After coming back to the USA he joined  6 SWAP where he stayed until he moved to California. In 1929 he married Maria Sokolowska – Partyka . In California, he co-founded institution  173 Swap where he was a long-term member.

He died on July 15 1955 at the age of 63. he left behind his wife Maria and married daughter Stanislawa.

Zalesny and Bariczak were very good longtime friends together with the writer (?)

They joined the same regiment in which they fought together for the freedom of their country. 

Writing these last memories of both men I wish to send condolences to their families and send them soldiers “Hi”









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Alexander Chlopek

On the 18th of September died from a heart attack Alexander Chlopek longtime member of the 15 regimes Kol.

Alexander Chlopek was born in Poland ( city Rowne ) on March 14th, 1889. He was one of the first volunteers who joined the Polish Armi on June 20th, 1919.

He was fighting for the freedom of Poland. Honorably discharged on march 18th 1920 he returned from Poland to the USA.

His funeral took place on September 20th in the church of the sweetest heart where later his body was taken to the cemetery of Kalwari. At the funeral lot of his friends from the regime and Corpus of the HelP said good buy, including president Z. Dorsch. The coffin was held by J. Maciejewski, F. Jurkowski, S. Kruszynski, F. Frydrych, and S. Polak.  The last goodby said



Chapter of Hallerowskich Swords

Association Veterans

7146 Broadway SE

Dear Mam

In recognition of your merits for the Polish Army and soldier’s volunteers in Ameryka, the Veteran’s Association acknowledged You for the badge of Hallerowskich swords, a commemorative badge, created by ex-officers and soldiers from the old formations hallerowskich and confirmed by the Ministry of Military Affairs.

This Badge was given to you by Ministry residing in Warsaw, under the title of ” Honoris Causa “.

Sunday march 15 this year, at the time of 7 pm, on the eve of our leader’s name day, General Jozefa Hallera, this badge will be handed over to you by colonel D-ra T.A Starzynskiego, in the presence of a representative of republic of Poland – konsul D-ra