Rohent R9 HD | On vehicles under 50FT | 170 Degree View Angle | IP rating of 69 | Large 7-inch display | 2 years warranty | and more…


Rohent R9 HD is a modern digital wireless backup camera that has first hit the market in July 2018. Since then, it was the primary choice as a camera for thousands of RV, truck, and bus owners worldwide.

Despite having a standardized design and looks, similar to ZSMJ Digital Wireless Backup Camera, Rohent R9 is a unit that benefits from an upgraded wireless receiver. It comes with 100% no interference, a more stable signal, and better image quality.

RV Backup Camera Wireless Strong Signal: HD 1080P...
  • Easy Installation,Plug and Play.Large monitor...
  • Clear HD 1080P Picture, crystal night vision...
  • Strong Signals transmission up to 320ft no lag...
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  • Long-term Durability and 3 Years Warranty. Rohent...

In this Rohent R9 digital wireless backup camera review, we will take a closer look at the top features of this unit. We will also try to help you determine if this is the right product to buy in 2019 and beyond, or you should look for an alternative.

Rohent R9  Digital Wireless Camera – Overview

This modern unit from Rohent includes a wireless camera and a 7” large monitor. It works excellent for trailers, RVs, campers, trucks, buses, 5th wheels, and the list goes on. It also works quite well for commercial and industrial machines.

This unit weighs 3.7 pounds and has the following dimensions: 9 x 6.5 x 5 inches. The camera works at a power range of between DC12V-24V, while the monitor at DC 9V-35V. The camera is CMOS.

The camera has a lens viewing angle of 150 degrees. A product that is much better in this regard is the well-famed Coolwoo dual backup camera system. Each of the cameras in this system has a viewing angle of 170 degrees, totaling 340 degrees of vision range.

Two Video Inputs

While this unit includes just one camera, it comes with the option for another wired/wireless camera that can be mounted in the front/rear/sideways. The monitor has two video inputs, and you can easily switch between cameras.

Inside the menu, you can turn on/off the mirror mode. You can also set the guide lines to on/off and do other set ups of the camera. The monitor has a resolution of 800 TV Lines and comes with an adjustable screen ration of 16:9/4:3

Note that this unit can only connect wirelessly to the first camera, which is the camera included in the package. You can connect to the second camera by wiring it to the system.

Rothen R9 Digital Wireless Camera – Setting it Up

Setting up this modern digital backup camera from Rohent is a breeze. Inside the package, you find a comprehensive guide that teaches you step by step how to install it on any vehicle.

You can either install this system as a new one on your vehicle or replace your old backup system with this digital one. For replacing your older backup digital system, you can use the same mounts and the same power source.

What is amazing about the Rohent R9 digital wireless backup camera is that you can easily install it on another vehicle. You can use it on multiple vehicles at once, so if you have a fleet, you can use just a few of these units for all your vehicles that are running at a certain point.

Recording Quality & Signal

One of the best things about this backup system from Rohent is its updated recording quality & signal quality. The updated wireless transmitter offers improved signal, even for vehicles longer than 60 feet. You can enjoy a stable signal even at high speeds of over 80 mph.

In the open field, you get flawless recordings at over 450 feet. The signal travels in real-time, so you get the images on your screen with no delay at all. Compared to the old analog transmission, which flickered a lot and was quite unstable, the new digital wireless transmission offers you flawless picture quality & stability.

Rohent R9 and Super Night Vision

An aspect you will greatly appreciate about the Rohent R9 digital wireless backup camera is the super night vision you get. This upgraded camera is making the night recordings truly beautiful. The brightness is enhanced, and you get to enjoy super clear recordings.

Some of the other cameras have washed-out colors and huge contrast of white/black. Rohent R9 is a camera that uses an upgraded lens to give you great recordings, with no color differences. You will never again miss any license plates or street signs. Moreover, parking becomes a breeze with this unit.

Rohent R9 Digital Wireless Camera – Waterproof Rating

Rohent backup camera system is equipped with a standard IP69K waterproof rating. The rear camera is easy to hook outside of your vehicle and is perfectly secure against strong winds, storms, hail, or snow. It is also fog resistant, so it can offer you clear images even in dense fog.

An aspect you will love about his backup system from Rohent is that it includes an extra 12 feet extension cable and antenna. If you own a longer vehicle, you can set up an antenna closer to the rear of your truck.

In simpler terms, you can hook the monitor to the antenna using the 12ft cable and extend the wireless signal. This helps to greatly enhance the signal and allows you to enjoy even better recordings.

2 Years Warranty Constant Support

Ultimately, the team from Rohent offers lifetime support for your product and 2 years of full warranty. No matter what problems you might experience with this backup system, you can always contact the guys from Rohent.

They will try to give you an answer, or if the problem is more severe, even send a team to pick up your product, repair it and send it back to you.