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eRapta E5 is a slim, fine-looking backup camera that is the updated version of the well-famed Erapta E1. This updated version has just hit the market in June 2018. Nevertheless, it has already outstripped most of its competitors.

The eRapta E5 backup camera is nothing like you have ever seen in terms of reliability, design, and utility. You can use this product to successfully park your vehicle and to stay in control of your trip.

This backup camera is excellent for any type of vehicle, whether you drive a sedan, a 4×4, a jeep, a pickup truck, or a land cruiser.

eRapta E5 Backup Camera – Overview

eRapta E5 is a modern wireless backup system that includes a monitor, bracket, camera, car charger and cords. This device is extremely easy to install. It is also very good-looking and slim.

You will love about this backup camera a few aspects: its waterproofing, high-end design, night vision ability, astounding utility, and adjustable camera.

In this eRapta E5 review, we will take a closer look at each feature of this backup monitor. We want to help you determine if this is the right product for you.

eRapta E5 Backup Camera – Simply, Yet Modern Design

This backup camera created by eRapta manages to surprise drivers with its innovative design. The monitor and camera do not look extravagant, but they have a simple and plain design. However, they both look extremely high-quality and pleasant to the eye.

All the components, including the cords and the car charger, complement each other and work marvelously for modern cars.
Regardless of your type of vehicle, this modern backup camera can dramatically boost your vehicle appeal.

In addition to the bit of extra fashion this backup system brings to you, eRapta E5 is built to last. This solid camera has been engineered to last a lifetime. Its IP69K rating protects it against any type of weather. Its high-end case protects it against rust, dust, and any other type of external factors.

One last thing before moving forward. The design of the camera is something you have not seen before, and you won’t see at any other backup or dashboard camera. The camera mounts right in the center of the rear of your vehicle and gives a feel of elegance to your car.

Setting it up – Easier than Ever

An aspect you will quite enjoy about this backup model is the ease of setup. You can install the whole system in just a matter of minutes, or even less if you’ve done it before. After you set up the monitor on the bracket and put it on your dashboard, connect it to your cigarette lighter using the car charger included.

Next, go in the back and set up the camera in the rear. You can even set it up on the 5th wheel if you fancy it. Just make sure you connect the right wires to the reverse light. Note that the camera won’t turn on when you go in reverse if there isn’t enough voltage.

And finally, turn on the monitor and connect it to the camera wirelessly. From that moment on, the device will start automatically once you back up.

The great news is that you can easily mount off the system and then install it on another vehicle. You can use it on more than just one vehicle. That will help you enjoy this backup camera without having to buy 2 products.

Of course, we recommend you to buy one eRapta E5 product for each vehicle you own. Taking the system on and off might waste a lot of time and energy.

eRapta E5 HD Recordings and Great Images

This safety backup camera is the property of eRapta. This company is well known for its superb recordings. In short, you will love how the recordings will look. You can bet your money on the large 5” LCD.

The 149-degree view angle has been proven to be excellent when parking. This camera is the result of multiple studies and tests, all of which prove that 149 is the right number when it comes to rear vision. eRapta E5 is equipped with a super sharp lens that meets your vision needs and offers you high-clarity pictures.

The lens is made out of high-quality resin. It is specially built to maintain its level of clarity even during heavy storms. The auto-lighting LEDs turn on during the night. Your night parking has never looked brighter.

eRapta E5 – Waterproof Standard

eRapta E5 comes with an IP69K waterproof rating. It can be immersed in water up to 10 feet deep. Thanks to its rating, you have the assurance that this product is safe to use during heavy storms, rains, or ice.

eRapta E5 – Assist Guidelines & Adjustment

The assist guidelines are another feature you will love about this backup camera. Use the lines to make it super easy for you to park.

The camera can be adjusted and turned to 20 degrees. This allows you to capture even more information and makes it super easy for you to park in tight spots.

Customer Service at its Best

And lastly, eRapta outpaces its direct competitors by offering a 2 full years warranty for their E5 model. This modern backup camera comes with lifetime support and 2 years warranty for all parts.