The Fookoo Ⅱ HD (FHD1-Wired) | Digital High definition Image Processor | 2 Million Pixel IP69 Waterproof Camera | Auto-Dimming Feature | and more …

The Fookoo Ⅱ HD (FHD1-Wired) is a nicely designed, modern backup camera that has been released on the market in May 2019. Although we already have better and more recent backup cameras available on the market, such as Piroir HD, this camera from Fookoo comes with impressive features.

These features can easily compete with all the perks that new releases are equipped with. In this Fookoo II HD review, we’ll take a closer look at what this device brings new to the table and how it manages to outperform its competitors.

FOOKOO Ⅱ HD Backup Camera System Kit,7''1080P...
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Fookoo Ⅱ HD – Overall Performance

This is a modern wired backup camera that includes a 7” monitor, a backup camera, and all the wiring needed to ensure you get a flawless recording. Note that this is not a wireless system, so setting it up might take a while.

Moreover, unlike wireless backup cameras such as Piroir HD, this system is not recommended for multiple cars. It takes a lot of time to set it up and then take it off and mount it on another vehicle.

The manufacturer recommends you use this backup system for just one vehicle at a time. Of course, if you have the time and energy, you can use it on two or three vehicles.

For example, you can take it off your sedan car that you use at work and mount it on your RV during the time you’re exploring new places. When the trip is over, mount it back on your vehicle.

You can also set it up on your RV or camper and forget about it until the next summer. You can also set it up on your own car and never take it off. The choice is all yours as to how you want to use this backup camera system from Fookoo.

fookoo II fhd1 wired

Fookoo Ⅱ HD was the first backup camera equipped with full HD technology. Thanks to the high-quality image, you’ll be able to enjoy a much better image quality when driving or backing.

The camera of this unit has 2 million pixels, 18 infrared lights, a sharp CCD sensor, and an IP69 waterproof rating. As you can imagine, this is a top-notch camera that offers a superior recording experience. The camera can withstand weather elements for many years, even if it stays out in the open.

The monitor comes with the auto-dimming feature, so you don’t need to waste precious time trying to find the right brightness depending on the weather outside.

Setting It Up

This modern backup system is an excellent addition to RVs, trucks, 4×4, or even sedans. When it comes to installation, you need to follow the advice provided by the manufacturer. It might take a while for you to fully set up this device, but once done, you can enjoy it for a long period of time.

You can also use the trigger wires to hook the monitor to up to 3 cameras. You can set up which cameras turns on and are displayed on the main monitor. Note that you have a lot of wires and cables to play with, so if you’ve never installed one of these systems before, you might have to ask a friend to help you out.

Of course, you can also find several good installation videos on the internet.

The Monitor is Just Exceptional

The monitor of the Fookoo Ⅱ HD is a great piece of technology. You can set it up either on your dashboard using the bracket, or connect it to the windshield with the adhesive foam.

Inside the box, you also get a sunshade, that you can mount over the monitor to avoid sunshine reflection. This way, you’ll ensure that you get a flawless image that won’t interfere with your vision.

The monitor has the capability to automatically dim as the brightness of the ambient changes. In powerful sunlight, it goes up to the maximum brightness, while during the night, it dims out to the minimum.

You can also set up guidelines on the monitor, so you can park with ease and avoid hitting your vehicle on any obstacles.

The monitor allows you to connect up to 3 cameras to it. This is extremely useful, especially if you’re planning to spend a few weeks out in the open and travel around the country in your RV. You can set up multiple cameras to stay protected against bears or any potential foes lingering around your vehicle.

Inside the package, you’ll find a remote control that allows you to change the settings from a distance. The menu is very easy to understand, so you can easily set up features on the monitor.

Of course, the monitor can display the recording in full HD. The footage looks as clear and fine as it gets, so you get to enjoy a perfect view outside your vehicle.

Fookoo II HD Has Superb Camera

The camera is another strong point of the Fookoo Ⅱ HD backup camera system. It comes equipped with 2 million pixels and 18 infrared lights, so you get to enjoy an exceptional recording quality.

The camera records everything at a range of 149 degrees. It’s also waterproof and can withstand temperatures of between -4 Fahrenheit and 176 Fahrenheit.

At this point, we should mention that other cameras can withstand cold much better. If you are looking to travel in cold places with your RV or pickup truck, you should probably choose another backup camera that can better withstand cold.

However, if you’re planning on using your RV during the summer, spring and fall, the Fookoo Ⅱ HD is just amazing for you.

The camera allows you to perfectly see in the dark, so parking and monitoring become a breeze. Moreover, thanks to the stable wired signal, you’ll never experience signal interferences.

At 2 megapixels, you can’t find a better backup camera on the market. Thanks to the advanced CCD sensor, the image you get is just superb.

Works for a Multitude of Vehicles

The Fookoo II HD is a modern backup system that has been designed to work with a wide range of vehicles. You can mount it on any vehicle that falls into the 9V-36V DC range. That’s pretty much most of the vehicles on the market, both residential and commercial.

Fookoo II HD Comes With 36 Months Warranty

To satisfy their customers and give them peace of mind, the manufacturer offers a full 36 months warranty and replacement policy. They also give you lifetime support, so you can enjoy this modern backup camera for many years to come.

Technical Support On Fookoo II HD

For technical support please email or click here to visit the Amazon support page