Furrion FOS07TASF 7″ Vision S | up to 492 ft when parked and tested for 50 ft at high speeds | digital locking signature prevents image interference or image loss while parking or driving | sound capture | and more

Furrion FOS07TASF 7″ Vision S is a modern wireless vehicle observation system perfect for any RV owner who wants to stay safe when driving or when camping. If you already have a pre-wired bracket in your RV, the installation of this system takes less than 10 minutes.

Thanks to the infrared IR lights that surround the camera, you can get a very good visual quality during the night. You can clearly see on the 7” monitor everything that happens around you. This way you’ll be able to back up and park with ease, without hitting any obstacles whatsoever.

Furrion Vision S Wireless RV Backup Camera System...
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Furrion Vision S Wireless RV Backup Camera System...
  • Easy & Quick Installation: Most RVs are already...
  • Waterproof Camera with Night Vision: Comes with 1...
  • Stable & Long Range Signal Strength: The 2.4GHz...
  • Clear & Easy Viewing: 7" Touch Screen Anti-glare...
  • Security & Safety: You can also wire the camera to...

Because the journey is just as important as your destination, the Furrion FOS07TASF system with a backup camera is optimized for RVs, campers, trucks, and any other large vehicle. It comes equipped with a sleek windshield mount, a table stand, and a rear sharkfin camera which records at an angle of 120 degrees.

Furrion FOS07TASF 7″ backup camera also comes with a digital wireless display, intelligent IR cut filter, motion detection, IP6 waterproof standard for the camera, and anti-glare screen. To top it all, it features rear assist marker lines, auto-wake for the camera, motion detection, and displays for up to 4 cameras.

You can connect this system to up to 4 cameras and get a clear 360 degrees picture of what lies outside your vehicle. Let’s dive deeper into the features and specs of this vehicle observation system.

Outstanding Design

First things first, the design of the Furrion FOS07TASF 7″ backup camera is impeccable. For instance, it looks much better than a regular backup camera for trailers and RVs, such as the one offered by Haloview, on its MC7108 rear view camera.

While the MC7108 from Haloview looks just like any other backup camera available on the market, Furrion FOS07TASF is a backup camera system that looks much more fashionable. The display looks cooler, while the camera comes with a unique sharkfin design.

Both the windshield mount and the table stand look high-tech and are made to complement the overall design of this product. If you have a new RV or vehicle, this device from Furrion will definitely complement its design.

Furrion FOS07TASF 7″ – Super Large Monitor

The 7” monitor is equipped with anti-glare protection and comes with rear assist lines to make it super easy for you to park. It displays up to 4 cameras, so you can switch between cameras at a simple press of a button.

The monitor allows you to set up a lot of useful features. For instance, you can set the camera to turn on when motion is detected. You can choose between low, medium, and high sensitivity. You can also turn off this feature if you want the camera to stay off.

You can also set the display to go off in 10, 20, or 30 seconds. This means that you can leave the monitor plugged in at all times and let it turn off so you can drive without being affected by the screen.

4 Wireless Cameras

The camera included in the package is 2.4 GHz wireless and can transmit stable images to up to 492 feet in the open field or 42 feet inside your vehicle. Note that if you have a trailer or a longer vehicle, you might need to buy a camera that has a better signal.

You can also set up 3 more cameras, 2 on the sides and one in the front. Note that you cannot use Vision 1 or Vision 2 cameras since they are not compatible with Furrion FOS07TASF.

You also have 4 viewing modes for each camera. You can switch between flip, rotate, flip & rotate and normal.

In terms of cameras, you can choose to view all cameras on the screen at once, using the quad split. You can also choose the H split, which gives you a perspective around your vehicle by splitting the cameras similar to how they are mounted.

You can also turn the volume up and down, use the auto-dim feature to auto-dim the screen, and also set up the brightness of the screen.

Furrion FOS07TASF 7″ – Infrared Night Vision

Thanks to the intelligent IR cut and advanced night vision, this modern backup camera with a 720 x 480 camera resolution can easily record during the night. You can easily park during the night and use the parking lines to see exactly what lies behind you.

The rear assist marker lines are perfectly designed to give you the peace of mind that you are parking just right. The camera is mounted right next to the clearance lights, so you can easily see behind you. You can also switch between cameras when parking to make sure you won’t hit any object sideways.

Furrion FOS07TASF 7″ is Top Security

This backup camera system is available on the market since May 2018. Since then, it has protected tens of thousands of RV fans from all over the globe. It has enabled them to reach their destination while staying safe. It has also enabled them to park and then keep a vigilant eye on the outside.

Some people have even taken the camera with them in the woods and mounted it on a vantage point. Outside, it has a range of over 500 feet. You can also mount the monitor anywhere you want, on the windshield or next to your bed on the table stand.

You can also use this system to watch your kids playing outside the RV. This is a very important thing for all parents who need to gain peace of mind their kids are safe.


As you have noticed, this wireless vehicle observation system from Furrion is simply exceptional for your camper or RV. You can use the system to gain peace of mind that you’ll reach your destination in safety. Moreover, you can use this system to protect your family when camped by getting a complete 360 – degree vision on the outside.

Coming with an outstanding design, an option to mount 4 cameras, and a wide range of settings and features, this system makes for a great choice in terms of backup cameras 2019. Consider using it to complement your RV décor and to keep an eye on what lies outside your vehicle.

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