PUMPKIN Digital Wireless Backup Camera System Kit | 7 Inch Monitor | rearview camera monitor system is compatible with 90% of large vehicles, such as Cars, SUVs, MPVs, Pickups, Trucks, Bus, Campers, Van, RV, Trailer, 5th Wheel, Motorhome, Boat, Yacht | and more

The PUMPKIN Digital Wireless Backup Camera is a modern and sleek product specially designed to offer you super stable video quality when driving up to 100 mph. This device works perfectly for longer vehicles, thanks to the Wifi receiver.

You can easily set up the Pumpkin backup camera on trucks, busses, and RVs, without having to install any cables. The wireless signal allows you to mount the camera in the back of your vehicle, at a distance of over 300 feet. That’s over 90 meters.

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Thus, you can use this camera for vehicles longer than 90 meters and enjoy very good signal quality. This means you can use this product even on industrial platforms or heavy haulers that tackle big loads. At the same time, this digital wireless backup camera works seamlessly on any regular car.

A Great Alternative to Pumpkin Android Car Stereo

This backup camera from Pumpkin is a great alternative to the Android car stereo from the same brand. Pumpkin Android Car Stereo is a sleek device that allows you to listen to the radio, stream your favorite music and control your phone and home appliances. However, it can only accommodate a wired camera.

The Pumpkin digital wireless camera is perfect if you need a wireless alternative and you want to have some eyes in the back of your car. This system does not give you the features and options offered by its cousin, but instead, it allows you to enjoy high-quality recordings at all times. This means you’ll be able to monitor at all times what is happening in your car’s rear.

Design & Operation of PUMPKIN Digital Wireless Backup Camera

This digital backup camera looks slightly better than the average backup camera available on the market in 2019. It has a sleek, black finish and a fancy all-black wireless antenna.

Overall, this unit can boost the appeal of your cabin or the appeal of your interior. Operating this unit is as easy as pie. The buttons on the bottom of the monitor allow you to easily set up your preferences and make the most out of the features of this unit. The power buttons are illuminated, so you can easily set them up during low-light conditions.

Bright Monitor

One of the most interesting aspects of this backup camera is the super sharp monitor. The HD 800x 480 digital display screen allows you to enjoy super-sharp video recordings. It is 7” wide and comes with a PAL/NTSC signal format.

The monitor offers the 360-degree mirror feature, so you can mirror the image transmitted by the camera. You can set up the monitor either on the U-type bracket or on the mounting stand.

It also offers impressive display capabilities. You’ll be able to enjoy high-quality image clarity and clearly see what lies behind you.

PUMPKIN Digital Wireless Backup Camera Has Super Strong Signal

Moreover, the monitor offers a flawless digital signal with 0% interferences. You can drive at 100 mph on the highway and still experience smooth, lag-free pictures.

This monitor is equipped with an advanced image processing chip and a signal boost addition. This enables it to reach the longest distance possible. No other backup camera has managed to provide flawless image transmission at up to 95 meters, or 330 feet.

If you’re driving a sedan, which is a much shorter vehicle than a bus, you can get to over 120 mph without experiencing image flicker. For longer vehicles, the maximum you can drive with to enjoy flawless image quality is 100 mph.

The 2.4 GHz antenna ensures that the signal is captured correctly and the image has no flickers, no delays, and no interferences. You can rest assured that the image you see on the monitor has zero delays.

​ Advanced Camera Optimized for Night Driving

The rear camera is equipped with no less than 18 IR lights. They can make you see perfectly during the night. Besides, this camera is optimized for bad weather, featuring the latest IP69K waterproof rating. This is the highest waterproof rating to date, allowing the camera to work flawlessly in any climate.

The Pumpkin camera allows you to see up to 50 feet in complete darkness thanks to the 18 IR lights. During the day, it offers you 100% pure colors thanks to its 1/3 Sony sensor. This AHD camera offers better recordings than a regular camera, so you can enjoy a better quality image and more details.

You’ll be able to clearly see all license plates in the rear and never again miss any crucial details.

PUMPKIN Digital Wireless Backup Camera has 18-Months Warranty

To make sure you are fully satisfied with their product, the guys from Pumpkin are offering you 18 months of full warranty for their backup camera. The PUMPKIN Digital Wireless Backup Camera is created to last a lifetime and get you through all the seasons.

You have a 100% satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer, so you can enjoy this high-end product and stay in control of your driving.

Perfect For All Long Vehicles

The Pumpkin digital backup camera is compatible with most large vehicles, from cars and SUVs to trailers, pickups, busses, campers, motorhomes, industrial vehicles, and even yachts or boats. You can mount it on everything equipped with an AV port and that runs on 12V-24V.

More Technical Info

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