Erapta A9 Backup Camera System with 9’’ Large Monitor and DVR

Erapta A9 | Backup Camera System with 9’’ Monitor | Built-in DVR | Supports record 4 channels camera | IP69 waterproof | Great Night Vision | and more …

What makes Erapta A9 Backup Camera System a highly favored choice for vehicles like trucks, trailers, RVs, campers, or motorhomes? This device comes with a built-in DVR and a large monitor to meet the exclusive needs of different types of vehicles.

As a trusted manufacturer with an impeccable track record, eRapta offers top-of-the-line backup camera systems for its customers. Exceptional product quality and responsible after-sale service easily make this manufacturer a popular choice.

eRapta 1080P Wired Backup Camera System Kit,9" HD...
  • HD 9-inch Monitor: Large 9-inch AHD display and 4...
  • Built-in DVR System: Supports 4 cameras for...
  • Excellent Night Vision & 4 Split: Reversing camera...
  • IP69K Waterproof:Backup camera adopts glue-filled...
  • Flexible Vehicle Adaptability: Voltage range from...

Providing wide voltage power input, eRapta A9 offers high-definition clear images while reversing your RV truck, motorhome, or trailer. You can also find many advanced features on this backup camera system.

If you compare erapta A9 to erapta E1, you can find the screen size of the former two inches larger. However, Erapta E1 comes with a special shell that offers excellent protection against rust. You cannot find this anti-rust feature on eRapta 9.

The release date of this product was August 28, 2019. Since then Erapta A9 has been gaining in popularity faster compared to many other backup camera models. The weight of this device is 9.05 pounds. The package dimension is 12.2 x 9.2 x 7.1 inches.

This eRapta A9 review conducts a detailed study on the features and benefits of this backup camera system objectively. Our focus is to help you make an informed buying decision. Let us start with the design of this product.

Erapta A9 Backup Camera – Design

Although the camera size is slightly bigger, the design looks appealing. It sits perfectly on your RV truck, semi-truck trailer, motorhome, heavy-duty tractor camper, or travel trailer bus. This backup camera system doesn’t interfere with the look of your vehicle.

The attractive design, high functional benefits, and appreciable sturdiness blend harmoniously to deliver an enjoyable buying experience.

High Definition Back Up Camera with a Large Monitor and Built-In DVR

Let us consider the recording function of this camera. The built-in DVR reversing camera provides support to record 4 channels and camera simultaneously. You can also find a seamless loop recording feature on this product. You can find a particular one from the automatically saved videos.

Equipped with a top-quality CCD sensor, Erapta A9 offers crystal clear images. It captures everything surrounding your vehicle and avoids the blind spot perfectly. You can drive your truck, trailer, or motorhome safely and enjoyably.

The 9-inch large AHD monitor works as a trusted companion for the driver. You can stay protected without worrying about any danger due to the wide-angle backup camera system.

The additional side view cameras give the driver a clear view of what’s beside him/her while changing lanes, particularly in high traffic areas. This device also comes with high battery life compared to many other products available today.

Waterproof, Support Mirror and Rotate Function

You don’t need to worry about rain when you install the Erapta A9. The waterproof reverse and side camera guarantee excellent protection. You can expect high longevity with this product.

The backing camera with great image makes the Erapta A9 one of the fastest-selling products available today. It supports the mirror and rotates function perfectly. A stable real-time image is what you can expect with this device.

You can use this IP69 waterproof level camera in any adverse climate condition. No matter whether it is a rainy, hot, or snowy climate; Erapta A9 functions efficiently.

Excellent Protection Technology and High Speed Processor

What does the protection technology of Erapta A9 offer? It safeguards the device from power failure admirably. This feature plays an important role in making this product reliable.

You can also find an ARM DSPS high-speed processor on the erapta A9. It guarantees excellent night vision. The cables supplied are of adequate length to run from the dash to the top back down and underneath the motor home or truck.

Erapta A9 is Hassle-Free Operation and High Ease of Use

If you want to buy a backup camera system with excellent user-friendliness, you can choose this one. This device comes with a humanized built-in Linux operating system. You can operate Erapta A9 more conveniently and efficiently without worrying about any unnecessary complexities.

You can describe Erapta A9 as a fairly intuitive backup camera system. It becomes easy to figure out on your own. Good quality cameras, cables, and monitor along with appreciable ease of ease help this product stand out.

Responsible Customer Support Team

You can expect a 100% guaranteed purchase with eRapta. If erapta A9 does not work as described, you can ask for a refund within 30 days. The company will arrange a replacement or return your refund responsibly.

If you have any doubts or need some clarifications, you can contact the customer support team. Experienced technicians will answer your questions convincingly. You can always expect a fast response from the customer service team.

Easy and Fast Installation

You don’t need to seek any professional help to install the Erapta A9 on your truck, motorhome, or trailer. A detailed illustration of the installation of the reversing camera is provided on the package.

You just need to follow the simple guidelines provided on the installation guide accurately to make the installation fast. The entire task can be completed within a short period.


  • Eliminates all blind spots while driving
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Waterproof reverse and side camera
  • Supports record 4 channels camera simultaneously
  • ARM DSPS high-speed processor guarantees excellent night vision


  • Mounting the monitor in the dash is a bit tough
  • The build quality can be better
  • It misses out on a high-quality screen protection feature

Final Words On eRapta A9

If you analyze all aspects objectively, you can find that erapta A9 is a highly reliable, efficient, and flexible backup camera system. It is compatible with a wide range of vehicles including trucks, trailers, RVs, campers, and motorhomes.

This device comes with advanced features such as built-in DVR, HD clear image, large 9-inch monitor, wide-angle, and IP69 waterproof level. If you are searching for a high-performing backup camera system for your RV truck, Box truck, semi-trailer truck, or motorhome; look no farther than Erapta A9