AMTIFO A10 Monitor with 2 Wireless Rear View Cameras

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Amtifo A10 – some facts about it. Because of the bulkiness of recreational vehicles, they are usually harder to navigate than other regular-sized vehicles. Because of that, driving in reverse is very much a challenge and, oftentimes, dangerous to do so among RV drivers. One may say, “that’s what side mirrors are for!”, which is simple-minded thinking for people these days.

In the present, the problem of limited road perspective is now answered by rearview cameras! Most vehicles would come with backup cameras already after purchase to provide safety and convenience to new owners.

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In the case of RVs, backing up such vehicles are now much more convenient with the help of backup cameras. As a driver of such a vehicle, you should have a clear view of what waits at your vehicle’s rear. With backup cameras, you can have another perspective of what may come at your back while on reverse. Now you can be more focused and not get into dangerous accidents while backing up your RV.

Several companies are selling such products at the present because of its recent surge of popularity in late 2018. One of these companies is Amtifo, which just released a new 10.1-inch monitor and backup camera model in October 2020.

What does Amtifo’s new backup camera systems offer that no other products of the same nature in the market can? In this article, let’s understand the standout features of this product to find out why RV owners should have it.

Features of AMTIFO A10 Monitor with 2 Wireless Rear View Cameras

Amtifo A10 Monitor and Wireless Camera system has tons of features to give other similar products a run for their money. In this part, let’s get to know some of its features and find out how useful they are for RVs.

Wireless Camera Function

Amtifo’s RV Backup Camera Systems’ main attraction would have to be its wireless functions on its cameras and monitor. Its wireless connection allows for stable connectivity of the cameras for up to 984 ft distance of monitors and cameras. Furthermore, this device can perform amazingly with not much signal interference within a 56 ft radius.

As such, even at 90mph speed, its camera can shoot clear and crisp images with not much delay.

Amtifo A10 Wide and High-definition Monitor Display

Along with great and clear image capture capability on its cameras, the Amtifo A10 Camera System also comes with a 7×10-inch monitor display. Furthermore, its monitor provides a high-definition display of up to 1080p resolution for video playback for clearer perspectives when backing up.

With its split-screen display function, you can also have multiple perspectives of everything within capture distance of your cameras. Your monitor can display up to four different camera angles from all cameras attached to your vehicle’s camera system. That way, you can see different angles when backing up or driving and keep your driving safe and worry-free.

Multiple Backup Cameras with Night Vision Features

Another standout features this camera system has are its beautiful, crisp view cameras which are both waterproof and wide-angled. Furthermore, all cameras included in this system feature night vision capture and withstand -22°F~176°F temperature with minimal recording quality drop.

Its IP69K camera attachment allows for a 170-degree wide-angle view and waterproof capabilities, and automatic rear assists markers when reversed. This way, drivers can have a clearer view of the road no matter the time, weather, or situation it is.

Disadvantages of AMTIFO A10 Monitor with Multiple Camera System

As great as Amtifo may be, some recreational vehicles will not work by having this product as its camera system. When choosing these types of products, you should always exercise the right purchasing decision methods to avoid consumers’ regret. Here are some drawbacks you may encounter while deciding whether to buy the product or not:

  • Expensive purchase. Amtifo places a huge price on the product’s tag despite only having two cameras and the monitor in the package. To use its quad view function, you may have to order two more cameras for your system. Additional cameras cost a lot to order and could cost you more than half the price that you’ve initially paid.
  • Brackets needed to also set up a side-view camera angle on your RV should be bought separately from the package. Although adding more cameras is not necessary for the product, for some, a complete set is important for maximum safety.
  • Before buying additional components of the system, make sure to think through and make informed decisions to avoid paying much.

Comparisons to other RV camera system products

​There are not many similar products to compare to Amtifo’s backup camera system which makes it a better choice than others. However, this product does not sound much worse than other camera systems of similar nature sold in the market either. Amtifo A10 backup cameras can therefore be compared to some of these products below as better or worse in some ways:

eRapta Wireless Backup Camera for RV. Compared to Amtifo, eRapta’s monitor is relatively smaller as its display stands only around 7X4 inches. However, eRapta has about the same advantages in its cameras as Amtifo would have with its 1080p HD camera resolution.

It does, however, come with 4 cameras included in its packaging instead of 2, making quad-view possible immediately after purchase.

Therefore, eRapta could be considered a worthy equivalent of Amtifo in the present in terms of camera quality. It only ever has a slight edge over Amtifo with both the components present upon purchase and pricing.

Xroose FY04 Backup Camera. In terms of the cameras used as backup cameras for the systems, both Xroose FY04 and Amtifo use IP69K cameras. As such, neither of the two can be heavily exposed to harsh weather conditions. However, FY04 uses wired connectivity instead of wireless functions as opposed to Amtifo’s wireless capabilities.

Xroose also features less camera viewing angle than normal, while the latter uses the standard 170-degree viewing angle.

Xroose’s limited functionality only makes its compatibility with other vehicles very low as opposed to Amtifo and its diverse features. This does not, however, take away from how near identical both Amtifo and Xroose are in terms of camera quality.

Frequently Asked Questions about AMTIFO A10 Monitor with Multiple Camera System

FAQs are often important when learning more about a certain product and giving you more information before buying a product. A whole lot of details surrounding Amtifo’s backup camera systems have been covered heavily in this article.

Yet, questions still probably linger as to what you can expect about the product. Here are some frequently answered questions that we encounter from people who are curious enough to ask:

1. Which vehicle models should work for this product?
– Any recreational vehicles models that support a 10-inch monitor display near its windshield can work for this product. If you have room for such a monitor within your mobile home, you may consider purchasing this product. However, if you are conscious as to how the monitor may obstruct your view while driving, think carefully before buying.

2. Does this product work with four camera angle view?
– Amtifo monitors do support multiple camera angle views from up to four different cameras connected to the system. However, the product’s packaging only comes with 2 cameras at initial purchase instead of 4. To make the system support 4 camera angles at once, you have to purchase the other two cameras separately.

3. Is there a license plate camera that is compatible with the camera system itself?
– Currently, Amtifo has yet to develop a license plate camera that can be included as part of its system.

4. How do you set up a side-view camera angle on your RV’s camera system?
– Amtifo itself has developed a side view bracket to attach your Amtifo camera to the side of the vehicle. Having this product as a part of your RC allows for a steady side view display on your monitor when used.

5. Up to how much storage capacity in your SD Card can the device support?
– You can connect a microSD card of up to 32GB of storage for video recording and image capture. This is especially useful in case your vehicles run towards an accident for evidence safekeeping.

6. Can you turn the Guide Lines on and off?
– Yes, you can turn the reverse parking assist lines on and off whenever you please.


Despite the widescreen monitor packaged along in Amtifo’s Wireless Camera System, this product may not be as unique as others. The product does a lot of things well, especially its high-quality backup camera.

However, the features brought by the other wireless camera systems may be more welcome than those introduced by Amtifo. But still, one could argue that Amtifo still offers one of the best backup camera products for your RVs.

If this product suits your vehicle specifications, then you may want to consider adding this to your RV. And if you want to use its full functionality, you may want to save up to get the full system.