AUTO VOX 4.3 Bluetooth Rearview Dash Cam Monitor Review

The AUTO VOX 4.3 Bluetooth rearview mirror is a video monitor for your car dash cams. It includes 2 video inputs, which can be connected to the cameras via Bluetooth. Originally released April 23rd, 2015, the AUTO VOX 4.3 monitor works with most car models and provides a simple solution for adding a backup display to your vehicle.
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Add a Video Display to Your Rear View

The AUTO VOX 4.3 Bluetooth rearview monitor is designed to replace your existing rearview mirror. The video screen is located along the left side of the 10.6-inch-wide mirror, while the rest of the display is mirrored – so you still get a mirror view behind your vehicle.
It should be noted that the AUTO VOX 4.3 doesn’t include a camera. This is simply a monitor that replaces your rearview mirror. But, you can easily connect dashboard cameras to the monitor via Bluetooth.
There are two video inputs, so you get the option to connect two cameras. You could have one front-facing and one rear-facing.
While this doesn’t include a camera, AUTO VOX does offer a compatible camera that can be purchased with the monitor. This concealed, compact camera mounts around your license plate – the perfect position for adding a reversing camera.
With the dual video inputs, you also have the option of connecting to other video sources. For example, you could connect a car DVD player to the monitor.

Easy to Install and Connect

As mentioned, the cameras can connect via Bluetooth. This makes connection easy – for Bluetooth cameras. To install the mirror, you must first remove your existing rear view mirror. Then you simply attach the AUTO VOX 4.3 mirror to the windscreen mount.
The mirror comes equipped with a default bracket that should work with most vehicles. If the bracket doesn’t fit, you can order a suitable bracket from AUTO-VOX. The mirror then needs to be connected to a power source. There are two options for the wire connection. You can run the RCA wire to the back of your vehicle or connect the wire to your ACC.
After you’ve mounted and installed the mirror, you can connect Bluetooth devices. Search for devices, including Bluetooth cameras, video players, phones, and tablets. You can then use the AUTO VOX for hands-free calls through your phone.
The Bluetooth speaker is loud enough that you don’t need to connect a headset. But, some users have stated that you can’t adjust the volume during a call. This isn’t really an issue if you turn up the volume and leave it in place.

Clear Display on a 4.3-inch Screen

The video is clear and easy to see, even in low-light conditions. There is an anti-glare surface with auto-adjusting brightness.
The clear video display looks great on the 4.3-inch screen and doesn’t take up the entire mirror. You can still see the reflection of your rear view to the right of the video screen – and a little bit to the left of the screen.

How Does The AUTO VOX 4.3 Compare to Other Models?

The AUTO VOX 4.3 isn’t the only rearview mirror dash cam monitor. In fact, AUTO-VOX has a few other models. This includes the AUTO-VOX M2 1080p HD rearview mirror dash cam.

The M2 is a complete kit, with everything you need to add a reverse parking system. This includes the rearview mirror monitor with an HD display, a rearview backup camera, and a video recorder. It’s an all-in-one solution.
But, if you’ve already got dashboard cameras, or would prefer to purchase cameras separately, this dash cam could be the better option. And, you can connect the AUTO VOX 4.3 to Bluetooth devices, instead of connecting via a wired connection.

Final Thoughts on the AUTO VOX 4.3

Overall, this rearview mirror monitor is a quality device. It provides a simple solution for adding a reverse parking system to your vehicle.
The AUTO VOX 4.3 rearview mirror monitor will work in virtually any vehicle and most Bluetooth devices. Easily switch between video inputs or allow the camera to automatically show the parking image.
The main advantage is Bluetooth connectivity. This is a great idea, allowing you to connect a video player – or even another dashboard camera.