AUTO VOX M2 Rear View Backup Camera Review

The number one best-selling in-visor mounted backup camera, the AUTO VOX M2 gives you a clear view of your surroundings. If you are in the market for a rearview camera, then you owe it to yourself to learn more about the AUTO VOX M2.

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​It includes a dash cam, a car reverse system, and an anti-dazzling mirror. Capture video directly in front and behind your vehicle, with this rear view camera.

Explore the features and details of this unit by checking out the rest of this AUTO VOX M2 rear view camera review.

Key Features of AUTO VOX M2

  • 1080p front and 720p rear facing cameras
  • Video is displayed directly on the rearview mirror
  • Automatically switches between front and rearview display
  • Anti-dazzling blue screen to improve comfort
  • HD wide viewing angle rearview camera
  • Easy installation without replacing existing rearview mirror
  • 32GB MicroSD card included
  • 4.3-inch display size
  • Includes a car charger and Micro USB cable

What Do the Customers Say about AUTO VOX M2

“Easy install and great camera” sums up the sentiment of most customers. The vast majority of customers were incredibly pleased with this device.

The AUTO VOX M2 has both front and rear-facing cameras. The system will automatically switch views based on whether your vehicle is in Drive or Reverse. When switched to drive, the front-facing camera kicks in. When you put your gear into reverse, the camera display automatically switches to the rear view to offer parking assistance.

Installation is easy. You do not have to mess around with a complicated setup. One customer mentioned, “… much easier to install than expected.”

You simply attach the LCD display over your existing rear view mirror. The front-facing camera is attached to the mirror-mounted screen, while the rear-facing camera of the AUTO VOX M2is attached to the license plate frame.

Several customers mentioned the fact that the instructions did not provide much detail on how to install the system. Luckily, it is not a complicated process. Even if you have never used a DVR system before, you should quickly be able to install the AUTO VOX M2 camera.

The video that you record is stored on the provided 32GB MicroSD card. The footage from the front and rear-facing cameras is stored in separate folders on the MicroSD card. These video clips can be set to include a date/time stamp.

As far as the user interface, you should have no problem updating your software or changing the camera settings. The user interface is clear and direct. As a side note, the AUTO VOX M2 records in 720p HD by default. In the setting menu, you can change the front-facing camera to 1080p FHD (full HD).

While the installation and menu settings are easy to understand, the real benefit of the AUTO VOX M2 is the display. You get a 4.3-inch screen without any glare. The anti-glare screen makes it easy to quickly check your front or rear camera. The buttons on the screen are hidden and then light up when the car starts.

If you are concerned about the aesthetics of installing this DVR system, you will be happy to learn that the camera system keeps the wires hidden. You do not have to deal with lengthy cables or wires.

So, customers were incredibly excited about the AUTO VOX M2. After scouring the customer reviews, you will only find a couple of minor complaints. These contradict the majority of the reviews. Though, you should still factor them into your decision.

A couple of customers had complained about the rear-facing camera. They claim that the AUTO VOX M2 rear camera does not work properly and displays colored grid lines on the screen.

Only two users mentioned this issue, while the rest of the reviews seemed pleased with the display. This could simply be the result of a rare defect, which is bound to occur with any product.

Why Should You Purchase AUTO VOX M2

The AUTO VOX M2 is a best-selling product. There are numerous reasons to consider purchasing this DVR camera system. It is the perfect solution for anyone that is in need of a parking assistance camera. Unlike many other DVR systems with dual cameras, you can install the rear-facing camera along with your license plate frame.

This provides the clearest, most direct view of what is going on behind your vehicle. As soon as you put your vehicle into reverse, the AUTO VOX M2 DVR system automatically switches to the rear camera. This is perhaps one of the greatest features of the AUTO VOX M2.

It truly does offer everything you need for parking assistance. When you are backing up, you do not want to have to manually switch views. Having automatic parking assist feature is a great addition and one that many of these DVR systems lack. The fact that it comes with a 32GB MicroSD card is a nice addition.

Some cameras require you to purchase a separate card. The bottom line is that the AUTO VOX M2 camera is one of the best rear view backup cameras on the market. It is affordable, functional, and easy to install. For less than $90, you can have your own parking assist rear view camera.

If you want a quality DVR system with a rear-facing camera, then you should definitely add the AUTO-VOX M2 rear view camera to the top of your list of options.