AUTO-VOX M3 Full HD 1080P Dash Cam Review 2017

AUTO VOX M3 is an upgrade to the previously released AV M2, with a dual-lens camera and rearview mirror monitor. Released January 17th, 2017, this unit includes two cameras – front and rear-facing. With auto parking images, picture in picture, and other features, there is a lot to explore. Learn more with the following AUTO VOX M3 Full HD 1080P dash cam review.

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The AUTO VOX M3 is a Rearview Mirror Dash Cam

The first feature to examine is the design of the dash cam package. The AUTO VOX M3 is intended to replace your rearview mirror. This is quickly becoming one of the most popular configurations for dashboard cameras. With a rearview mirror monitor, the display is conveniently positioned, so that you can quickly check your dashboard cameras at a glance.

The front-facing camera records in full 1080P HD, while the rear-facing camera records at 720P HD. The viewing angles are 165-degrees for the front and 170-degrees for the rear. We don’t have the temperature range for this model, but it can operate in hot or cold conditions.

The Entire System is Easy to Install and Setup

While the AUTO VOX M3 full HD dashcam has a rearview mirror configuration, it is easier to install than most. Instead of having to replace your existing mirror, you simply strap the AUTO VOX over the rearview mirror. Rubber straps are used to secure the monitor so that this dash cam will work with just about any vehicle make or model.

After attaching the monitor, you need to connect the rear-facing camera. This is also a simple process. The rearview camera gets installed behind the license plate, which takes just minutes to complete. The front-facing camera is already positioned – as it is located on the opposite side of the monitor. With all these components in place, you just need to connect the wires.

The installation process is quick and easy.

The AUTO VOX M3 dual lens dash cam works with virtually any vehicle. The rearview camera is located on the exterior of the vehicle. This leaves it exposed to the elements. But, the rearview camera is completely waterproof. You can easily continue recording – even on a rainy day.

Super Night Vision Get High-Quality Video

Along with the waterproof rearview camera, the AUTO VOX M3 dual-lens camera features super night vision. The dual-lens cameras always capture clear pictures – during the day or night. The superior Sony sensor and the Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) capability increase the versatility of the cameras.

You can record in full 1080P HD without experiencing a loss of quality – regardless of the weather conditions.

Picture-in-Picture Mode

One of the best features of the AUTO VOX M3 is the picture-in-picture mode. With this mode, you’ll be able to view footage from both the front and rear cameras. You can set the main monitor to display the front-facing footage, with the footage from the rear-facing camera appearing in the upper right corner.

Auto Display Parking Image

The final feature to point out is the auto display parking image. When you put your vehicle in reverse, the system will automatically display the full view from the rear-facing camera. So, in addition to working as a standard dashboard camera, the AUTO VOX M3 doubles as a parking assistant. This is a handy feature, which adds to the value of the camera.

How Does the AUTO-VOX M3 Compare to Other Mirror Dash Cams

As mentioned, the AUTO VOX M3 isn’t the only dashboard camera designed to fit over, or replace, your existing rearview mirror. First, there’s the AUTO-VOX M2 dashboard camera. The AUTO-VOX M2 is like the AUTO VOX M3, with a few notable differences. With the M2, the display in the rearview mirror is positioned to the left – instead of centered.

Also, it doesn’t feature picture-in-picture mode. Another AUTO-VOX dashboard camera worth exploring is the AUTO-VOX 4.3-inch dual video input rearview mirror dashcam.

Unlike the previous 2 models, the 4.3-inch dashboard camera replaces your existing mirror. It also doesn’t include a front-facing camera. Though, it does feature dual video input – so that you can add a front-facing camera on your own. These aren’t the only rearview dashboard cameras. But, they do offer a variety of choices for anyone that wants to add a camera monitor to their rearview mirror.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the AUTO VOX M3 has several great features that help set it apart from other cameras. The fact that you don’t have to replace your existing rearview mirror is useful. Also, the AUTO VOX M3 features a waterproof rearview camera, parking mode, and picture-in-picture.

On top of those advantages, the AUTO VOX M3 records full 1080P HD video, with crisp, clear images. Whether you record during the day or night, or in the rain, you always get a clear video. The only drawback is that it doesn’t come with a microSD card.

It can support cards up to 64GB, but you’ll need to purchase this separately. With 64GB, you should be able to record up to 12 hours of HD footage. The combination of innovative design features makes the AUTO VOX M3 one of the superior choices – when compared to similar dashboard cameras. Get the latest deal on the AUTO VOX M3 Dual Lens Rear View Mirror Dash Cam!