Auto Vox W2 IP68 Waterproof Wireless Backup Camera Kit

Auto Vox W2 is a modern wireless backup camera that completely eliminates all cable routing and makes it easy for you to enjoy full HD footage. With a 4.3” LCD screen, a built-in transmitter, and IP68 waterproof standard, this device is a great choice for RVs and trucks.
As a digital backup camera, this system works much better than analog signals. It features no interference whatsoever, so you can enjoy great recordings even at high speeds. This digital product has no delay and works flawlessly without being affected by Bluetooth or infrared signals.

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In this Auto Vox W2 review, we will take a closer look at how this device can help you when you’re on the road. You’ll also get to understand how this backup camera system could help you park your RV, trailer, bus, or truck safely, without any bumps or scratches.

Auto Vox W2 – 100% No Interferences

Auto Vox W2 stands out from the crowd due to its high-performance signal quality. The camera in the rear connects to the 2.4G digital wireless signal embedded in the LCD screen. Thus, you can enjoy a stable signal with no interference whatsoever. No more flickers or interruptions, but a stable and clear image.
You will love how the digital signal beats the old analog signal in all areas. The upgraded wireless signal allows you to enjoy smooth, vivid images with no signal interruption.

Ease of Installation

The camera of the Auto Vox W2 is designed for ease of installation. You no more have to worry about a separate transmitter. To make it work, all you need to do is to install the camera in the back, connect the monitor to a power source and then connect the two.

This device is much easier to set up than other backup camera systems, such as the LeeKooLuu wireless camera. The latter requires an external wireless transmitter that connects to the camera in the back by a wire and then connects wirelessly to the monitor.

In the case of Auto Vox W2, the transmitter is embedded in the camera, so you get to enjoy a quicker mounting experience. You also get to enjoy fewer cables and less clutter in the back of your vehicle.

Auto Vox W2 – Adjustable Parking Guidelines

One aspect you will definitely love about the Auto Vox W2 parking monitor system is the 6 separate parking lines. You can select your favorite parking line out of the total of 6 and enjoy a flawless parking experience.
Not sure if you should turn right or left? Unsure what angle to go with? This backup system offers you all the help you need. You can adjust the length and width of the parking lines, making it easy for you to park your car in any spot, regardless of the external weather.

Super Night vision

Another aspect that will make you fall in love with the Auto Vox W2 is the gorgeous night vision. You can enjoy really great recording quality thanks to the multiple IR sensors and good chip.
Auto Vox is a well-renowned brand, famous for its high-end products that offer great quality recordings. We cannot know the technology behind their dashboard and backup cameras, but we know the end result, and it’s definitely a pleasant one.

Only a select few backup cameras can beat the night quality of this system. That includes the iStrong Digital Wireless Backup Camera, a system that comes with a powerful 6-layer nano filter color HD lens.

High Temperature Range

Auto Vox W2 is a modern backup camera that has hit the market in September 2018. It is designed with the latest technology, and it is specially created to cater to millions of drivers from all corners of the world. Thus, it works perfectly in any weather and temperature.
Expect this backup camera to work at -4 degrees Fahrenheit, and to continue working even at over 135 degrees Fahrenheit. So whether you are working or traveling on hot summer days, or in freezing days of winter, the images will be crisp & clear.
Moreover, thanks to its advanced anti-glare system, this backup camera records continuously even in the strong sunshine from Florida or Nevada.

Extra USB Charger

A bonus of this backup system is the extra USB port charger. You can now charge your phone, tablet, or Kindle reader at the extra port and never worry about going low on battery.

Final Words

The Auto Vox W2 is a modern backup system that contains a small, unobtrusive camera with a built-in transmitter and fantastic recording capabilities. Thanks to its IP69 waterproof rating, you can use it on anything from grime & snow to hail storms, dust, or high-pressure car washes.
Make the most out of the 6 adjustable parking lines and enjoy the extended wireless range for a great parking and monitoring experience.