AUTO VOX Wireless Reverse Camera Kit Waterproof Backup Camera

The AUTO VOX TW Wireless Reverse Camera Kit is probably the one kit you have been looking for in the last couple of years, not knowing that it exists. This unique camera kit throws away all that traditional, complicated cable routing, enabling you to enjoy super HD recording quality, both during the day and during the night.

As a side note, this kit works only as a rear camera, but can easily connect with it a front dash cam such as the AUTO-VOX D1. You can use it in conjunction with any front dashcam in order to gain the peace of mind that you are protected against potential threats and that you have full coverage on the road.

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This innovative product from AUTO VOX is perfect for any type of driver. You can use it while driving and you want to ensure your “back is covered”, to protect your car when in parking mode, or just to record gorgeous views when driving on the interstate.

This wireless backup camera kit was first available in December 2017. Since it is fairly new, it has a lot of room for improvement. Based on the feedback from drivers, the company will continually improve the product and release better versions with fewer flaws. Until the next versions are released, let’s take a closer look at this rearview camera kit.

First Things First – Design

AUTO VOX Wireless Reverse Camera is a gorgeous-looking kit, coated in black, which can easily complement the design of any car. The high-quality pieces mold perfectly with your vehicle’s interior without changing the overall design. The equipment looks high-quality and original, and can definitely help you make quite a great first impression on new passengers.

The dark camera is totally unobtrusive and cannot be seen by those from the outside. You can rest assured that no other driver or passerby will notice that you have a hidden camera that records them.

AUTO VOX – Ease of Installation

You would be surprised to discover how easy installing this device is. Each piece has its own place in the grand scheme of things. By following the instructions in the manual, you can install the AUTO VOX Wireless Reverse Camera Kit in a matter of minutes. The straps are extremely thin and can easily fit inside your car.

Hide the bracket behind the rear license plate without drilling any holes. Connect the wires and then install the wireless transmitter in the back of your car. Mount the wireless transmitters on either side of your rearview mirror and set up the whole system.

This system, once installed, works wirelessly. That means no more haywire cables or effort spent on hiding components. The straps can perfectly complement most mirrors and can be easily installed on them. You can view what the camera records right on your rearview mirror thanks to the advanced wireless image distribution technology.

AUTO VOX – Astounding Camera Quality

The piece of resistance in this kit is the rear camera. In addition to the high-quality lens and fast processor, the AUTO VOX camera is equipped with 6 high brightness LEDs to offer you a flawless night recording quality.

Best of all, these LEDs turn automatically on and off, depending on the light conditions present outside. You don’t have to lift a finger in order to enjoy the best image clarity during the night. The HD image processor does a marvelous job at converting the recording into a superior format.

You can then watch the videos right on your tablet or smartphone and enjoy the high-quality recordings. The pictures are also very high-quality. Even during low-light conditions, the photos are astounding.

What you’ll love about this dash cam is that the image clarity remains the same during high or low temperatures. In fact, the image is even clearer than what AUTO-VOX 4.3 can offer. The camera complies with the IP68 water-proof standard, which means that you can now drive even on rainy or snowy days without worrying too much about the camera. It is safe and can withstand an impressive amount of water.

AUTO VOX – Top Features

The AUTO VOX Wireless Reverse Camera Kit stands out on the market not just because of its ease of installation and innovative wireless function, but also due to its features that make it extremely easy for you to leverage it. In other words, this unit comes with all bells and whistles a driver would ever want from a rearview camera.

The wireless transmitter is IP 67 waterproof. You can install it anywhere on your car, but the manufacturer recommends you place it near one of your reversing lights. It doesn’t matter if you drive a sedan, a jeep, a truck, or an RV. The transmitter can work flawlessly on any type of vehicle without creating any wireless interference.

The 4.3” LCD monitor does not need to be adjusted at all. What you will thoroughly enjoy about this unit is that the monitor will have no glaring or dazzling, two issues that are quite common for dash cams. You can enjoy driving your vehicle and rest assured that the recording is as accurate as they come.

Moreover, there is no need to charge the monitor separately. The wireless transmitter from AUTO VOX is automatically powering up your monitor. All you have to do is to plug the charger into the cigarette lighter and you are good to go.

Last but not least, this unit stands out from the crowd due to the extremely stable signal transmission. With no interferences with other devices and real-time image transmission, you can rest assured that the image has no lags at all. In an open area, the transmitter can send the image up to 100 meters. This makes this unit a very useful companion when camping.

AUTO VOX Wireless Reverse Camera Kit – Conclusion

The AUTO VOX Wireless Reverse Camera Kit is undoubtedly the best addition you can get to your dashboard camera. Even if you do not have a front dash cam, this kit could prove a must if you travel a lot and you love to take your RV when camping.

The original equipment looks, strong wireless signal, high brightness lead, ease of installation and high versatility all work together to help you enjoy a streamlined recording experience, in any season and any weather condition.