AUTO-VOX X2 Mirror Dash Cam with 9.88″ Streaming Media Waterproof Backup Camera with G-Sensor, LDWS, WDR,GPS Tracking

Full touch streaming media | 140-degree viewing angle | G-sensor & Loop recording | Lane Departure Warning System | WDR image processing technology | and more …

In the vast world of backup cameras, there is a time when a certain high-end product arises. One of these moments was mid-April 2018 when the techies from Autovox launched their premium backup camera. The AUTO-VOX X2 has hit the market during that time.

Since then, the AUTO-VOX X2 backup camera has proven itself as a true competitor to the most important backup cameras on the market. This unit is much better than X1, offering clearer footage, better resolution, outstanding full display, and a wide 140-degree recording angle.

AUTO-VOX X2 Mirror Dash Cam with 9.88" Streaming...
  • 【9.88" streaming media Touch Screen】The 9.88"...
  • 【Worry-free reverse assistance】The rearview...
  • 【G-sensor & Loop recording】When encounter...
  • 【Parking monitor & LDWS】Turn on the parking...
  • 【GPS Playback】: GPS tracking system records...

In this AUTO-VOX X2 review, we will take a closer look at the features and specs of this backup camera. Keep reading to decide if this is a suitable buy for you in 2019 or you should seek an alternative.

AUTO-VOX X2 Backup Camera Overview

This model is an advanced backup camera that features full HD recordings, 4 MPX, and 6 unique lenses that work together to give you astounding image clarity. X2 is a mirror dash cam equipped with two cameras, one in the front and one in the rear of your car.

This unit is great when it comes to looks. The super large 9.8” wide touchscreen clamps over your rearview mirror. It literally replaces your old rearview mirror with a gorgeous screen and one front camera. Connected to the main unit, the rearview camera is set in the back.

AUTO-VOX X2 Installation Made Easy

Note that this is not a wireless backup camera. You need to install the rear camera using a wire. Moreover, you need to connect the camera in the back to the reverse tail light of your choice. You can mount the camera either behind the license plate or below the rear windshield.

Once installed, you can enjoy a streamlined recording experience. The driving mode enables you to see all important information, including cardinal direction, speed, and lane departure warning. When you go in reverse, the backup camera is automatically displayed on the main screen.

AUTO-VOX X2 Backup Camera Recording Quality

In terms of recording quality, the AUTO-VOX X2 is similar to its younger brother, the TekBow Backup Camera. Both record in full HD, with 1296 x 1080p, 30fp. Both cameras are exceptional in this regard, even though TekBow comes with a larger screen of 10″.

The AUTO-VOX X2 backup camera has good 720p recording capabilities. Even if the backup camera is not as good as the front camera, it is equipped with the same advanced traits as the front camera.

Both cameras have a super large scope, are equipped with 6 lenses, come with AHD technology & infrared vision, have a distortion-free lens, and enjoy 4 Mpx recordings.

You get to enjoy real-time, clear footage with perfectly balanced exposure and brightness, both during the day and the night. Best of all, the footage has no delay whatsoever. Because this camera is wired, you won’t get to experience delay or image fluctuations, as one might experience with a wireless backup camera.

Worry-Free Reverse Assistance

This smart system from Autovox enables you to stay in full control of your ride. The rearview camera is automatically set up to power on when you go in reverse. Moreover, it automatically lowers the image so you get to enjoy a closer angle when parking.

This will keep you safe from accidents and completely eliminates any blind spots. You also get to enjoy assist guidelines for easy parking. Of course, you can also set up your own parking process manually on the screen.

The fact that the large 9.8” LCD is a touchscreen helps you quite a lot. You can control all features and set up things while driving, and without pressing any buttons.

AUTO-VOX X2 Backup Camera Quality Features

The rearview camera is IP 68 approved. This means you can use it in any type of weather, without harming it. The images will be crisp and clear, and parking will be a breeze.

A quality feature you will definitely enjoy about the AUTO-VOX X2 is the bandage installation. You can mount the unit in seconds and start using it ASAP.

Another exceptional feature of this unit is the ADAS. AUTO-VOX X2 backup camera is equipped with LDWs. The unit alerts you if it detects that you depart your lane. This feature alone is worth tens of thousands of dollars because it could save your life when falling asleep.

Three more important features are GPS, G-sensor, and parking monitor mode.

AUTO-VOX X2 Backup Camera GPS Enabled

AUTO-VOX X2 comes with GPS tracking. All the footage you record is stamped with the exact date, time, and location on the map. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy seamless recordings without having to remember where you’ve been.

If you see a nice place and you want to visit it again in years, you’ll know exactly where that footage was captured.

AUTO-VOX X2 Parking Monitor

The parking monitor is an exceptionally useful feature that many high-end cameras are not equipped with. A great alternative to AUTO-VOX X2 is BOSCAM K2, a wireless backup camera that records at a super-wide 170 degrees. However, the latter is not equipped with a parking monitor.

Thanks to this feature, X2 from Autovox protects your property when it is parked. In case a thief decides to pay you a visit, the camera will turn on automatically once it detects movement.

However, note that you need to mount the system using the hardwire kit, which needs to be purchased separately. The kit is for 5V/2A and should be able to connect the camera to your car’s power source.