Backup Cameras for Small Cars and Other Smaller Vehicles

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Rearview mirrors have been an integral part of a motor vehicle for more than 100 years. These devices can be termed as highly useful products. However, they have their own limitations. You won’t be able to see what’s directly behind your car, especially below the rear window level. Rearview mirrors don’t offer a wide-angle view as well.

The emergence of the backup camera has rectified these issues perfectly. This device makes driving extremely safe and comfortable for drivers. The Federal law clearly states that all vehicles, which weigh less than 10,000 pounds, must have a device equipped with rearview monitoring technology.

A modern backup camera for small cars meets this requirement and makes driving, reversing, and parking extremely convenient. You can come across several innovative features on the best rearview cameras available today. Refined models come with excellent night vision, high resistance to water, fog, and heat, high-quality recording, and many more.

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The Vast majority of older cars and trucks don’t come with this feature. Most old cars are equipped only with a rearview mirror. If you love your old car and want to retain it, you need to install a good backup camera system immediately.

It is not a big task to install a rearview camera on your vehicle. Several manufacturers offer different types of products to fulfill the evolving needs of a large number of vehicles. A compact and responsive rearview camera offers you great peace of mind. You can install it on your vehicle by following some simple guidelines.

When it comes to buying a backup camera for your car, you have to exercise caution. The abundance of choices can mislead you in many ways. The vital aspect is to make an informed buying decision. You need to compare different models and assess their features and benefits before making the final decision.

Here are 10 Best Backup Cameras for Small Cars :

1) Backup Camera for Small Cars By YYKJ

Dual Reverse Camera for Car, 4 Split Screen 7” Quad View Backup Monitor Kit, Waterproof Night Vision HD Backup Camera for Truck Trailer Heavy Box RV Camper Bus Backup Camera System.

Hodozzy Backup Camera 8 Inch Dual Split Screen...
  • Rear Camera Kit: The camera system is powered by...
  • 8 inch IPS LCD Car Monitor: Monitor menu can diy...
  • IP69 Waterproof Camera: Small camera uses durable...
  • Two Way Video Inputs And DVR: This backup camera...
  • Wide Application: Car review camera suit for...

YYKJ 7” Split Screen Quad Monitor backup camera system comes with a sturdy metal shell to guarantee a long lifespan. You can find several novel features on this flexible rearview camera system.

Superior Quality Cameras and User-Friendly Monitor

This YYKJ 7” split-screen backup camera for small cars is equipped with two aviation 4 pins type backup cameras. You can view the hitch, as well as, the road behind your car clearly. The cameras do not interfere with the look and function of your car.

You can find a user-friendly 7-inch split monitor on this device. The screen ratio is Screen ratio: 16:9/4:3 select. It accommodates one to four screens simultaneously. The monitor is also equipped with four channel-input and six display modes.

Excellent Night Vision and Viewing Range with Rotatable Screen

The auto IR night vision feature of this high-definition camera comes with 18 infrared lights and offers the best view when the light turns dim or dark. The viewing range of this device goes up to 30 feet.

You can expect high-resolution pictures with this YYKJ 7” split-screen backup camera, color, contrast, and brightness can be adjusted using the button or remote control. For normal or mirror display, or mounting upside down, you can rotate the image vertically or horizontally using the menu button on the remote.

User-Friendly Money Back and Replacement Schemes

YYKJ offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month replacement service package to protect your interests.


  • 7-inch split monitor
  • Excellent night vision
  • The metal shell enhances longevity
  • Rear camera with guideline
  • Waterproof and shockproof


  • The viewing angle is limited
  • Low viewing range
  • Not a wireless camera

2) VECLESUS VM1 Car Backup Camera Kit

Backup Camera Kit Car Licence Plate Backup Camera with 4.3” LCD Car Monitor, Super Night Vision, Easy Installation Wired Rear View Camera for Car/Sedan/SUV/Pick Truck/Minivan

VECLESUS VM1 1080P Wired Car Backup Camera Kit,...
  • The VM1 Veclesus backup camera system is ideal for...
  • 1.Easy to install:VECLESUS vehicle backup camera...
  • 2.Plug and Play:Two power supply modes: Powered...
  • 3.High Definition & Super Waterproof Rating - Come...

If you are on the lookout for a responsive backup camera from a trusted manufacturer, you can choose the Veclesus VM1 Car Backup Camera system. This wired camera is a good choice for old, as well as, new cars.

Safe Design and Superior Night Vision

The safe design of this backup camera for small cars adds solidity and makes driving safe. The compact monitor display does not interfere with the driving vision.

You can find a high sensitivity chip on this Veclesus backup camera model that is far superior to conventional models. The dual LED lights guarantee the best night vision in an energy-efficient way.

Excellent Waterproof Rating and Stable Signals

The 12-hour immersion test makes this product highly resistant to snow, sleet, and rain. All connectors are also perfectly waterproof treated to prevent any type of damage.

The Veclesus VM1 Car Backup Camera system is equipped with upgraded chips. You don’t need to worry about any unstable signals or transmission issues.

User-Friendly Warranty

Veclesus offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year replacement warranty program for the buyers.


  • Safe design
  • Easy installation
  • High-quality resolution
  • IP68 waterproof rating
  • Stable signal transmission


  • Not a wireless camera
  • Limited viewing angle
  • The rear camera picture doesn’t have enough contrast against the background

3) DoHonest HD 1080P Digital Wireless Backup Camera for Small Cars

HD 1080P Digital Wireless Backup Camera Kit with 5 Inch TFT Monitor for Trucks, Cars, SUVs, Vans, Campers Rear View Camera Super Night Vision.

DoHonest Wireless Backup Camera HD 1080P 5“...
  • Zero Interference - Using 2.4G digital wireless...
  • Easy to install - The long bracket license plate...
  • Good picture -The color shows the same as what you...
  • Ideal backup camera for car - The weatherproof...
  • Lifetime technical support -DoHonest offers clear...

DoHonest HD 1080P 5 Inch TFT Monitor backup camera system is a highly suitable choice for cars that are less than 50 feet. You can find the wide viewing angle of this device highly beneficial for safe driving.

Stable Images and Vivid Picture Quality

The digital wireless transmission of this camera system ensures steady images. It doesn’t allow the interference of other signals. You can come across a highly functional sensor that offers vivid picture quality.

You don’t need to bother about any color difference when you use this DoHonest HD 1080P 5 Inch TFT Monitor backup camera system. Providing a clear HD 1080P image, it harmoniously blends color saturation and contrast. The TFT Monitor offers enhanced image quality with high color performance and better contrast compared to conventional LCD.

Waterproof Camera and High-Temperature Resistance

This camera comes with a waterproof standard of IP69. The temperature resistance stays between -4F and 149F. At low light, it has a lumen rating of 0.1. You can expect exceptional performance irrespective of the weather conditions.

DoHonest offers a two-year warranty scheme for all buyers. You will also qualify for a 45-day money-back guarantee when you buy the DoHonest HD 1080P 5 Inch TFT model.


  • Minimal flickers and interference
  • The clear HD 1080P image
  • Hassle-free installation
  • High waterproof and temperature resistance
  • Good color and contrast balance


  • No recording feature
  • Night vision could have been better
  • Restricted viewing range

4) HD Digital Wireless Backup Camera System 5 Inch TFT Monitor by Dohonest

HD Digital Wireless Backup Camera System 5 Inch TFT Monitor for Trucks, Cars, SUVs, Pickups, Vans, Campers Front/Rear View Camera Super Night Vision Waterproof Easy Installation.

Do you want to make parking an effortless and risk-free process? You can buy the DoHonest HD Digital Wireless Front/Rear View backup camera system. Without making you worry about any complex wiring issues, this device offers an enjoyable and safe driving experience.

DoHonest Wireless Backup Camera Trucks: Easy Setup...
  • 5-Minute Installation, Ease of Installation: This...
  • Brand-New AHD System: V25 truck backup camera uses...
  • Stable Signal Transmission: The wireless rear view...
  • Excellent Night Vision: When driving at night or...
  • Sturdy Housing: The backup camera and monitor...

Compared to Camera Source CS-FTR-MYT42 Backup Camera, the screen size of the DoHonest HD Digital Wireless Front/Rear View backup camera is larger by 0.8 inches. However, the viewing angle of Camera Source CS-FTR-MYT42 is wider than the DoHonest HD Digital Wireless device by 20 degrees.

Multifunctional Backup Camera

You can find an intelligent switch with 5 functions on this device including on/off guidelines, flip image feature, and angle adjustment for guidelines.

Steady Signals and a High Working Range

This DoHonest backup camera for small cars works perfectly at high speed without any interference. The wireless working range goes above 600 feet in an open area.

Customer-Friendly Warranty Scheme

The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty tech support with replacement. You can also enjoy the 24-hour after-sales service.


  • The wireless design eliminates the need for cables
  • Stable signals on high speed
  • 2-year warranty tech support with replacement
  • IP69 waterproof camera
  • Super night vision


  • The viewing angle is a bit limited compared to other brands
  • Rust-protection feature is missing
  • The video resolution could have been better

5) Amtifo HD 720P Digital Wireless Backup Camera

HD 720P Digital Wireless Backup Camera System, Hitch Camera with 4.3” Monitor for Cars, Pickups, Trucks, Campers, Small RVs, Adjustable Rear/Front View, IP69 Waterproof

AMTIFO Wireless Backup Camera HD 1080P 5 Inch...
  • The back up camera systems wireless with 5 Inch...
  • Car reverse camera with digital Signal...
  • The back up cameras for cars and trucks with...
  • The wireless rear view camera is IP69 Waterproof....
  • AMTIFO W3 rear camera for truck provide 24-Hour...

The Amtifo HD 720P Digital Wireless backup camera offers a clear picture without any image distortion. You can expect stable digital transmission and excellent protective features.

Upgraded HD 720P Camera and Good Viewing Angle

The upgraded HD 720P camera on this device provides a clear picture without any interference. The digital wireless transmission guarantees steady and stable images. For meeting your unique preferences, the display contrast, color, and brightness can be adjusted.

The perfect camera angle (150 degrees) makes parking a breeze. You can find adjustable parking lines on this device. This feature adds to the convenience of the driver.

Admirable Water and Temperature Resistance

The waterproof standard of the Amtifo HD 720P Digital wireless backup camera is IP69. The temperature resistance level stands between -4F and 149F.

Beneficial Warranty Program and Tech Support

You will receive a 30-day money-back guarantee when you purchase this product. The manufacturer also offers a 2-year warranty, free tech support, and replacement service for the customers.


  • Perfect choice for any weather
  • DIY Guidelines of various adjustment forms
  • Wide view angle
  • Stable image without any interference
  • Upgraded HD 720P camera


  • The screen size is smaller compared to other brands
  • High-speed driving observation is not available for vehicles above 30 feet
  • The recording feature is missing

6) AUTO-VOX W7 Wireless Backup Camera Kit

Wireless Backup Camera Kit, 5 Inch Monitor with Stable Digital Signal Transmission from Rear View Camera. Suitable for Truck, Van, SUV, Camping Car

AUTO-VOX Wireless Backup Camera with 5" Monitor...
  • 【Worry-free Flickers & Interference 】The...
  • 【HD Natural Image With 5" Monitor】The wireless...
  • 【Vehicle Backup Camera with 2 Channel...
  • 【Easy and Time-Saving Installation】 Backup...
  • 【Ideal Backup Camera Wireless for Parking...

The AUTO-VOX W7 wireless backup camera makes use of powerful digital signals and performs efficiently over long distances. The super clear screen and adjustable parking line play a very important role in making this device immensely popular.

Enhanced Image Quality and Outstanding Night Vision

This device provides a good balance of color saturation and contrast. You can expect enhanced image quality with the TFT monitor compared to a normal LCD.

Even in a low-light environment, you can see things clearly. The outstanding night vision along with the super clear screen offers easy viewing while backing up.

Auto Displaying Parking Image

You can come across six adjustable parking lines on the AUTO-VOX W7 backup camera. This feature helps you decide how close you are to an object or obstacle. Parking becomes more accurate and safe.


  • Rearview monitor for a better viewing experience
  • Adjustable parking lines
  • 360-Degree rotational bracket
  • Installation can be done easily
  • High compatibility with different types of cars


  • Restricted view angle
  • No recording function
  • No rust-protection feature

7) AUTO-VOX CS-2 Wireless Backup Camera

Wireless Backup Camera Kit with Stable Digital Signal, 4.3’’ Monitor & Rear View Camera for Truck, Van, Camping Car, SUV

AUTO-VOX CS-2 Wireless Backup Camera with 4.3" Car...
  • Crystal HD Image & Super Night Vision: With PC1058...
  • Wireless Design for Easy Installation: You only...
  • Stable Digital Signal: The wireless backup camera...
  • Parking Safely with DIY Guidelines: The back up...
  • Waterproof Back Up Camera: Back up camera systems...

Are you searching for a backup camera for small cars with high operational efficiency and longevity? You can certainly choose the AUTO-VOX CS-2 Wireless backup camera system. This interference-free digital camera can be installed with great ease and comfort.

Steady Transmission Signal and Reasonably Wide Visible Range

You should not bother about any distorted picture or color imbalance when you mount AUTO-VOX CS-2 in your car. Stable and vivid images are what you can expect from this device.

This device catches a reasonably wide visible range with 110 degrees. Equipped with a PC1058 sensor and a 0.1 low lumen, it provides a crystal clear picture.

Adjustable Parking Lines

You can come across six parking lines on the AUTO-VOX CS-2 backup camera system. Based on your needs and preferences, you can choose the right parking line.

Best Support for Normal and Mirror Image

The CS2 rearview camera supports the mirror, as well as, normal image. To avoid blind spots, the camera can be installed on the front of your car.


  • High compatibility for a wide range of small cars
  • Build-in transmitter on camera saves a lot of space
  • Solid and secure digital signal transmission
  • Lifelike picture quality
  • Simple installation


  • The waterproof standard can be made better
  • Restricted viewing angle
  • No recording function

8) Wireless Backup Camera by Xroose

Wireless Backup Camera with 5″ Monitor for Car/Pickup/Semi Box Truck/Sedan/RV/Van/Camper Rearview License Plate HD Digital Signal Reverse Backing Up Cam Night Vision Waterproof Rear View for Reversing

Wireless Backup Camera 5" Monitor, 1080P HD...
  • ►Backup Camera, with stable signal transmitter...
  • ►Durable Design, metal material and interior...
  • ►5 inch Monitor, with magnetic mount bracket to...
  • ►Stable Signal, point to point digital signal...
  • {More Features} Cut the green wire of camera can...

Xroose Wireless Backup Camera with 5″ Monitor rearview camera is a top-quality product with innovative features and functional advantages. It makes a perfect choice if you are looking to find a backup camera for small cars.

720P High Definition Resolution and Digital Solid Wireless Signal

This device is equipped with a 720P High Definition resolution feature. Reversing becomes an easy and enjoyable process with this device. The 5 Inch Color LCD Monitor with a magnetic mount can be installed on the dashboard or windshield.

You can expect long-distance transmission up to 60 meters in an open area with this backup camera. There is no need to worry about any interference.

Excellent Waterproof and Temperature Resistance and Wide-Angle View Design

This backup camera is an IP69 level waterproof rated device that offers the best protection even during heavy rain. The temperature resistance of this product stays between -59F and 176F.

This Xroose wireless backup camera is the first one introduced in the market with 149for safety reversing. You can see the full field of vision without any dead spots.


  • Admirable weatherproof features
  • High Resolution 5 Inch Color LCD Monitor
  • Outstanding temperature resistance
  • 149˚ field of high-resolution image
  • Responsible tech support


  • The anti-rust feature is missing
  • Slight delay in showing up the video
  • The operating range is limited

9) URVOLAX-Wireless Backup Camera

Wireless Backup Camera License Plate-Monitor Kit 5 inch 1080P HD Universal Reverse-Rear View Camera IP69K Waterproof 170Wide View Angle, Digital Stable Signal, Easy Installation Fit All Cars

URVOLAX-Wireless Backup Camera License...
  • ♔No Interference-Stable Digital Signal & 1080P...
  • ♔Adjustable 170°Wide Angle Heavy Duty Back up...
  • ♔Superior CCD Sensor & 8 IR Lights make Dark...
  • ♔Wireless for Easy Installation & Flexible...

Offering powerful signal transmission, the URVOLAX-Wireless Backup Camera is an efficient reversing/driving guard with a crystal clear display. The stylish design easily catches the attraction of the people.

1080P Resolution and 170 Wide View Angle

This wonderful backup camera for small cars and other types of vehicles comes with a 1080P resolution. It ensures safe driving and reversing by providing steady and super crystal images.

The 170 wide view angle is another remarkable feature of this rearview camera. Providing the biggest image of traffic behind guarantees optimal safety. The lens can be rotated to get the most comfortable view angle.

Good Night Vision and Outstanding Protective Features

You can find built-in 8 IR Lights on this URVOLAX-Wireless Backup Camera. As the visibility gets lower, the lights turn on automatically. Reversing in the night becomes safe and comfortable.

The waterproof standard of this license plate framed rearview camera is IP69K. You don’t need to worry about extreme weather because this product stays optimally functional under a temperature between -4℉ and 158℉.


  • User-friendly monitor with several options
  • Excellent guidelines parking display
  • Admirable weather resistance
  • 170 Wide View Angle
  • 1080P Resolution and Flexible Mounting


  • The motion on the monitor seems jumpy while reversing fast
  • You can find backup cameras with better night vision
  • Not the best option for vehicles above 45 feet in length

10) BOSCAM K7 Wireless Backup Camera Kit

Backup Camera Kit with Digital Signal, Waterproof Rear-View Camera with 5″ TFT-LCD Monitor, Ideal for Sedans, Pickup Truck, SUV, Minivans

5 Inch Wireless Backup Camera Kit with Digital...
  • 【Digital Back Up Camera Systems Wireless:...
  • 【Being Simple: 5 Inch Sweet Monitor】Without...
  • 【Easier Installation: Free up Your Time】 K7...
  • 【High Compatibility: Universal Rear View...
  • 【Daytime&Nighttime Parking Support】K7 back up...

Your search for a functional and user-friendly wireless backup camera system easily ends with BOSCAM Wireless Waterproof 5″ TFT-LCD Monitor rearview camera system. This waterproof camera is suitable for most car models.

5-inch TFT-LCD Monitor and Adjustable Camera Angle

The user-friendly 5-inch TFT-LCD monitor offers five features for you to select from: namely reset, guideline, mirror/normal, B/C control, and pair. The screen has adequate detail, color, and contrast precision to distinguish objects. You can find the images on the screen readable and crystal clear.

You can adjust the camera angle 30 degrees up and down. Five sets of slides meet the anti-glare requirements.

This BOSCAM Wireless backup camera works perfectly even when the illumination is at a 0.1LUX.

The working temperature of this BOSCAM Wireless backup camera model for small cars is -4F to 149F. The waterproof standard of this device is IP68.


  • Highly suitable for most car models
  • Built-in transmitter
  • Waterproof and temperature resistant camera
  • Adjustable camera angle
  • User-friendly monitor


  • Not a good choice for a taller SUV or low-to-the-ground sedan
  • Cameras with a better waterproof rating are available
  • No recording feature is available