TOGUARD Digital Wireless Backup Camera Kit 5” LCD Backup Monitor Waterproof For Cars and Pickups

Product No Longer Available

The Toguard Digital Wireless Backup Camera Kit is considered one of the most reliable and useful backup camera kits available on the market in 2019. As a driver, you can’t but fall in love with the features and specs this device has to offer.

Let’s get straight to the point and review the Toguard Digital Wireless Backup Camera Kit.

Toguard Digital Wireless Backup Camera Kit – Screen Size

Even though other wireless backup kits such as the Emmako Digital Wireless Backup Camera and 7” Monitor System come with larger screens, the 5” screen of Toguard 1 is really useful. Thanks to the smaller size of the screen, you can successfully use this backup camera in smaller cars, such as sedans, trucks, or 4x4s.

One thing you will like about the 5” LCD monitor is that it is extremely easy to set up on your windshield or dashboard. You can power it to your cigarette lighter or connect the monitor directly to a 12V fuse box.

Installing the Device

After you set up the rearview monitor, you need to connect it to the backup camera. That is done without any effort by connecting the monitor to the wireless transmitter. The wireless transmitter connects to the backup camera and can be placed in the back of the vehicle, right below the rear windshield.

Accommodates 12-24V Vehicles

What you will definitely love about this device is that it is suitable for a wide range of vehicles. The camera’s voltage ranges from 12 to 24 Volts, so it can also accommodate vans, pickups, and RVs. You can even connect it to your trailer if necessary. We’re not even mentioning campers, boats, ATVs, or even horses or livestock. You can basically use the Toguard Digital Wireless backup camera kit on anything, both vehicles, and animal trailers. You can keep track of everything that happens outside and be in control of your possessions.

Toguard Digital Wireless Backup Camera Kit – Recording Quality

The Toguard Digital Wireless backup camera kit shines in terms of recording quality. This product works with a digital High-definition processor and a 1/4 “color CMOS sensor. It provides crisp and super high-clarity images, despite the low resolution of just 720 x 480 pixels.

The camera is equipped with no less than 8 LEDs and a super capacitive 3.0umx 3.0um sensor. The low light image compensation is fantastic. You can see all the details with precise clarity, even in super dark environments of 0.2 Lux.

As for the range of view, this backup camera from Toguard exceeds all expectations. It offers a whopping 170-degree range of view in reverse, so you can clearly see what lies behind you. Parking during low-light conditions has never been easier with this device.

Water Resistant Camera & Transmitter

Thanks to the IP69k waterproof level, the whole system (except the monitor) is water-resistant. You can set up the camera and the wireless transmitter outside of your car, near the reversing light. You can mount the camera right behind the license plate, without drilling any additional holes.

This entire system is specially designed to withstand heavy rains and snow, and also to withstand wear & tear. You can use it successfully on any type of vehicle, in any season. Plus, you get the peace of mind that you will be able to enjoy this device for a long time to come.

Extremely Reliable

The monitor turns on automatically when you engage in reverse mode. This makes it easy for you to pay attention to the road ahead. The camera is equipped with a hard metal bracket. It looks solid and feels solid in hand. Each mount has double-sided tape, which is a better alternative to the standard screws. The camera works perfectly at temperatures ranging from -4 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be used in any weather and in any place on earth, maybe except Siberia.

The Toguard Digital Wireless Backup Camera Kit

The Toguard Digital Wireless Backup Camera Kit is a highly reliable system that can solve all of your parking problems. This kit is excellent for any type of vehicle, and can even be used on animals. Enjoy the recording quality, the wide range of view, and the waterproof wireless camera & transmitter, and never worry again about parking.