Haloview BT7 RV Backup Camera Wireless

Haloview BT7  |  Full-Color Night Vision Cam  |  7″ LCD digital monitor  |  Night Vision Fill Lights  |  Image flip  |  Build in DVR  |   and more …

Modern technology has profoundly transformed the act of driving, enhancing it in multifaceted ways. Things like maps and Bluetooth radios have been a big help to both drivers and passengers.

These innovations don’t just facilitate the journey; They make driving more enjoyable for drivers and passengers. Simply put, they’ve added convenience, connectivity, and joy to our road trips.

Haloview BT7 RV Backup Camera Wireless FHD 1080P...
  • 7" LCD digital monitor, Built-in recorder. Real...
  • 10-32V wide voltage input, Support 4 wireless...
  • Low Latency: New-gen wireless technology ensures...
  • Support 4-channel composite and single-channel...
  • Full-Color Dim-Light Night Vision: Powerful image...

Haloview BT7 RV Backup Camera is a cutting-edge wireless backup camera solution explicitly tailored for recreational and other sizable vehicles.

This innovative system has been engineered to address the unique challenges and safety concerns of maneuvering and parking larger vehicles.

Haloview BT7 Details:

  • 7″ LCD digital monitor, Built-in recorder. Accurate time recording, video playback, 1080P Video Recording Resolution: Seamless recording events with 1080P@30fps FHD Resolution Lens
  • 10-32V broad voltage input, Support 4 wireless camera input,120° wide viewing angle, Wireless Line of Sight Range Up to 984 feet
  • Minimal Delay: Next-generation wireless technology guarantees reduced lag and a signal free from interference. Compatible With Multi Vehicles: Provides interference-free reception for vehicles up to 65 feet guaranteed at high speed, such as RVs, Travel trailers, trucks, Camper, Van, Pickup, tractors, Fifth Wheel, Motorhome, etc.
  • It can handle AVI signal format recording for both 4-channel composite and single-channel modes. 
  • Vivid Color Night Vision in Low-Light: Advanced image sensors provide clear, full-color images even when low lighting. 
  • Night Vision Fill Lights: They can be activated/deactivated remotely by the monitor if the ambient light is shallow
  • Video input:1080P

Additional Features:

Wireless Connectivity

The “BT” stands for Bluetooth or a similar wireless technology that sends the camera’s live video to a monitor in the vehicle. This wireless connection makes installation easier by avoiding complicated wiring.

Enhanced Visibility

The main goal of the Haloview BT7 is to help drivers see better when they’re backing up or parking. The camera at the back of the RV provides a broad view behind, helping you avoid obstacles, stay safe, and drive confidently.

Night Vision

The camera often has night vision with infrared (IR) technology. It helps you see well in dark or low-light situations, ensuring a clear view of your surroundings at night.

Weatherproof Design

The Haloview BT7 is made to handle different weather. Acknowledging the broad spectrum of weather conditions that RVs inevitably encounter, the Haloview BT7 stands as a testament to engineering excellence. 

It’s built to be tough and can work in rain, snow, or other bad weather, ensuring the camera works well. 

Installation Options

Setting up the camera and monitor can be straightforward or more intricate, depending on the model and your technical abilities. 

You can do it yourself if you’re confident, or choose professional installation for a smooth setup experience. 

Monitor Features

The system has a particular monitor to quickly put on your RV’s dashboard or another good spot. 

The size and clarity of the monitor can differ from model to model, with some having more giant, sharper screens for better viewing.

Some even let you customize parking guidelines on the monitor to help you park accurately.

Wireless Range 

The wireless range between the camera and monitor can differ between models. It is selecting a system that provides sufficient wireless range to cover your RV’s size effectively.

Additional Feature 

The Haloview BT7 RV Backup Camera system may offer additional features depending on the specific model. These could include multiple camera inputs, enabling users to monitor different angles or areas around the vehicle.

Some advanced systems may also have recording or image-capture capabilities. Users can document their journeys or incidents for future reference or insurance purposes.

As technology advances and consumer preferences evolve, the features and capabilities of backup camera systems like the Haloview BT7 may continue to expand for the most up-to-date information and specific details about a particular model. 

You should visit the manufacturer’s official website or contact them directly. Consulting customer reviews and online forums can offer valuable insights into real-world experiences with this backup camera system.

Benefits of Haloview BT7 RV Backup Camera Wireless

In specific systems, you’ll notice lines on the screen known as “dynamic parking guidelines.”

These lines serve as visual aids, delineating the intended path of the car’s movement and enhancing the driver’s ability to reverse with precision.

Car manufacturers increasingly make rearview cameras a standard safety feature in their new vehicle models. However, you don’t need to invest in a brand-new car to access this technology.

Haloview BT7

Many existing car owners are retrofitting their older vehicles with these cameras to reap numerous advantages. Rearview cameras are designed to assist in gauging the gap between your vehicle and any other vehicles or obstacles situated behind you.

Rearview cameras are designed to assist in gauging the gap between your vehicle and any other vehicles or obstacles situated behind you.

The Haloview BT7 RV Backup Camera Wireless system is a valuable addition for RV owners and drivers. Offering various compelling benefits significantly enhances the overall experience of maneuvering their vehicles.

  • Improved Safety

The primary reason for the BT7 backup camera is to augment safety, and it excels in this regard. Affording drivers an unobstructed view of the area behind their RV is indispensable when reversing, parking, or navigating in tight quarters.

With the BT7, drivers gain enhanced situational awareness, empowering them to detect obstacles, pedestrians, and other vehicles with heightened precision. This proactive safety feature is a formidable deterrent to accidents and collisions, providing invaluable peace of mind.

  • Easier Parking

Parking an RV can be intimidating, given its substantial size and the inherent limitations of the driver’s visibility from the cockpit. The BT7 wireless backup camera system comes to the rescue, simplifying the parking process.

It offers an instantaneous visual aid that guides drivers with remarkable accuracy. Including gridlines on the monitor assists in aligning the RV precisely within parking spaces, making the daunting task of parking an RV feel much more manageable.

  • Wireless Convenience

One of the standout features of the BT7 system is its wireless design, which eliminates the need for intricate and time-consuming wiring installations. This streamlined setup process saves time and reduces the likelihood of installation errors.

The wireless transmission of the video feed ensures a seamless and reliable connection between the camera and monitor, promoting hassle-free operation.

  • Customizable Installation 

Flexibility is a hallmark of the BT7 system’s installation process. Depending on the user’s preferences and technical understanding, it can be installed as a DIY project or entrusted to professional installers.

This adaptability caters to a broad spectrum of users and allows for customization based on specific needs, ensuring a setup that aligns perfectly with individual requirements.

  • Confidence

The presence of a backup camera system is a confidence booster, particularly for drivers who may be less experienced in handling larger vehicles like RVs. With the BT7 system, drivers can easily make well-informed decisions.

The result is a palpable reduction in anxiety and stress associated with parking and maneuvering, fostering a sense of mastery and control over the RV.

  • Monitoring

Some models of the BT7 system go the extra mile by offering multiple camera inputs. This advanced feature allows users to monitor different angles or areas around the RV concurrently. This gives you a complete view of everything around you, which is helpful in various driving situations, like squeezing into small parking spots.

  • Security

Advanced iterations of the BT7 system often boast recording or image-capture capabilities. This multi-faceted feature serves various purposes, from documenting memorable journeys to capturing exceptional moments. Moreover, it is an invaluable source of evidence in unfortunate accidents or security incidents, aiding in investigations and insurance claims.

  • Peace of Mind

Haloview BT7 RV Backup Camera Wireless system bequeaths the priceless gift of peace of mind to RV owners and drivers. Simplifying navigation and reducing accidents and damage empower users to savor their RV adventures with confidence and security.

It transforms the RV experience from one tinged with apprehension to an exhilarating journey characterized by assurance and tranquility. These advantages are significant, but remember that the BT7 system’s features and benefits can differ between models.

How to Install Haloview BT7 RV Backup Camera Wireless

Installing the Haloview BT7 RV Backup Camera involves several steps to ensure proper placement and connection of both the camera and the monitor. Below is a general guide for installing the system.

Materials and Tools You May Need:

  • Haloview BT7 RV Backup Camera system (camera, monitor, and accessories).
  • Screwdriver or drill with appropriate bits.
  • Wire strippers and crimping tool.
  • Electrical tape or heat shrink tubing.
  • Mounting brackets or hardware (if not included).
  • Zip ties (cable management).
  • A power source, typically the RV’s 12V DC electrical system.
Haloview BT7

Installation Process


  • Determine the best location for mounting the camera on the rear of your RV. It should provide a clear view of the area behind the vehicle. Consider factors like the camera’s angle, height, and protection from road debris.

Mount the Camera

  • Use the included mounting bracket or hardware to attach the camera to the chosen location securely. Ensure it’s positioned level and stable. Tighten the screws or bolts securely.

Connect the power

  • Connect the camera’s power wires to a suitable power source. Use wire connectors or solder the connections, and insulate them with electrical tape or heat shrink tubing.

Route the Camera Cable

  • Route the camera cable from the camera to the inside of your RV. This may involve drilling a small hole or using existing cable pathways. Secure the thread with zip ties or clamps to prevent it from dangling or getting caught.

Install the Monitor

  • Choose a suitable location for mounting the monitor inside your RV. Common locations include the dashboard or a dedicated mounting bracket. Securely attach the monitor to the chosen location.

Connect Monitor to Power

  • Connect the monitor’s power wires to your RV’s 12V DC power source. Like the camera, connect the red wire to the positive terminal and the black wire to the negative terminal. Ensure secure connections and insulate them.

Pair the Camera and Monitor

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for pairing the camera with the monitor. It typically involves turning on both devices and following a specific sequence or button press.

Test the Haloview BT7

  • Turn on your RV’s ignition or power source and test the backup camera system. Ensure that the video feed from the camera is displayed on the monitor correctly.

Camera Angle

Adjust the camera angle as needed to ensure a clear view of the rear of your RV. You may need to fine-tune the camera’s angle for optimal visibility.

Secure and Hide Wires 

  • Secure loose wires and hide them to maintain a clean and organized appearance. Be mindful of wire placement to avoid interference with other RV components.
    Conduct a final test to ensure the camera system functions correctly while driving, reversing, and parking.

Refer to the installation manual that comes with your particular Haloview BT7 RV Backup Camera system for instructions and safety guidelines. Getting a professional installer is a good idea if you find the installation tricky or involves lots of wires. They’ll make sure it’s done safely and works well.

Compare with Fookoo HD DW9T4

Drive and Reverse More Confidence with Fookoo HD DW9T4

Fookoo HD DW9T4  |  Touch Button  |  Loop Recording  |  Dual Quad Split Screen  |  Stronger Digital Wireless Signal   | and more …

Fookoo HD DW9T4 offers more confidence in driving and reversing with its 9-inch monitor compared to an ordinary 7-inch monitor. In addition, it will safely assist you in parking your RV, truck, trailer, bus, or van. It also gives cameras high-quality resolution in color and works effectively.
Several users praise the Fookoo HD9T4’s crisp, clear video and outstanding customer service. For example, using the camera system for over a year satisfied them. In addition, vehicle owners benefit from having them connected to their car’s running lights because it offers good night vision on the front and rear cameras.

Why Choose Fookoo HD DW9T4?

Fookoo HD DW9T4 has the equipment to set up a reliable wireless signal from each camera. For example, when reversing onto a campsite, it’s best to set up four cameras: two on the camper’s rear for a close-up view and one for a broader perspective. Likewise, if you set up a camera at the front of the trailer on each side, you’ll have a great view of the surroundings.
The monitor’s size lets the driver regularly view the screen while driving. The features and functionality will satisfy the vehicle owner. In addition, the superb video quality is one of the top reasons many vehicle owners choose the Fookoo HD DW9T4.
Additionally, Fookoo fulfills consumer demands. They reply to messages right away. They know the importance, worries, and enthusiasm to find solutions for each client. Their customer support line is responsive and top-notch.

Fookoo HD DW9T4 Performance

  • Connectivity

Fookoo HD DW9T4 works with cutting-edge wireless digital signal technology. Camper can enjoy driving due to its system with excellent anti-interference capabilities. The transmission range is up to 128 feet in an open space. Moreover, the image remains stable, without lag, and is clear and smooth.
  • Camera

The camera and recording system are vital when traveling or parking your vehicle. Therefore, the Fookoo HD DW9T4 monitor can capture your driving and save you in an emergency. For example, you can present the loop recording as evidence of an accident.
The driver no longer needs a guide or someone to get out of the car to help them view the road. It is an excellent device with a 170-degree camera with infrared lights. With the finest night vision, side, and rearview cameras enable you to drive safely in the dark.
  • Monitor

You can view more precisely and in-depth on a 9-inch display with a higher resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. In addition, the Split Screen monitor lets you view multiple camera images simultaneously, increasing your driving and reversing confidence and safety.
  • Installation

Fookoo HD DW9T4 installation is easy to install. Between the display and the cameras, there is no wire. However, monitors and cameras need to be wired to a 12–24V DC power supply to get power and work continuously. The monitor can first be charged using a car charger or while being connected.
The camera’s power connections are also linked. Before installing them, ensure they are both linked and functional by testing them with a temporary power supply.
  • Waterproof Camera System

Fookoo HD DW9T4 is weatherproof to IP69 standards and functions flawlessly. Also, for some suppliers, you may request a bracket adapter if you wish to apply it to a Furrion pre-wired mount. The DW9T4 possesses high and low-temperature resistance, about -4 °F to 198 °F.

Fookoo HD DW9T4 VS. Erapta A9 Backup Camera System

Installing the Erapta A9 Backup Camera System on RVs, semi-trailers, or motor homes is possible. It shares the same wide input voltage range, 12–24V DC Power, as the Fookoo HD DW9T4 device.

Sensors in backup cameras are crucial. It makes it possible for the system to get a clear image, keep track of everything around us, and avoid blind areas to have fun while driving. The Erapta A9 Backup Camera has a CCD sensor and a DVR which the Fookoo HD DW9T4 lacks.
Erapta A9 camera features a built-in DVR and an excellent recording feature. On the other hand, the Fookoo HD DW9T4 and the Erapta A9 are HD cameras with a sizable 9-inch monitor. However, the Erapta A9 lacks a 32GB slot.

Fookoo HD DW9T4 VS. Xroose WX4 Backup Cam System

In contrast to Fookoo HD DW9T4, which has a transmission range of up to 128 feet, the Xroose WX4 rear view camera with monitor can only operate within a 100-foot radius of the car. However, they both share the same IP69-rated waterproof camera system. In addition, these two have built-in 32GB SD cards.

A wireless high-resolution monitor reverse camera is easy to install. The camera on the Xroose WX4 should be powered continuously by the vehicle’s running lights, taillights, or reverse lights. The monitor is powered by a regular 12V or 24V cigarette lighter. You may avoid running cords between the camera and the screen.
Fookoo HD DW9T4

The DW9T4, which is wireless and does not require wiring to connect the monitor and cameras, operates similarly. Instead of using cables, they send images via wireless signals. But before running, they must be connected to a power source.


Is Fookoo a reliable brand?

Yes! They have over ten years of experience in the industry. A decade of expertise has improved an understanding of their client’s demands. Their development, updated firmware, and rigorous testing.
Fookoo has an average star rating of 5.0, indicating that consumers are happy with what they buy from their favorite sellers.

It means that Fookoo, a Top-Rated seller on numerous selling platforms, offers a very high-quality product.

How good is the monitor of Fookoo HD DW9T4?

It is a large 9-inch HD monitor with a monitor size of 24x16x3 (cm). It is possible to view more excellent details and clarity with 1920×1080 pixels. Also, the split screen can simultaneously display all camera images to monitor the conditions on the road behind you.

What Does a Wireless Backup Camera Mean?

Wireless technology eliminates the need for cables to transmit data between the monitor and the cameras. However, they do not begin functioning once the power connection is on.
In addition, without the hassle of installing cable throughout your car, truck, or RV, an exemplary wireless backup camera increases your visibility. It helps you avoid accidents when you’re backing up.

How strong is the signal of Fookoo HD DW9T4?

The value of parking sensors and rearview mirror cameras is evident. If you install these safety features in your car, you’ll have less of a possibility of accidentally crashing into something. In addition, they aid the motorist in pinpointing obstacles, which helps reduce collisions.

Modern signal technology eliminates the problems caused by factors such as velocity, distance, obstacles, and environmental conditions. As a result, Fookoo HD DW9T4 is perfect for your RV, trailer, etc. Thanks to its better penetrating power and signal transmission distance of up to 128 feet.

What is the Loop Recording function?

A dash camera with loop recording continually stores video by recording over previously recorded material. The camera can keep recording even if the SD card is full. For example, you won’t lose a second of your trip when you have a loop recording system on your car.

Moreover, Loop recording capability means your driving is made more secure. It includes monitoring and recording your actions. Again, whatever appears on the monitor will be stored. The first video segments will auto-erase when the memory storage is complete.

How good is the Parking facilities Assistance of Fookoo HD DW9T4?

Many would ask, “What’s the point of a backup camera?” Reverse parking cameras make it easier for drivers to park by showing them what is behind them and how close it is. The rearview cameras are a much more effective way to keep drivers from getting into accidents or backing into people or things.

Fookoo HD DW9T4 offers a Backup display with a parking line that will make parking more secure and faster. You don’t need someone to step out of the vehicle to help you see what’s going on and guide you.

Does this Fookoo backup camera have a matching casing for the Furrion?

Yes! The Furrion pre-wired mount does support the back camera, but you’ll need a camera bracket adaptor. The supplier offers the adaptor bracket for the Furrion pre-wired installation, which can order separately.

How are the cameras mounted?

You can put the camera in any desired location on the car because it comes with a bracket and screws. Although the backup camera is wireless, it needs to be connected to your car’s power supply to receive electricity.
As a car owner, installing a dash cam provides peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of and recorded.

In addition, it maintains a log of incidents that can serve as evidence in the event of an insurance claim. As a result, proper camera mounting is essential.

Can I use a camera at night?

The cameras do use LED illumination. Fookoo HD DW9T4 night camera light satisfied many car owners. They are happy that the light will automatically switch on when the ambient light level drops, allowing you to see in the dark.

Camera lights at night are so crucial. IR cameras, often known as night vision cameras, use infrared light to capture clear footage after dark. One example of a vital scenario is enhancing the driver’s reaction time and providing visibility in otherwise dark situations.

Is the camera positional in any way?

Before installation, you can adjust the camera to the ideal angle required. Additionally, you can mount them anywhere; all you need is a power supply. It is also compatible with the Furrion pre-wired mount, but you must request a bracket adaptor for the Furrion pre-wired mount.


Fookoo HD DW9T4’s superior security features, infrared night vision, crystal-clear images, and faultless recording capabilities make it an excellent choice. Of course, like any other device, you may experience several issues after installation. But, according to many reviews, customer assistance was excellent.

You can put this camera’s dependability to the test in cold, rain, and heat, and it is always so durable. The installation process is also fast and straightforward. As a result, many shops and clients recommend this product, Fookoo HD DW9T4.

Auto Vox Solar4 Wireless Backup Camera For Large Vehicles

Auto Vox Solar4  |   Wireless Backup Camera  |   Split-Screen Monitor  |  A Larger Solar Panel   |  IP69K Waterproof  |  15H Battery Life  |  and more …

Auto-Vox Solar4 RV is a wireless backup camera, meaning no wires can be seen within the connection. What makes it a good investment is it’s a solar-generated camera. Meaning, it will charge itself and do most of its job at all hours. It is great and has a large screen that will surely help the driver to maneuver around the area safely.

To fully get through what Auto-Vox Solar4 can do, we will be answering a few questions below and give you an overview of what it can offer. See the details and invest in a whole new Auto-Vox for your trucks.

What Are The Auto-Vox Main Parts?

Owners who want to assemble a few parts by themselves need to know which parts need keen attention to detail. However, it is recommended to talk with professional installers to avoid serious damage later on. Of course, there’s an easy-to-read booklet that will be a good guide for starters on how to install this backup camera. Check the following main parts below:

⦁ Antennas [2]
⦁ Camera [Mounting bracket and integrated battery for long hour drive]
⦁ Solar panel [to keep the battery charged during the day]
⦁ Bracket for the Solar Panel
⦁ 7-inch Display Monitor and its mounting bracket or frame

Solar Wireless Backup Camera with 7" Monitor...
  • 【5Mins Quick Connection, Money Saving】No need...
  • 【Rechargeable Battery Life for Long...
  • 【Strong Stable Signal for Driving & Parking...
  • 【7" Car Monitor with 1080P Clear View】Wireless...
  • 【Solar Backup Camera for Reducing Frequent...

Along with its cables and screws, one can simply assemble a backup camera in no time. Bear in mind that it is ideal to follow the instructions and avoid unnecessary problems in the long run. Technically, one has to check the whole Auto-Vox system before installing it on the trucks for a long drive, for work, or for leisure.

How Does The Camera Work?

Auto-Vox Solar4 RV has a solar-powered backup camera, IR Night Vision (as a Security Camera), and an RV Backup Camera with High Compatibility that can surely produce 1080P quality videos. Let’s dig into how these cameras work that contributes to the overall quality of the product.

Solar-Powered Backup Camera

By design, these solar-powered back cameras have larger panels that help in capturing sunlight and converting it into energy that will make the system work. It has a durable battery that can work for longer hours without any need for manual charging.

IR Night Vision

Enhanced IR Night Vision has been made possible with two powerful and capable IR LEDs which illuminate the rear-view for about 30ft. This way, the camera will work without any halo across the screen even on a full night scale.

RV Backup Camera with High Compatibility

Mount one camera in the desired area to allow it to observe obstacles and traffic, and hitch a trailer. This type of camera provides a comprehensive view of the road condition where the truck is at. With this, misjudgment and possible road accidents can be avoided.

What Other Things Can We Get From Using Auto-VOX Solar4 RV?

Ensuring that all transactions and road trips are safe, investing in a good backup camera will make things safe. Auto-VOX Solar4 RV is the leading solar backup camera that has been in the field for a little while. Along with its built-in 6600 upgraded battery capacity, having a no-reverse light option makes it one of the best solar-powered backup cameras in today’s time. It certainly works independently fitting all RV and other wired systems.

Why Do We Need A Backup Camera On Our Trucks?

Recent traffic rules and regulations have required all trucks and other vehicular modes to have a rearview or surveillance system to avoid accidents. Most of the time, backup cameras reduce the occurrence of such accidents making it more beneficial to the driver and the public as well.

Basically, a good and well-maintained backing camera system can help you in knowing what was going on from all angles. Whether you move forward or do reverse and parallel parking, these cameras can help you avoid troubles. Here are the advantages of owning one:

Provide A Safe and Secure Driving

Obviously, this is by far one of the most important advantages that make these backup cameras worth the investment. It helps avoid accidents, injuries, and fatalities. It expands your view at all angles giving support to the driver as well as to other people on the road. Moreover, it provides a clear view of those blind spots which can be a great help when lifting and reversing along a critical area on the road or on the streets.

As the name suggests, it provides support to the driver when moving forward or parallel parking. These cameras are great aids to the driver to avoid obstacles or other vehicles during their drive along the highway. Whether it’s a manual or automatic truck, the camera will work instantly providing a clear view of all angles, especially the blind spots.

At certain levels, one can prevent collisions, especially on a congested street. Bear in mind that no matter how good your driving skills are it is better to have a clear view of what was going on around the perimeter of the truck. For this reason, it is much clearer now why backup cameras are good investments. Also, one can also avoid collisions along the blind spots which can be a good thing for both the driver and other vehicles.

Cost Efficient

A rear or backup camera for trucks can be more expensive than a normal rearview camera for cars. So, why is it cost-efficient? Recent prices of this kind of camera are becoming pocket-friendly which makes it affordable at some point. Yes, the initial cost might cost a fortune but the benefits we can get enjoy throughout its lifespan are worth investing in. It is a long-term investment that will somehow help us in saving money.

Do I Really Have To Install One?

As mentioned above, installing an Auto-VOX Solar4 RV can avoid serious damages such as road accidents, collisions, fatalities, or worse death. As much as we can avoid traffic cases, one must also deal with various financial issues if these kinds of scenarios happen. The likelihood of such an event can be avoided by installing a reliable backup camera that can provide a clear view of what was going on.

In the same way, hitting a car that is behind us can be tricky. One must spend a whole lot for repairs, insurance, and other health-related bills for worse situations. Luckily, we can now avoid these things by just installing a well-working backup camera. Nevertheless, installing a solar-powered backup camera changes how we drive along a certain traffic density. 

What Makes Auto-VOX a Lot Better Than Other Well-Known Backup Cameras?

A backup camera can do other things than just aiding the drivers in their long rides. Investors and people in manufacturing companies have been in constant quest on how to make these a lot better. Most of them have a plethora of options that make one wonder how vast and helpful other camera options are. Here’s a quick overview of the other two truck cameras and how Auto-VOX is the better option:

Pioneer AVH-W4500nex is a car stereo with a camera equipped with multi-touch screen panels. A big thank you to these various screen panels for it allows you to better respond when controlling the device or by simply adjusting the colors during its function.

Furrion FOS07TASF 7” Vision S this backup camera provides a full observation kit to the driver making him aware of his surroundings. It has four connecting cameras that make up the main screen providing a clear view of all sides of the truck. It records 360-degree angles which makes the whole driving experience a safe one. These are usually the type of cameras installed in campers and trucks.

auto vox solar4

Auto-VOX Solar4 RV is a wireless solar-powered backup camera that makes it one of the most ideal ones out of the three. The panels situated at the top of the truck convert the solar energy into power that makes the camera function at all hours. Thus, it gives a very clear view of what is going on at all angles which provides great support to the driver and other vehicles along the road.

Furthermore, it is cost-efficient and can be of great help during long trips.

Owners and drivers alike have one thing in mind: to be safe and secure during a long venture on the road. Yes, accidents can be avoided but it is not only driving skills that matter but also the equipment you have to prevent them. Backup cameras are good options to avoid vehicular accidents and the like.

It provides a clear view of what was happening around your truck’s perimeter. Moreover, it can be of great help when we move forward or do parallel parking. This way, we can avoid accidents and other vehicular fatalities that might cause financial disputes when it happens. Either way, installing Auto-VOX Solar4 RV is a better option available in the market today.

The Bottomline

Vehicular accidents are inevitable. It happens unannounced and at our least expected time. All we can do is avoid it and somehow do it by simply having a device that tells us what was going on around our perimeter.

A solar wireless backup camera that will do the work for us during a long drive can be of great help. It gives us the assurance that our perimeter is safe from any form of vehicular issues for it provides a clear view of the area. Furthermore, Auto-VOX Solar4 RV provides these comforting benefits which make it a much-needed backup camera.

It has a super easy installation process without needing to drill it into the roof of the truck. It is a solar-powered one. Meaning, it charges at all hours converting these energies into power that makes the camera work. It has large screen panels to avoid issues during the maneuver. In short, it has an excellent quality component that lives up to its name.

As clear as the details above, Auto-VOX Solar4 RV can be more than just a camera for safe driving. It’s a great aid when driving and also a good recorder of what was going on around the truck. This way, one can have a safe and secure journey by having these cameras around the perimeter at all hours. 

DoHonest V23 Your High-Definition RV Backup Camera

DoHonest V23  |  Super Stable Signal  |  Super Night Vision |  IP69 Waterproof  |  Image Flip |  Multi-screen display | and more …

Are backup cameras for RVs worth it, a common question. You should be more comfortable driving your RV if it includes a backup camera. Additionally, it won’t pose as much of a threat to the nearby passersby.

If you want an upgraded signal that is incredibly dependable, the RV backup camera that comes with the DoHonest V23 is your best option. In addition, it possesses various fascinating qualities and essential attributes. As a result, most automobiles, vans, RVs, trucks, campers, and even trailers are appropriate with DoHonest V23.

RV Trailer Backup Camera Wireless 2-Cameras: Easy...
  • ★【Easy Installation】This rv backup camera...
  • ★【4 Channels RV Camera System with...
  • ★【Dual-Antenna Design with Enhanced...
  • ★【Infrared Night Vision】You can easily get...
  • ★【7 Inch Large Screen & Aluminum Shell】The...

Experts advise placing a wireless backup camera close to the driver’s side. Installing it on the driver’s side is sufficient. However, mounting it above the ground will provide a better reverse vision. Find the best spot to mount your DoHonest V23 RV backup camera for better and safe driving.

DoHonest V23 RV Backup Camera Performance

It is easy to see that the DoHonest V23 offers excellent performance as a backup camera for an RV. It is also compatible with Furrion pre-wired backup camera for RV trailers. Because of improvements in its power, transmission distance, stability, and durability, this wireless RV camera system is becoming more widely used.


The DoHonest V23 RV backup camera system includes built-in Wi-Fi. You can power monitors and cameras, and they will connect automatically. You can power the cameras through the connectors on your vehicle or trailer and Bluetooth technologies.


DoHonest V23 RV Backup Camera includes a camera and a display screen that is spotless and has adequate lighting. A wireless backup camera for trucks that comes with nine infrared lights. Additionally, the CCD sensor can display images with a resolution of up to 1080P. Because of this, one can recognize it even in low-light conditions.


The monitor is 7″ in size and can automatically set the monitor screen to turn on or off. As a result, they may desire their devices to do it automatically. Additionally, the length of the power cables for the camera is 1.5 meters, and the system’s frequency is 2.4 GHz.


The DoHonest V23 backup camera for an RV accepts videos from four channels: CH1, CH2, CH3, and CH4. If you utilize these parameters correctly, you’ll be able to switch between seeing a single image and a split.

DoHonest V23 RVs backup cameras offer setting it up couldn’t be more straightforward. The base can be detached and mounted on a flat surface or windshield. Ensure to check first the package kit. Then, check the what’s in the box page to see if the part is all included. Finally, identify any broken features and contact your supplier if necessary.

DoHonest V23

To begin the installation, select a mounting spot within the car. First, ensure it will allow your vision to be precise. Second, connect the power cable to the monitor. Then, hook up the positive and negative terminals, and the power indicator will light up. Finally, check the lights to show that the test of the screen went well.

After mounting, adjust the monitor’s angle for optimal viewing. Ensure to connect the power to the camera and the monitor. Follow the package instruction, and you may find it very easy to install.

Waterproof Camera System

DoHonest’s V23 RV backup camera enclosure is IP69K-rated for water resistance. It indicates that it is strong enough to withstand any challenge. In addition, these wireless trailer backup cameras can withstand temperatures ranging from -4 degrees Fahrenheit to 149 degrees Fahrenheit.

Reasons to Choose DoHonest V23

Always consult an expert, especially with troubleshooting backup cameras. Many people choose wireless RV backup camera versions because they are more convenient. So why not choose the V23 if you seek a wireless backup camera?

Here are the reasons to choose DoHonest V23 for your RV’s backup camera.

Using cutting-edge technology such as a new chip and a touchscreen
Digital wireless for dependable and real-time image transmission.
A high-definition (1080p) display provides a more authentic viewing experience.
Parking with Super Night Vision
The system uses four channels to support a front, back, and side perspective.
There are four options for rotating images: normal, mirror, upside down, and upside up.
Vehicle distance recording during forward and reverse motion.

DoHonest V23 RV Backup Camera VS. Xroose FY04 Backup Camera

For backup cameras on RV trailers and other vehicles, DoHonest V23 and Xroose FY04 are excellent options. Both offer sharp images with full HD digital color. Its wired backup camera distinguishes the Xroose FY04. Also, a 32GB recorder on the Xroose FY04 can keep recording for at least 40 hours.

Within 300 feet, there is no delay for high-speed observation. However, the V23 also avoids interference and has a vehicle range of up to 320 feet. Additionally, just like V23, the monitor of the Xroose FY04 brackets can be installed on the dashboard or the windshield.

In additional comparison, Xroose FY04 offers sensitive touch buttons with cutting-edge technology. Although both are user-friendly, DoHonest V23 is ideal for people who want a plug-and-play system. Finally, both are easily adjusted camera’s field of view upwards and downwards using the lens.

DoHonest V23 RV Backup Camera VS. AMTIFO A10 Monitor with 2 Wireless Rear View Cameras

The DoHonest V23 and Amtifo A10 are wireless HD 1080P. Although, the A10 is a 10-inch-wide monitor display compared to the 7-inch V23 monitor. Once again, these goods are excellent for RV trailers, and the cameras are long-lasting.

Signal transmission stability for the A10 can reach a distance of 984 feet, while the V23 can only get 320 feet. And, talking about the camera system, the Amtifo A10 monitor and DoHonest V23 include a camera system with dual or squad split-screen capability.

As a result, it displays photos from multiple cameras simultaneously. With their IP69K-rated cameras, however, both trailer cameras can endure all harsh weather conditions. In addition, the 10″ monitor is connected directly to the rear backup and license plate cameras via the reverse lights.

DoHonest V23

The images of the AMTIFO A10 monitor with two wireless rear view cameras can capture and save by the reverse camera. When the SD card is complete, the loop recording feature causes the system to overwrite the previous videos. It eliminates the need for manual removal.

Therefore, if you want a large screen that allows you to see the image’s details but can only install in surfaced mounted, AMTIFO A10 can be your option. However, if you want more options for installation, like Dashboard Mount and Surface Mount, DoHonest V23 is your perfect option.


DoHonest V23 backup camera installation: easy and durable?
  • Yes! Reviewers have reported that the DoHonest V23 is easy to install, has good video, and is durable. You can mount the monitor anywhere, on the dashboard, windshield, etc. The package kit includes simple instructions.
What are the dimensions of this item?
  • The product dimension is 1.18 x 7.09 x 4.72 inches (3 x 18 x 12 cm) with a weight of 3.94 pounds (1.77 kg).
Is there a USB power adaptor for the monitor?
  • Yes! USB powers the monitor. It has a 12V DC cigarette lighter adaptor. In case, many stores sell 120-volt adaptors.
Can another screen be added to this?
  • No. The system is capable of supporting up to four cameras. But, the DoHonest V23 backup camera system can only have a single screen simultaneously.
How long are the cameras’ power cords?
  • The camera’s power cords are 1.5m long.
How many years is the warranty?
  • DoHonest covered the warranty for two years. Remember to call or email their customer service for more details about the product warranty.
Is internet access not necessary?
  • No, internet access is not necessary. It is an entirely standalone system. It connects the cameras and the display unit with Radio Frequency (RF) transmitters and receivers. The camera transmits data from the camera to the monitor using radio waves generated by the camera. Cameras need a power source to link wirelessly to the display.
What is the optical sensor technology used for DoHonest V23?
  • A charge-coupled device, or CCD, is an image sensor that converts light into electrical charges. The elements of an image are divided into pixels using a CCD sensor. Light captured by a pixel is proportional to the strength of the electrical charges it generates. In addition, TVs, video cameras, scanners, and digital cameras all use CCDs. For example, the DoHonest V23 backup camera uses a CCD sensor for your RV.
What characteristics should the best RV backup camera have?
  • The most important consideration when selecting an RV backup camera is to ensure that it will be simple to install in your vehicle. Of course, buying a wired RV backup camera is your choice. But a wireless RV backup camera doesn’t need as much technical assistance. Ensure that you should confirm the wireless RV backup camera range. Lastly, an excellent RV backup camera design should be waterproof.
Do these features exist within DoHonest V23?
  • Yes! DoHonest V23 is a wireless backup camera for RVs. It promises simple camera installation and excellent waterproofing that can withstand demanding conditions. With all its characteristics, it is no wonder it became one of the popular backup cameras for RVs. You can ask for more assistance with its features by contacting DoHonest manufacturing. Most especially if you have problems like refunds, they have reliable customer service.


A properly maintained vehicle reduces the risk of accidents. It is at this point that car cameras start to catch on. Any car you choose will benefit from having a backup camera. You may be overwhelmed when you google for an RV backup camera near me. There are many types and stores available for backup cameras.

Remember, the features and characteristics of an excellent backup camera for your RVs are crucial. For example, the monitor’s ability to give you a clear picture of your back bumper is its primary purpose. It is because recreational vehicles (RVs) have limited visibility when using only rearview mirrors. As a result, the DoHonest V23 backup camera offers excellent images of your backup camera. Lastly, the significant rate of its waterproof system is ideal for RVs.

The bottom line is that the DoHonest V23 backup camera for RVs is reliable, durable, and worth purchasing.

Yakry Y28 Wireless Backup Camera

Yakry Y28 | Wireless backup camera | DVR Monitor | Recording Function |  Dual Antenna | 150 Degree Wide Angle Lens | and more …

Yakry Y28 wireless backup camera is one great choice if you’re looking for an easy-to-install, picture-quality, and waterproof camera system.

Yakry presents one of its finest vehicle backup cameras on the market. The Y28 unit is packed with excellent features that will really serve its purpose. This can be a perfect addition to your vehicle’s complete setup.

RV Backup Camera Wireless Recording 2 Cameras -...
1,450 Reviews
RV Backup Camera Wireless Recording 2 Cameras -...
  • ►【Newly Upgraded Dual-antenna Signal for...
  • ►【Recording Function】The wireless trailer...
  • ►【Compatible with Furrion Pre-wired RVs】With...
  • ►【HD 1080P Monitor with 4-channel & Split...
  • ►【Super Night Vision and High-definition 1080P...

So, let’s know more about the Yakry Y28 wireless backup camera and why it’s the best choice for your vehicle.

​At a glance:

                                               Screen Size:   7 inches
                                               Display Technology:   LCD
                                               Video Resolution:   1080p
                                               Installation Type:   Dashboard mount or Surface mount
                                               Real View Angle:   150 degrees
                                               Voltage:   12 volts
                                               Weight:   4.24 lbs
                                               Type:   Rearview camera
                                               Compatible Vehicle Make:   AC


Yakry Y28 features the latest and upgraded dual-antenna digital signal. It has a wireless Bluetooth backup camera system featuring unique and dedicated digital signals, chips, and a dual antenna. What’s more interesting about this backup camera is the signal can reach as far as 360 feet in an open area and work on a vehicle under 220 feet.


This model is a camera with an excellent recording function. You can connect this backup camera on either reverse only or for constant and advanced monitoring. Also, you can connect this backup camera to a 12 to 36 volts power source.


This wireless trailer camera system can accommodate 4 cameras on the monitor. You can possibly add a license plate camera or a travel trailer camera to this wireless rearview camera system.

DIY Backup Lines

You can switch on or off the guidelines wireless rearview mirror camera. You can easily adjust its width and height, depending on the setup you prefer. According to your needs, you can adjust it left or right with 150-degree angle lenses and IR night vision.

Ease of Installation of Yakry Y28

It comes with a bracket adapter pigtail wire plug that’s compatible with Furrion’s pre-wired bracket and power outlet. Once installed, the Yakry Y28 provides clarity and image stability without intercession.

Two-Year Warranty and Tech Support Guarantee

You can attach this wireless backup camera system to the dash using the suction cup accessory. In fact, you can request the suction cup accessory from their customer service free of charge. Yakry ensures to provide excellent technical support and warranty to their customers.

Main Features

What makes Yakry Y28 a good buy? Here are the main features:

– Four-channel support

Yakry Y28 wireless backup camera system supports full screen, split-screen, and quad screen for easy driving, navigation, and high-speed observation.

– High Definition Monitor

Y28’s touch button monitor features 1080p for a clearer view.

– Recording Function

You can insert an SD memory card, and the recording functions work. You can easily review footage when needed.

– HD 1080p Resolution

This camera system features HD 1080p resolution. This will provide you with a clear and comfortable vision – even at night.

– IP69K Waterproof Camera System

The camera is high-end – made of IP69K Waterproof, suitable for everyday use even on rainy days.

– Stable Wireless Signal

This camera system signal works effectively and efficiently within the range of 220 feet to 360 feet (on wider areas). This system is very much compatible with cars, RVs, motorhomes, trailers, pickups, campers, 5th wheels, and vans.

– Backup Lines Options

It allows image flip, and you can switch guide lines on/off with the menu. You can turn on or off the backup lines.


● Yakry Y28 can provide the power adapter according to your needs.
● 7-inch monitor for a wider view
● Dual cameras provide advanced blind spot elimination.
● You can wire the cameras for constant monitoring or backup purposes.
● It comes with a user manual and access to the installation video on YouTube.


● The back cameras may sometimes be laggy in certain circumstances.

Verdict Yakry Y28

This Yakry Y28 wireless backup camera is a highly recommended camera system. The quality of the component is outstanding – especially the mounts and casing. The camera comes with a long cord, which is very useful for mounting it. The camera is excellent, and the night vision is also great.

The only drawback you may find in this camera system is the back camera might be laggy in certain situations. But, all in all, this is worth the purchase. There are a lot of settings you can choose from. You can set up different orientations in camera views and can simply add backup lines as you wish.

There is a wide variety of generic backup cameras available from Yakry, but wherever they source their products, they have the best value ratio. The Y28 is a high-end camera that’s compatible with Furrion’s pre-wired trailers. It features two cameras that can provide infrared vision, and a wide 150-degree field of view, making it ideal for night vision.

If you want the best backup camera that can be mounted behind the rear windscreen of a car, truck, or SUV, then the Y28 is for you. It features two rear views that are almost 180 degrees wide.

What are the main Futures of Yakry Y28

The main feature of this backup camera is a seven-inch, non-touchscreen with a built-in HD display. It has built-in backup guidelines, and it can record up to 70 hours of continuous audio. The cameras also have a built-in 220-foot range, which means they can connect to the device using Bluetooth.

The Y28 can be powered either by a 9V battery or by a standard plug. It can also be equipped with a no-drill installation. The cameras have a good 89% positive review rating from over a thousand users, and some of these are from previous versions.

Warranty and Customer Service

Yakry’s parent company Shenzhenshi also sells similar products under DoHonest, iStrong, and Vanfare brands (we found) has no visible presence or customer service in North America.

Actually, the only contact information available is within the instructions manual, although we found an email that seems like its YouTube channel. So, we asked for a copy of the user’s manual, but five days later, the customer service responded by asking for the order number.

With Yakry, every customer is guaranteed a two-year warranty and technical support, which is great! Also, you can request some free accessories for various fitments free of charge, which is impressive (marketing-wise)!

Yakry Y28 Wireless Backup Camera vs. Douxury 4K Backup Camera System

Yakry and Douxury both provide the clear view that every car owner and driver would need for smooth driving and parking experience. However, both brands have distinct characteristics that make them stand out from the other.

Yakry Y28 and Douxury 4K both possess good qualities as backup cameras. But, if screen size matters to you, then Douxury 4K offers a wider screen with a 10.36-inches AHD monitor.

When it comes to the installation, you may find the Yakry Y28 a lot easier to work on compared to Douxury 4K. Besides, Y28 is compatible with Furrion’s pre-wired bracket, which Douxury doesn’t.

Another thing is the warranty and technical support. Vehicle owners can have peace of mind with a guaranteed two-year warranty from Yakry. Though I know (based on research) that Douxury offers warranty and customer service, it can’t surpass the level of support Yakry gives to its customers.


1. How long is Yakry Y28’s record time?

Yakry Y28 can record up to 50 hours using a single camera, but two cameras can record up o 70 hours at the same time. In most cases, two cameras can record simultaneously, sometimes a single record of about 60 hours.

2. Is there a speaker unit for Yakry Y28?

There’s no speaker unit for this model. You can only use this as a parking and driving guide. You can rely on its functional features.

3. What is the monitor dimension without mounts?

The length of Y28 is 7.08 inches, and the height is 4.5 inches. As for the thickness, it is about 2 centimeters.

4. Is Yakry a good brand?

Yes. Yakry is a trusted and reputable brand promoting quality backup cameras. There are many good reviews online – especially from a well-known marketplace worldwide. In fact, Yakry not only offers the Y28 but there are also other good backup camera systems available, depending on your needs.

5. What types of vehicles does Yakry Y28 compatible with?

Y28 is very much compatible with different types of vehicles – including motorhomes, campers, vans, RVs, pickups, trailers, and 5th wheels.

6. Can the backup camera be battery-powered?

Yes. Y28 backup cameras can be powered by batteries or other 12 volts power supply. But, you may need to purchase the batteries yourself as it does not come with the package inclusions.

7. Are there directions for installation?

Yes. The package includes a user manual. The instructions are easy to understand, and you can install the backup camera pretty easily.

8. Can I put one camera each on the front and back of the car?

Yes, you can put one camera each on both sides. However, it is advisable not to set up this way if you are going to install the camera on a 30 feet trailer truck as you may lose your signal – especially at freeway speeds.


When looking for an excellent and high-quality backup camera for your vehicles, you need to sort the best among the rest. Opt for the one that suits your car’s make, your needs, and your preference.

If you want the nicest features in one backup camera, then Yakry Y28 can be your best option. All the main features and its functions are really worth its price. Ensure your safety by having a clear view of the different angles. And avoid accidents by eliminating the blind spots.