Yakry Y28 Wireless Backup Camera

Yakry Y28 | Wireless backup camera | DVR Monitor | Recording Function |  Dual Antenna | 150 Degree Wide Angle Lens | and more …

Yakry Y28 wireless backup camera is one great choice if you’re looking for an easy-to-install, picture-quality, and waterproof camera system.

Yakry presents one of its finest vehicle backup cameras on the market. The Y28 unit is packed with excellent features that will really serve its purpose. This can be a perfect addition to your vehicle’s complete setup.

RV Backup Camera Wireless HD 1080P 2 Wireless Rear...
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RV Backup Camera Wireless HD 1080P 2 Wireless Rear...
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So, let’s know more about the Yakry Y28 wireless backup camera and why it’s the best choice for your vehicle.

​At a glance:

                                               Screen Size:   7 inches
                                               Display Technology:   LCD
                                               Video Resolution:   1080p
                                               Installation Type:   Dashboard mount or Surface mount
                                               Real View Angle:   150 degrees
                                               Voltage:   12 volts
                                               Weight:   4.24 lbs
                                               Type:   Rearview camera
                                               Compatible Vehicle Make:   AC


Yakry Y28 features the latest and upgraded dual-antenna digital signal. It has a wireless Bluetooth backup camera system featuring unique and dedicated digital signals, chips, and a dual antenna. What’s more interesting about this backup camera is the signal can reach as far as 360 feet in an open area and work on a vehicle under 220 feet.


This model is a camera with an excellent recording function. You can connect this backup camera on either reverse only or for constant and advanced monitoring. Also, you can connect this backup camera to a 12 to 36 volts power source.


This wireless trailer camera system can accommodate 4 cameras on the monitor. You can possibly add a license plate camera or a travel trailer camera to this wireless rearview camera system.

DIY Backup Lines

You can switch on or off the guidelines wireless rearview mirror camera. You can easily adjust its width and height, depending on the setup you prefer. According to your needs, you can adjust it left or right with 150-degree angle lenses and IR night vision.

Ease of Installation of Yakry Y28

It comes with a bracket adapter pigtail wire plug that’s compatible with Furrion’s pre-wired bracket and power outlet. Once installed, the Yakry Y28 provides clarity and image stability without intercession.

Two-Year Warranty and Tech Support Guarantee

You can attach this wireless backup camera system to the dash using the suction cup accessory. In fact, you can request the suction cup accessory from their customer service free of charge. Yakry ensures to provide excellent technical support and warranty to their customers.

Main Features

What makes Yakry Y28 a good buy? Here are the main features:

– Four-channel support

Yakry Y28 wireless backup camera system supports full screen, split-screen, and quad screen for easy driving, navigation, and high-speed observation.

– High Definition Monitor

Y28’s touch button monitor features 1080p for a clearer view.

– Recording Function

You can insert an SD memory card, and the recording functions work. You can easily review footage when needed.

– HD 1080p Resolution

This camera system features HD 1080p resolution. This will provide you with a clear and comfortable vision – even at night.

– IP69K Waterproof Camera System

The camera is high-end – made of IP69K Waterproof, suitable for everyday use even on rainy days.

– Stable Wireless Signal

This camera system signal works effectively and efficiently within the range of 220 feet to 360 feet (on wider areas). This system is very much compatible with cars, RVs, motorhomes, trailers, pickups, campers, 5th wheels, and vans.

– Backup Lines Options

It allows image flip, and you can switch guide lines on/off with the menu. You can turn on or off the backup lines.


● Yakry Y28 can provide the power adapter according to your needs.
● 7-inch monitor for a wider view
● Dual cameras provide advanced blind spot elimination.
● You can wire the cameras for constant monitoring or backup purposes.
● It comes with a user manual and access to the installation video on YouTube.


● The back cameras may sometimes be laggy in certain circumstances.

Verdict Yakry Y28

This Yakry Y28 wireless backup camera is a highly recommended camera system. The quality of the component is outstanding – especially the mounts and casing. The camera comes with a long cord, which is very useful for mounting it. The camera is excellent, and the night vision is also great.

The only drawback you may find in this camera system is the back camera might be laggy in certain situations. But, all in all, this is worth the purchase. There are a lot of settings you can choose from. You can set up different orientations in camera views and can simply add backup lines as you wish.

There is a wide variety of generic backup cameras available from Yakry, but wherever they source their products, they have the best value ratio. The Y28 is a high-end camera that’s compatible with Furrion’s pre-wired trailers. It features two cameras that can provide infrared vision, and a wide 150-degree field of view, making it ideal for night vision.

If you want the best backup camera that can be mounted behind the rear windscreen of a car, truck, or SUV, then the Y28 is for you. It features two rear views that are almost 180 degrees wide.

What are the main Futures of Yakry Y28

The main feature of this backup camera is a seven-inch, non-touchscreen with a built-in HD display. It has built-in backup guidelines, and it can record up to 70 hours of continuous audio. The cameras also have a built-in 220-foot range, which means they can connect to the device using Bluetooth.

The Y28 can be powered either by a 9V battery or by a standard plug. It can also be equipped with a no-drill installation. The cameras have a good 89% positive review rating from over a thousand users, and some of these are from previous versions.

Warranty and Customer Service

Yakry’s parent company Shenzhenshi also sells similar products under DoHonest, iStrong, and Vanfare brands (we found) has no visible presence or customer service in North America.

Actually, the only contact information available is within the instructions manual, although we found an email that seems like its YouTube channel. So, we asked for a copy of the user’s manual, but five days later, the customer service responded by asking for the order number.

With Yakry, every customer is guaranteed a two-year warranty and technical support, which is great! Also, you can request some free accessories for various fitments free of charge, which is impressive (marketing-wise)!

Yakry Y28 Wireless Backup Camera vs. Douxury 4K Backup Camera System

Yakry and Douxury both provide the clear view that every car owner and driver would need for smooth driving and parking experience. However, both brands have distinct characteristics that make them stand out from the other.

Yakry Y28 and Douxury 4K both possess good qualities as backup cameras. But, if screen size matters to you, then Douxury 4K offers a wider screen with a 10.36-inches AHD monitor.

When it comes to the installation, you may find the Yakry Y28 a lot easier to work on compared to Douxury 4K. Besides, Y28 is compatible with Furrion’s pre-wired bracket, which Douxury doesn’t.

Another thing is the warranty and technical support. Vehicle owners can have peace of mind with a guaranteed two-year warranty from Yakry. Though I know (based on research) that Douxury offers warranty and customer service, it can’t surpass the level of support Yakry gives to its customers.


1. How long is Yakry Y28’s record time?

Yakry Y28 can record up to 50 hours using a single camera, but two cameras can record up o 70 hours at the same time. In most cases, two cameras can record simultaneously, sometimes a single record of about 60 hours.

2. Is there a speaker unit for Yakry Y28?

There’s no speaker unit for this model. You can only use this as a parking and driving guide. You can rely on its functional features.

3. What is the monitor dimension without mounts?

The length of Y28 is 7.08 inches, and the height is 4.5 inches. As for the thickness, it is about 2 centimeters.

4. Is Yakry a good brand?

Yes. Yakry is a trusted and reputable brand promoting quality backup cameras. There are many good reviews online – especially from a well-known marketplace worldwide. In fact, Yakry not only offers the Y28 but there are also other good backup camera systems available, depending on your needs.

5. What types of vehicles does Yakry Y28 compatible with?

Y28 is very much compatible with different types of vehicles – including motorhomes, campers, vans, RVs, pickups, trailers, and 5th wheels.

6. Can the backup camera be battery-powered?

Yes. Y28 backup cameras can be powered by batteries or other 12 volts power supply. But, you may need to purchase the batteries yourself as it does not come with the package inclusions.

7. Are there directions for installation?

Yes. The package includes a user manual. The instructions are easy to understand, and you can install the backup camera pretty easily.

8. Can I put one camera each on the front and back of the car?

Yes, you can put one camera each on both sides. However, it is advisable not to set up this way if you are going to install the camera on a 30 feet trailer truck as you may lose your signal – especially at freeway speeds.


When looking for an excellent and high-quality backup camera for your vehicles, you need to sort the best among the rest. Opt for the one that suits your car’s make, your needs, and your preference.

If you want the nicest features in one backup camera, then Yakry Y28 can be your best option. All the main features and its functions are really worth its price. Ensure your safety by having a clear view of the different angles. And avoid accidents by eliminating the blind spots.

Amtifo Wireless Backup Camera Digital

Amtifo Wireless Backup Camera | AMTIFO A8 HD 1080P | Wireless Backup Camera with 7 Inch DVR Monitor | Latest Digital Signal | 4CH 1080P Monitor | Waterproof and weather resistant | and more …

The Amtifo Digital Wireless Backup Camera is a modern device that allows drivers to keep a close eye in the rear, especially when parking their vehicles. This backup camera was already released by more than 15 months, back in September 2018. However, it continues to impress drivers from all over the globe.

This is a full HD wireless backup camera system that is equipped with a vast array of features. It comes with a large 7” monitor that displays crisp & clear images, guidelines, 4 channels, superior night vision, and a waterproof camera.

RV Backup Camera Wireless HD 1080P 7'' Split...
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RV Backup Camera Wireless HD 1080P 7'' Split...
  • ►【Latest Digital Signal】RV backup camera...
  • ►【4CH 1080P Monitor】The back up camera...
  • ► Trailer backup camera with super large HD...
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  • ►【Quality Guarantee】AMTIFO A8 Security...

Amtifo also includes a replaceable bracket and is super easy to set up.

Thanks to the image flip mode, you can choose your favorite way to view the recording. Moreover, because it includes a wireless adapter, you don’t need to worry about running cables in your car, trailer, or RV.

In this Amtifo backup camera review, we’ll take a closer look at all of the features and benefits of this camera system. Let’s start with the looks.

Amtifo Wireless Backup Camera – Aspect

This backup camera system looks similar to most other backup systems released back in 2018 and at the beginning of 2019. It has the same black matte finish and camera design as Yakry digital wireless 2 backup camera or Yuesem 2nd 1080p.

The housing material is ABS, so it might not last so long in time. Even if it lacks the design of modern backup mirror cameras that clamp over your rearview mirror and come with a screen size of over 12”, Amtifo meets all CE, FCC, RoHS, IP6X, and UL standards and will provide you with exceptional recordings for many years to come.

Setting It Up

Installing this backup camera system is as easy as pie. All you need to do is to set up the monitor, connect it to a continuous power supply and then pair it with the backup camera wirelessly.

You can mount the monitor on your dashboard using two methods: bracket + 3M adhesive and fan-shaped base +3M adhesive. Because the camera bracket is flexible, you’ll be able to adjust it in any way you see fit.

Next, mount the camera in the rear and connect it to the tail light. Once both devices are powered, enter the settings menu and pair the monitor with the camera.

If you need some extras, you can request a pigtail wire plug and a bracket adapter, together with a Furrion pre-wired power outlet.

Stable Signal at a Long Distance

One of the best aspects of this modern device is the super long wireless signal. The upgraded wireless signal can reach a whopping 984 feet range in open space and 60 feet in vehicles.

Considering that you can mount up to 4 cameras to the system, it makes it super easy for you to keep a close eye on your family or kids. You can successfully use this system similar to CCTV cameras to see what your kids are doing in the backyard or in front of your RV.

You can easily place four cameras in four corners of your home or on your RV and get a 360-degree view of everything that is happening outside.

Amtifo Wireless Backup Camera and Super Large Monitor

The 7” monitor is quite impressive. The full HD screen chip and the IPS panel ensure that you can perfectly see the image with no glare, blurring, or reflection.

Thanks to the auto-dimming feature, you don’t have to worry about setting the brightness level during dusk and early morning. The screen automatically increases brightness in the morning and decreases it at dusk.

Thanks to the full HD screen, you’ll be able to clearly see the footage recorded by the cameras. Even if you split the screen into 4, you’ll still be able to enjoy flawless recordings.

The screen is also equipped with a panel that protects the image from powerful sun rays. Thus, you’ll be able to clearly see the image, even during the hot summer days.

Professional Camera

When you order the Amtifo Wireless Backup Camera, you’ll get a powerful camera that is extremely reliable in any weather. The device is highly durable and covered in high-end metal sheets.

This camera is waterproof, dustproof, and rustproof. It also withstands a wide range of temperatures, from -10 Fahrenheit to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. It comes with good heat dissipation performance, so it can perfectly record and send the image even at very high temperatures or when lying in the scorching sun.

The camera has a viewing angle of 150 degrees, which is quite good. If you use 3 cameras, you can get to a whopping 450 degrees, which is way more than you need to cover all the angles around you.

Because you can add up to four cameras, you can purchase additional cameras and connect them to the main unit. This camera is equipped with 16 IR lights. This means it can easily record in a pitch-black environment. You will be able to park with ease and notice any object on the ground.

This feature is quite useful when going on trips with your RV, as it keeps your vehicle safe and allows you to save time when parking.

Perfect for Many Vehicle Types

This backup camera system from Amtifo is excellent for a lot of vehicles. It is compatible with RVs, buses, trucks, 4×4, trailers, campers, motorhomes, and even sedans.

Inside the unit, you’ll gain a 32GB card already pre-installed. You can use it to store the recordings. The camera is quite heavy, which is a clear sign that it is built to last.

To give you peace of mind, the manufacturer offers a 3-years extended warranty period. During this time, you can contact them at any time during the day or night and they will tell you how to proceed next in order to get your camera fixed.

For vehicles longer than 60 feet, the system is only reliable at low speeds or when backing. Otherwise, if your vehicle has under 60 feet, you can successfully use this backup camera system even when you’re driving on the interstate at over 100 mph.

Amtifo Wireless Backup Camera Technical Support

All support and services via email at: elinawei0621@outlook.com

Yeddy Dual Backup Camera With Monitor Kit System

Dual Backup Camera | 170° wide viewing angle camera | 7″ monitor with super large HD(800*480) screen | IP68 &18 Infrared Lights | and more

Even though it is not as famous as other backup camera models, the Yeddy dual backup camera is growing in popularity day by day. The YD-1-2 model is an advanced, upgraded backup camera that offers peace of mind to truck drivers and RV drivers worldwide.

This new model released in October 2018 weighs 6.3 pounds and comes with the following dimensions: 11 x 7.9 x 6.8 inches. It is equipped with a large 7” HD TFT screen, 2 unique waterproof cameras, and a 20-meters extension cable.

RV Backup Camera and Monitor Kit(12-24V) 7inch HD...
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RV Backup Camera and Monitor Kit(12-24V) 7inch HD...
  • 【Upgraded 170° wide viewing angle...
  • 【7" HD Digital Color Monitor】7" monitor with...
  • 【Designed For Lots of Vehicles】There are 2...
  • 【IP68 &18 Infrared Lights】 International...
  • 【Customer Service】All product will be offered...

The whole system is perfectly designed to work for long vehicles such as busses, trailers, trucks, campers, 5th wheel, or even large industrial vehicles.

Thanks to the ultra-large view of 170 degrees, you can get a complete picture of the road behind and sideways. You can mount both cameras sideways to capture a full spectrum of 340 degrees.

Thanks to the ultra-large view of 170 degrees, you can get a complete picture of the road behind and sideways. You can mount both cameras sideways to capture a full spectrum of 340 degrees.

Yeddy Dual Backup Camera – High Quality Screen

One of the strongest aspects of this unit is the large 7” HD monitor. The screen has 800×480 pixels and 480 TV lines, providing you a better image clarity than the standard backup camera systems. One of the few similar systems that enjoy a better screen resolution is the well-famed Haloview MC7108, which boasts a 1024×600 full HD resolution and an IPS panel.

Nevertheless, the dual backup camera by Yeddy does an excellent job of providing you with sharp images. The monitor has 2 video inputs and is set up to turn on automatically when you are backing.

Amazing Recording

The monitor offers you high-quality images, but one important factor for that is the cameras, which both have 6-layered glass lenses. The CCD image sensor, 1/3 CCD chip, and 18 infrared lights make the cameras a true force of nature.

Speaking of nature, the cameras of the dual backup camera by Yeddy are both waterproof, with the IP68 international standard. They will work no matter the conditions outside and will be stick to your truck regardless of how windy or stormy the weather is.

In terms of recording range, you can set up the cameras as you seem fit. You can place one in the rear and one in front, to get a total of 340 degrees, or you can mount them sideways to get a full spectrum of footage in the rear and sideways.

However, remember that you need to connect the cameras to the reversing or front light for them to work. The whole setup process might seem tedious, but it’s doable, especially as you have the full support of the manufacturer and you have set up instructions in the box.

Yeddy Dual Backup Camera – Extras

Two extra pieces of equipment you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find in the box are the 20 meters aviation extension cable with 4 pins and the remote control. The cable allows you to mount the cameras in very long vehicles without losing the signal.

On the other hand, the remote control is excellent for controlling the camera if you are not behind the wheel. You can turn it on and off or switch the channel while staying outside and relaxing at the gas station.

Note that the monitor can only display one camera recording at a time. You can switch between cameras by pressing a button on the monitor, or on the remote.

Very Easy to Set Up

The dual backup camera by Yeddy comes with everything you need in order to properly set it up on any vehicle. The package contains the 2 cameras, the monitor, a bracket, a sticker, sun-shade, power cord, video cable, and several accessories.

In case you don’t seem to understand how to mount the unit, you can always call customer support from Yeddy. They provide you with quick support on how to set up the unit.

Moreover, they also give you 30 days to try the backup camera system. If you are not satisfied, they give you a full refund. The customer service from Yeddy deserves 5-stars, especially as they are just at their inception and are trying to prove themselves in this highly competitive market.

Night Recording Capabilities

The Yeddy dual backup camera is equipped with 2 high-end cameras. Each of these cameras is equipped with 18 infrared lights. This ensures that you get the highest possible recording quality in low-light environments. Backing up or parking your truck during the dark is now easier than ever.

Remember to switch between cameras when parking to become aware of any hidden obstacle. Especially in low light environments, you might miss important details if you are not focused enough. The cameras do their job, but it is your responsibility to ensure you are parking in a risk-free zone.

The Bottom Line

All in all, the Yeddy model YD-1-2 is a high-end backup camera that records flawlessly night and day. It can capture a total of 340 degrees of footage and has really good display quality. You can use it on any large vehicle, even on a yacht, thanks to the extended aviation cable.

ZSMJ Digital Wireless Backup Camera Waterproof Night Vision

ZSMJ digital wireless backup camera | The monitor has split-screen ability | 4-way video Input CH1/CH2/CH3/CH4 | This digital wireless backup camera designed with 16 infrared light and CCD sensor | You can still watch 50 feet vision even in a dark environment | and more …

ZSMJ digital wireless backup camera is a standard, modern digital camera that works perfectly for vehicles under 70 feet. This unit offers open field transmissions of over 450 feet and works flawlessly for trucks, buses, RVs, or pickups as long as 80 feet in length.

Thanks to the incorporated digital signal transmission, you can enjoy wireless recordings without having to install any type of cable inside your vehicle. At the same time, you can use it on an open field to supervise an activity done by your employees or to keep a close eye on your kids.

RV Backup Camera Wireless HD 1080P with 7‘’...
1,777 Reviews
RV Backup Camera Wireless HD 1080P with 7‘’...
  • ►Upgraded wireless backup camera for RV – With...
  • ►Four way video inputs: – Wireless backup...
  • ►Quick & simple setup –The transmitter is...
  • ►Super night vision – Outdated trailer backup...
  • ►Two years warranty – The reverse camera is...

The screen of this unit is full HD, similar to the screen offered by Fookoo FHD1. Both cameras enable you to enjoy full HD quality and to view any details to perfection. In this ZSMJ backup camera review, we will take a closer look at the top features and specs of this unit.

We will also try to help you determine if this unit would make a good buy for you in 2019 or you should look for other top backup cameras available in 2019.

ZSMJ Digital Wireless Backup Camera Overview

The camera from ZSMJ is a dual-channel backup system with a 7” large monitor. It offers clear recordings, both during the day and night. At night, its 24 LED IR sensors work to offer you flawless recordings.

The monitor comes with 3 unique mounts, so you can easily install the system on the windshield, dash, or on a fixed position. ZSMJ backup camera is 100% safe to use and complies with all CE/FCC/UL/RoHS standards. It also complies with IK69 weatherproof standards.

The effective resolution of the screen is 800 TV lines. The lens viewing angle is 150 degrees, and the power range is 12V-24V.

ZSMJ – Design & Installation

The ZSMJ digital wireless backup camera does not really stand out of the crowd in terms of design. It looks fairly stable and can easily complement any interior design. The all-black finish could work in any setting and is very good at night. People from outside the vehicle won’t be able to see that you are recording them.

In terms of installation, this camera comes with all the tools & extensions needed for flawless installation. It even has an extra antenna with 12 feet cable extension and a magnet base for enhancing the signal. Thus, you can use it for long trucks.

What you will love about this unit is that it is one of the few backup cameras on the market to work for vehicles up to 80 feet in length. Most other backup cameras do not work for vehicles longer than 50 feet.

With ZSMJ wireless backup system, you can enjoy a stable signal even if you use it on extra-long trucks of 75-80 feet.

 Recording Quality

ZSMJ’s camera can record anything behind your truck at a wide range of 150 degrees. If you need more, you can try out the Coolwoo dual backup camera. This amazing unit from Coolwoo offers you an extended 175 degrees of viewing angle. If you use both cameras at the same time, you get 350 degrees of vision.

That’s almost 360 degrees. Coolwoo is the best when it comes to recording quality and field of view, there is no doubt about that.

Nevertheless, ZSMJ digital wireless backup system has its own strong points too. The image is quite good during the day and exceptional during the night. The 24 IR sensors kick in, offering improved contrast and enhanced brightness.

The 6 lens and advanced image processor tune the image and make it better, especially during hot days.

ZSMJ Digital Wireless Backup Camera – Double Channel

This backup camera released in July 2018 is equipped with a modern monitor that lets you use the dual channel feature. You get two separate channels, so you can use the camera both as a front view or rear view camera.

Thanks to the dual-channel, you can easily install another camera and see both cameras on the screen. However, note that ZSMJ wireless backup system comes in the package with just one camera.

 Super Stable Signal

One of the strongest points about this backup camera is the super stable signal. Its wireless signal gives you flawless connection, with zero interferences, flickers, or loss of signal. It works perfectly for vehicles up to 80 feet in length.

You get to enjoy very good signals even when driving on the interstate, with more than 70 mph. For more than 70 mph, you may experience a loss of signal and flickers, especially if you are driving a long vehicle.

ZSMJ Digital Wireless Backup Camera – Guide Lines

ZSMJ backup camera enables you to enjoy several types of guide lines. You can turn them on and off, or use mirror/rear-facing lines.

These guide lines are extremely helpful when parking, especially during the night.

ZSMJ Digital Wireless Backup Camera – Conclusion

Whether you want to use it on a long vehicle or on a shorter one, the ZSMJ backup camera system works exceptionally well to keep you safe and enable you to park easily. You can also use it successfully to record events outside your camper, keep a close look at your kids in the backyard or even protect your property from intruders.

Coolwoo Dual Backup Camera and Monitor Kit

Dual Cameras Scope | Almost full 360 degrees | 175°wide angle visual scope | IP68 Waterproof | 7″ Super HD Color Monitor | 7″ Super HD Color Monitor | and more…

The Coolwoo dual backup camera is a modern, affordable, and extremely easy to install backup camera. This device is a great choice in 2019 for drivers who prefer new, smaller designs versus older styles.

Needless to say, the Coolwoo dual backup camera has received several improvements over the old version. The new version released in January 2018 is smaller, looks more appealing, and offers better recording capabilities.

Dual Backup Cameras and Monitor Kit Wired for Van,...
187 Reviews
Dual Backup Cameras and Monitor Kit Wired for Van,...
  • 【Dual Cameras Scope】Dual wide angle backup...
  • 【Upgraded 175° wide angle backup camera】This...
  • 【IP68 Waterproof】Designed with fully sealed...
  • 【7" Super HD Color Monitor】800*480 high...
  • 【Flexible Vehicle Comatability】There are 2...

The new Coolwoo backup camera from 2018 has no less than 8 infrared LEDs, coupled with a super-wide 175-degree recording angle and super night vision. It is also equipped with a silicon case that provides more stable connections and protects your device from weather elements.

In this Coolwoo backup camera review, we will take a closer look at the improvements this product received in 2018. We’ll also try to help you determine if this backup camera is the right option for you. Let’s start by looking at its design.

Coolwoo Dual Backup Camera – Design

This backup camera system is quite impressive when it comes to design. Even if it looks similar to many backup cameras, including the Rear View Safety 7 LCD, it differentiates from the rest. The camera looks simply gorgeous and is one of the smallest cameras you’ll ever see.

The new camera of the Coolwoo backup system is 35% smaller than the previous camera. It looks quite unobtrusive and can be hardly noticed by other drivers. It also comes with a more integrated design. You will love the way it looks, and you will certainly notice its super sleek design.

Premium Quality & Tons of Accessories

Coolwoo dual backup camera is a complete recording system that comes with everything you need in order to set it up. It includes 2 cameras, 2 types of brackets to choose from, 2 video cables, several accessories, stickers, and remote control.

This system is made of premium materials. What you will definitely love about the Coolwoo dual backup camera system is the fully sealed glue design. This device is completely weatherproof and is scratch/bump resistant. Both the cameras and the monitor were made to withstand the test of time.

Two Cameras for Several Angles

One of the most appealing aspects of this backup camera system is the multitude of recording angles you can get. Each camera has a recording angle of 175 degrees. You can easily get to a recording angle of over 340 degrees with minimal overlap.

For example, you can mount one camera on the rear left side of your RV, and the other on the opposite corner. With an overlap of around 40 degrees, you will be able to record around 310 degrees. That includes the rear, the sideways, and another several degree in front.

Or you can just mount one camera in the front and one in the rear and get a full 350 degrees. That’s almost 360 degrees. No other camera on the market comes close to that.

To top it all, each camera can rotate 360 degrees. That’s right. You can now enjoy recordings from any angle, so you can capture everything around you in 3D.

Coolwoo Dual Backup Camera – Superb Night Vision

One of the traits that make the Coolwoo dual backup camera system quite unique is its capacity to record flawlessly during the night. The cameras are equipped with 6-layer nano-filter glass, 8 infrared LEDs, and a built-in processing chip.

The device automatically increases brightness and contrast, enabling you to enjoy images as bright as in daylight. You will easily see the road behind and notice all potential obstacles.

The cameras come with built-in CCD chips that offer astounding contrast and color quality at 960×576 pixels.

Really Good Full HD Screen

Another aspect you will love about this modern backup system is the super-large 7” screen. The screen offers unparalleled clarity and quality, at an 800*480 resolution. It comes with parking assistance and 2 video inputs. It also has DVD support and an automatic backing function.

Coolwoo Dual Backup Camera – Super Easy Installation

The Coolwoo dual backup camera system is extremely easy to install. All the cables, mounting brackets, and aviation cables are there in the package.

At this point, you should know that this is not a wireless backup camera. Yes, the image is much more stable, and you can mount the cameras quite far away from the monitor. However, you lack that wireless capability which makes it so easy to set up the device.

Nevertheless, once you set up this system, you will be able to use it for a long time to come.

Extremely Versatile System

This backup system offers an unrivaled recording experience for a multitude of vehicles. You can easily set up the Coolwoo dual backup camera on buses, trucks, RVs, vans, tractors, or even on heavy machines.

The upgraded 12-32V voltage range ensures that this product will work flawlessly on any vehicle. No more blank screen or screen flashing issues. You will be able to park safely and gain the peace of mind that your vehicle is safe from accidents or scratches.

Coolwoo Dual Backup Camera – Conclusion

In a nutshell, the Coolwoo dual backup camera system is a perfect recording system for any type of vehicle, especially longer ones. It is completely weatherproof, so you can use it for years to come. Its night vision function is excellent, while the silicone case prevents corrosion and keeps the connection as stable as it comes.