BOSCAM K2 Wireless Waterproof Mirror Backup Camera With Super Night Vision

BOSCAM K2 Wireless Backup Camera | OEM Style Monitor | 170° wide-angle | Automatic Wireless Backup Camera | IP68 Waterproof Back Up Car Camera | and more …

BOSCAM K2 Backup Camera is a modern HD mirror rear camera that was launched in May 2018. This product weighs only 1.95 pounds in total and includes a wireless monitor, a backup camera, wiring, clamps, and straps.

This product weighs only 1.95 pounds in total and includes a wireless monitor, a backup camera, wiring, clamps, and straps. It is super easy to set up and it is extremely useful in a wide variety of situations.

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In 2019, the BOSCAM K2 could prove to be a lifesaving investment for you. It could also prove to be a perfect investment in the safety of your car.

Keep reading to discover how this backup camera could save your life and could save the lives of others.

BOSCAM K2 – A Lifesaving Device

If you live on a street where a lot of kids play or you find yourself backing up in a crowded mall, you need one of these backup cameras. If your vehicle is equipped with the BOSCAM K2, you gain the assurance that your life and the lives of those around you are safe.

Moreover, you ensure that your vehicle is safe and you won’t accidentally hit another car. You don’t want any scrapes or scratches on your car. Plus, you don’t want to waste precious time & money fixing your car just because you were in a hurry and you hit someone else’s car.

One of the greatest things about the BOSCAM K2 is that it starts automatically once you put your car in reverse. The device is connected wirelessly to the camera set up on your rearview license plate. It gives you a wide 170-degree recording range, allowing you to enjoy a complete view from behind.

Parking your vehicle has never been easier. Plus, you rest assured that you won’t accidentally hit any child or car and you won’t have to testify in court.

Extremely Easy to Set up

BOSCAM K2 is a device that is really easy to set up. The way it works is by attaching the camera to the rear license plate using the 3M sticker. Next, connect the camera to the reverse light. Do that by connecting the black wire to a metal ground screw in the rear of your car and by connecting the red wire to the + reverse light

Next, you need to set up the monitor in front. Simply put the mirror over your existing one and then plug the charger into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter. Turn on the monitor and it will auto-connect to the camera in the back, wirelessly.

This whole process should not take more than a few minutes, especially if you’ve done it before. You will definitely love how easy it is to set up this backup camera.

BOSCAM K2 – Design & Practicality

In terms of design, BOSCAM looks similar to AUTO-VOX M3. The screen snaps on top of your vehicle’s existing rearview mirror. Thus, there is no need to remove the existing one.

What you will love about BOSCAM K2 is that the design of the monitor can easily complement any interior design. The original look is maintained and your vehicle looks just the same from the outside.

The practical factor of this unit is that the monitor maintains the original look and aspect. From the outside, no one will see that you have a backup camera hidden behind the rearview mirror. In fact, not even people in the rear will notice the small, unobtrusive camera on your license plate.

The camera and monitor both have smooth finishes and look just gorgeous. They are built to last and to offer you the safety you need. In case of an accident, their solid build will keep them in one piece.

BOSCAM K2 – Wireless Signal

Another aspect you will appreciate about the BOSCAM K2 backup camera is the powerful wireless signal. This device has a built-in transmitter that transmits and receives signals in a range of 300 feet in an open area or 50 feet for vehicles. Thanks to the wireless signal, you can mount the camera on longer vehicles such as RVs or trucks.

You can even use it to keep an eye on your backyard or put your RV under surveillance.

Waterproof Camera for Any Season

K2 is a modern camera that complies with the IP68 waterproof standard. It is specially built to withstand heavy rain and severe storms. Thus, it ensures a perfect view in any type of weather. You will never have to worry again about mist, dust, water, or snow.

Super Sharp Images & Flawless Night Vision

This device comes equipped with 6-layer filter glass. Its high pixel resolution and advanced image processor enable you to enjoy great images both day and night. BOSHCAM K2 also has anti-glare ability, which makes it an excellent product in high-light environments.

Compared to CHICOM Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera that only records at 140 degrees, BOSHCAM has a super-wide 170 degrees viewing angle. This makes it a perfect fit for larger cars that are harder to park.

BOSCAM K2 – Other Features

BOSHCAM K2 comes with a dual function. You can see the image in reverse or normal mode. This enables you to use the camera either as a backup camera or as a forward-facing device. The mirror feature is quite cool, so you should definitely try it out.

You can use the mirror feature for parallel parking. It makes the whole parking process safer, easier, and less dangerous.

BOSCAM K2 – Bottom Line

BOSHCAM K2 is a great backup camera that comes as a good alternative to other backup cameras available in 2019. Make use of its features and leverage its design to take your car security to the next level.