Calmoor GZ05 License Plate Wireless Backup Camera

This Product  Has Been Discontinued

The Calmoor GZ05 backup camera is a modern, stable, weather-resistant digital camera that is a perfect fit for drivers of vans, trucks, sedans, pickup trucks, RVs, buses, or even trailers. This modern device launched in July 2019 comes as a reliable alternative to more established backup cameras available on the market.

This universal wireless camera is quite similar to Toguard Digital Wireless Backup Camera, but it comes with a few features that make it superior. For once, the signal is more stable.

You’ll experience no distortion issues whatsoever with this device, especially because of the German-quality digital wireless chip that works flawlessly.

Second, this backup camera from Calmoor is perfect for bad weather and ultra-low temperatures. It sends you a stable signal, regardless of the weather, so you can enjoy a flawless recording quality in any season.

Probably the only drawback of this device is the fact that the camera needs to be connected to your taillight, so there is some setting up involved. If you need a camera that solves this problem because it recharges on the energy it gets from the sun, you should check out the AUTO-VOX Solar 1.

Nevertheless, the Calmoor is a very good backup camera that has the potential to impress you, just like it has impressed thousands of drivers before you. Let’s look in-depth at some of the features that make this product unique.

Design & Aspect of Calmoor GZ05 Backup Camera

Without overemphasizing its looks, the Calmoor is a universal wireless camera that looks fantastic. The monitor looks quite professional and can easily complement any type of interior design. It can successfully blend in pickups, 4×4, trailers, RVs, and even plain sedans.

The camera mount is totally unique, and you’ll surely love it. The wireless reversing system includes the camera and a frame that you should mount over your license plate. This license plate camera system can only be mounted on your license plate. If you have a trailer, you should mount it in the back of your trailer so that you can get a complete picture behind it.

The camera in the rear is attached to the frame and looks totally unobtrusive. People from the outside will have a hard time figuring out what the frame is all about, and they’ll probably miss the camera altogether. This gives you an unfair advantage over other drivers, as it allows you to record them without them being aware of it.

Advanced Signal Chip

This backup camera is equipped with a third-generation signal chip made with German-quality parts. The wireless connection is as stable as it gets, so you can enjoy flawless image quality even when driving on the interstate.

This unit comes with a unique frequency of its own, so it has no interference from other electronic devices. The distance of the connection is 45 feet, which is fairly good. However, if you have a trailer that is located more than 45 feet from the main device or you have a long bus or truck, you won’t be able to enjoy such a good signal.

The image is excellent as long as the distance between the camera and the monitor is under 45 feet. The new digital chip made in Germany offers point-to-point transmission and comes with a built-in image processor and night sensor, so you can enjoy the highest quality image recording during both day and night.

​Camera, Monitor & Set-Up 

​Setting up the Calmoor GZ05 backup wireless camera is a breeze. Simply connect your monitor to the cigarette lighter, then fix the camera frame to your license plate in the rear using the tools in the box and then connect the wires in the back.

The camera is a nice piece of device that can record at a wide angle of 170 degrees. The camera looks high-quality and is made to withstand the test of time. It also captures good recording quality during the night and is equipped with a waterproof rubber ring that keeps it safe from bad weather.

The 5” digital monitor is not as impressive as what other backup or dashcams have to offer. However, this is an HD monitor, so you can enjoy a better quality of the recording in the rear.

Because the signal is encrypted and is digital, not analog, you can enjoy a flawless signal with no interferences whatsoever. As long as the distance between the monitor and the camera is under 65 feet, you can enjoy perfect recording quality even if you’re driving at over 100 mph on the interstate.

Advanced Rear Camera

​The camera in the rear is a powerful device equipped with 6-layer filter glass. It provides high-pixel resolution and can easily capture all the details in a high-resolution format. You can easily switch between the mirror and normal mode so you can enjoy reliable footage just as you are used to.

For instance, if you’re used to your regular rearview mirror, you might want to use the camera in mirror mode. However, if you’ve already had a rear camera before and you are used to normal mode, use normal mode.

You can also mount the camera on the front of your car if you choose to do it. For that, you should also use normal mode. The camera is perfect for all weather. It is rainproof, anti-fog, equipped with sunscreen, and is also hail & snow resistant. It works in all weather conditions, ranging from -4 Fahrenheit to 140 Fahrenheit.

Reverse Guide Line System

To make it easy for you to back up, the Calmoor GZ05 backup camera system is equipped with multiple guidelines. The lines are perfectly set up to measure the distance to your nearest vehicles, so you can gain the peace of mind that you can park safely. You can easily turn on/off the parking lines whenever you want.

Calmoor Backup Camera – The Perfect Device for Any Vehicle

The Calmoor digital wireless backup camera is the perfect choice for any type of vehicle. You can use it for your pickup truck, RV, van, trailer, 4×4, and even your sedan. Setting up the camera is super easy and quite intuitive.

The camera starts broadcasting on your monitor the moment your car is in reverse. You can mount the monitor using either magnet, mount, or holder plate. The guidelines, recording quality and camera wide-angle lens make this unit to be one of the best backup cameras for vehicles in 2020.

Calmoor Gz05 Backup Camera Technical Support

Calmoor Gz05 Backup Camera Technical Support