Zettaguard ZBC-100 Waterproof Night Vision HD CMOS 170°Viewing

With over 900 customer reviews, and an under 10$ price tag, this rear view backup camera is one of the highest-rated, most-reviewed, and most popular for the price. The Waterproof Car Rear Vehicle Backup View Camera probably isn’t going to cost you more than the change you’ve got in your pocket right now!

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Key Features

  • Waterproof car rearview camera
  • High-definition
  • Instant distance calculation with a built-in guideline
  • Versatility: Can be connected to any kind of monitor
  • Highly secure and safe
  • Can be installed with ease
  • Works on all kinds of vehicles
  • Quick installation and can be installed in many different ways
  • Made of durable and high-quality material
  • 170-degree viewing angle
  • Color CMOS
  • Perfect for a lorry, truck, MPV, or car

What Do The Customers Say?

One customer wrote that it was an “excellent choice for my RV.” A camera this cheap that works extremely well for an RV is a really rare find. Another customer put it on his Mercedes S400.

The Waterproof Car Rear Vehicle Backup View Camera is a highly versatile camera, and it works on all kinds of vehicles. Another customer said that the camera was “solidly made”. He wrote that the camera was “pretty well made.”

He wrote that the entire housing was made out of solid metal and had a certain weight to it that made it feel really high quality. One customer simply called it a “great little camera”.

He wrote that the camera was well made and small, that it offers you a bright picture even in low light situations, and that it has a color-coded grid that lets you see how close an object is to your car. Another customer said, “Pretty neat for so cheap!”

He said that that was the best way to describe this rear backup view camera. He also said that it works just like the description says it does. One more customer wrote “waterproof claim”, and he said, “so far so good on the waterproof claim”.

He said that he had had it for over a month and that heavy rains hadn’t stopped it from operating correctly. However, a few other customers said that it didn’t work so well in the rain.

Again, this is a camera for under 15$. You’re not really going to know for yourself until you buy it. Another customer just said, “Works ok”. Of course, there are some negative reviews. But, there are also some really great positive reviews to balance them out.

Why Should You Purchase This Rear View Camera?

Are you kidding me? Why wouldn’t you purchase this rearview camera? It’s under 10$ for a brand new one. Waterproof Car Rear Vehicle Backup View Camera – this is a camera that works on an RV and equally well on a Mercedes. Whatever kind of car you have, this rearview camera will work for it, and you’re not going to even notice the money you spend on it.

There really isn’t another popular rearview camera on the market for the price that has high of a rating and as many reviews. If you’re a really low-budget consumer, this is going to be the backup camera that will suit you best. Just don’t expect pure perfection. Some customers did give it five-star reviews, though.