CARPURIDE 7-Inch Double Din Car Stereo with Backup Camera

CARPURIDE 7-Inch Double Din | CARPURIDE CA700A2  |  Compatible with Apple CarPlay and Auto functions  |  HD, night vision, and 170° viewing angle waterproof backup camera  |  Rear image will be displayed on large touch screen automatically when the vehicle is in reverse  |  and more …

Backup Cameras, since 2018, has surged atop the automobile market as one of the most useful accessories for modern vehicles. However, many older vehicle models, particularly those before 2018, may not be compatible with additional backup camera features. But by installing a double DIN car stereo to your car, backup cameras are now available for older models!

For older car model owners, grabbing a double din car stereo with a backup camera feature is very useful. Not only do these products help you travel safely on the road, but it also has other features for entertainment!

CARPURIDE released one of the more high-end Double din Car Stereos with a backup camera, and it’s packed with several features. In this article, let’s find out what makes this product stand out from others and why it’s worth buying.

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CARPURIDE’s Double Din Car stereo has tons of features that challenge other similar products from different brands in the market. Here are some features to keep in mind to know if this is the right car stereo for your car.

Bluetooth Connectivity and Car Radio

Calling someone while driving is very tasking for a lot of drivers out there. That’s where this car stereo comes to play. With Bluetooth, you can connect this device to your phone to allow hands-free calls while maneuvering your car’s steering wheel. Gone are the days when your hands are busy handling multiple things while in the driver’s seat.

You can even use such connectivity to stream audio from your phone to your car radio using audio streaming (AD2P). Furthermore, this device allows you to use some apps not supported by either CarPlay or Android Auto via Mirror Links. And if you just want to listen to some radio music, turn on its FM Radio for groovy airplay audio.

Supports both Apple Car Play and Android Auto

If you want to access your smartphones using the car stereo, this device supports both Car Play and Android Auto. By connecting your phone cable to it, you can jack in your phone and enjoy your phone’s multiple features hands-free. Whether it’s receiving calls, messages, voice commands, music, or GPS, using your phone while driving has never been more convenient.

Rear View Backup Camera with Night Vision Features

Not only does it have an impressive Bluetooth 5.0 and Car Play/Android Auto features, but its backup camera’s also impressive. Some standout features of this backup camera have included high definition and night vision capture. And knowing where it will be placed, CARPURIDE provided waterproof features to ensure its camera still works amidst damp weather.

Furthermore, its 170-degree viewing angle displays automatically in the stereo’s monitor when the car is set in reverse. This way, the driver now has a clear and convenient view of what’s behind the vehicle while backing it up.

Touch Screen Display

With its wide 7-inch display, this touchscreen-enabled car stereo can play videos of up to 1080p video quality. Now you can watch high-definition videos at the comfort of your front seat with its playback feature. Furthermore, you can use its mirror link feature to provide you with a better viewing experience of your smartphone’s display.

If reading messages while driving is very inconvenient, plug your phone in and get a better view of the screen.

Cons of having a CARPURIDE 7-Inch Double Din Car Stereo

Nice and unique product features alone do not make for a satisfying purchase of CARPURIDE’s double din car stereo. When purchasing a product like this, you still need to find out whether or not the good outweighs its bad. Here are some of the disadvantages of buying this double din car stereo as an accessory for your vehicle:

Car stereo fits most slots, but not all of them.

Although a universal bracket is included upon purchase, this car stereo is not a guaranteed fit for your car slot. When considering buying this product, learning about the size of your car stereo slot is also important. If your stereo slot fits a 178mm*100mm/7″x3.94″ perfectly, then you may want to consider purchasing this one for your car.

However, if this car stereo is bigger than the slot you have, you may want to trim off its opening. To do so, you may need to pay more to hire a professional mechanic to install the stereo for you. If the opening, however, is a lot bigger than the stereo itself, then adding frames on it may help. A-frame or bezel costs much more to make sure the stereo stays fit inside the opening.

If you want to make informed decisions before buying, measure your stereo opening first before buying this product. That way, you can either avoid further costs or prepare ahead of how much you need to pay for installation.

Not advised to be installed in large trucks.

With 12V working voltage, this car stereo will not be suited for trucks with high voltage output. If used on a vehicle with a working voltage of 24V, it may cause damage to the device. At best, never use this product when your car has a working voltage.

Comparisons to similar products

Compared to other car stereos with backup cameras, CARPURIDE may have more to offer than those in its competition. Here are some competing products in the market that can be compared to the capabilities of CARPURIDE’s car stereo:

JVC KW-V25BT Double DIN. Despite this product’s comparably excellent display, much of KW-V25BT’s unique features are further improved by CARPURIDE. Despite its widescreen feature, its camera is such a downgrade when compared to CARPURIDE’s wide 170-degree viewing angle camera.

KW-V25BT also does not have a 3.5mm AUX port, which makes it unusable for non-Bluetooth or USB devices. Compare that to CARPURIDE’s complete audio support and you can see which of the two is a more worthwhile purchase.

Sony XAV-AX1000 Double Din. Sony XAV-AX1000, when compared to CARPURIDE’s double din car stereo, does not cross the threshold that the latter currently holds. CARPURIDE supports both CarPlay from IOS and Android Auto for Android smartphone users, whereas Sony XAV-AX1000 only supports the former.

XAV-AX1000 also has a very limited feature when compared against the other double din car stereo. Furthermore, XAV-AX1000 has a worse touchscreen feature than CARPURIDE car stereos, which are more touch-sensitive.

Frequently Asked Questions about CARPURIDE 7-Inch Double Din Car Stereo

Although CARPURIDE’s Double Din Car Stereo was covered heavily in this article, there’s more still to know about the product. For that, this part of the article answers many of the queries still left unanswered from the statements above.

1. Which car models should work for this product?

– Any car model that supports a seven-inch long by four-inch-tall car stereo on its slot can work for this product. So if you want to make sure this car stereo fits your automobile, measure its stereo slot beforehand. This way, you may not regret your buying choices and get the right car stereo for your car.

2. What types of ports does this car stereo support?

– CARPURIDE double din car stereo features multiple ports to cater to all port options your device may have. This product features the four play modes: Bluetooth connectivity, USB, AUX-IN, and Micro SD Card slot. Whichever of the four you choose; this car stereo can play any audio you want to play with great quality.

3. Which devices work for the mirror link display function?

– Any IOS or Android Phones can use the mirror link function of the CARPURIDE car stereo. However, IOS phones above the 14.0 version may not be able to use such function.

4. How do you use the Mirror Link display function of the car stereo?

– The steps in using the Mirror Link function of CARPURIDE car stereos are relatively easy to follow. First, you need to connect your phone to the device via a USB cord and sync it to the stereo screen. For android users, however, you need to download the Mirror-Link app before using such functions on your stereo.

5. Up to how much storage capacity in your USB can the device support?

– You can connect USB drives of up to 32GB of storage on the stereo for music or video playback.

6. Does this device have a memory function?

– It does, and you may need a professional mechanic to do the installation for you to have it functioning. The ACC wire (labeled red) should be connected reversely with the B+ wire (colored yellow) for the function to work.


CARPURIDE 7-Inch Double Din Car Stereo with Backup Camera offers some of the best functionalities for a costly price. However, the features brought by the said car stereo are some of the best for products of similar nature. If this product suits your car’s specifications, then you may want to consider this as a part of its accessory.

And if it does not fit your car’s stereo slot, consider with full certainty the cost of paying for modifications.