CHICOM Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera 9.66

CHICOM Mirror Dashcam | CHICOM V21 9.66 inch | Touch full screen | 170° ultra-wide lens | Superior Night Vision | 24 hours Parking monitor | and more…

The CHICOM Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera 9.66 is a gorgeous dash cam that has just been released in late September 2018. This new backup camera that has just hit the market is a cheaper alternative to the original AUTO-VOX X2 Camera.

CHICOM mirror backup camera is also an improved version of the original mirror dash cam. Despite having a flat and simple design, this gorgeous backup camera offers clear, distortion-free images. It records at a great 1080p quality, both front, and rear. Its front camera covers the road ahead at 170 degrees, while the rear camera offers you a satisfactory 140 degrees vision.

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Each camera is equipped with an advanced CMOS sensor, F 2.0, 6-glass lens optics, and a high-end processor. They both offer enhanced night vision and prevent overexposure or low light.

Let’s dive deeper into how the CHICOM Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera 9.66 might help to improve your driving and keep you safe on the road.

CHICOM Mirror Dash Cam – Overview

This device is a modern backup camera that features a super large 9.66” full touch screen. This Dash Cam is mounted right on top of your rear view mirror. It literally replaces your mirror with a super large, high-quality 9.66” screen.

The CHICOM Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera 9.66 system includes two cameras. The front one is attached to the screen, recording what happens ahead. This camera can be rotated. The rear camera is placed in the back of the vehicle and attached to the main system by a cable.

This system can be successfully used on any type of vehicle: sedans, SUVs, trucks, RVs, and even trailers. It is very easy to install and can be easily taken off and installed on another vehicle.

Astounding Design

The design of this mirror dash cam from CHICOM is quite unique. Although it looks quite simple and the finish of the screen is not something to blow up your mind, the cameras look just astounding. Each camera has a rounded, minimalistic design that brings personality and style to your vehicle.

One thing you can be certain of – no one outside your car will notice that you actually have a dual dashboard camera instead of a rear view mirror. You can be sure of that.

Full Protection

Since no one will notice your dashcam, no potential thief will know that you are recording him. The CHICOM  Backup Camera 9.66 is so amazing that it detects any external force at a 360-degree range.

In other words, when in park mode, the camera starts recording a short 30-second video once it detects a bump, a scratch, or any other action performed by an external factor on your car. This includes thieves trying to break your car, drivers hitting your vehicle, or people scratching it, intentionally or unintentionally.

Your car will be under full protection when CHICOM Mirror Dash Cam is installed inside.

Full HD Rotatable Camera

The front camera of this unit is just gorgeous. You will love the extraordinary recording quality it provides. You’ll also love the fact that it rotates to 60 degrees. So in addition to the 170 degrees it captures, you can get another 60 degrees. Couple that with the back camera that captures 140 degrees and you can easily get to 360 degrees, or even more.

CHICOM Mirror Dash Cam – Exceptional Recording Quality

The recording quality is above average. Even if this is not a 4k dash cam, the camera keyword is equipped with two cameras that both capture video in Full HD. They record at 60 fps to give you extremely smooth videos. Note that most similar cameras record at just 30 fps.

G-Sensor Attached

The CHICOM Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera 9.66 also comes with a G-sensor. In case of a collision, the camera records the event and automatically locks it. You’ll love that, especially in case of a serious accident that wasn’t your fault.

With loop recording, you get to enjoy continuous recordings on your SD card. However, note that this backup camera only supports a micro SD card of a maximum of 32 GB.

CHICOM Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera 9.66 -Bottom Line

All in all, this backup cam is a beautiful, modern backup camera that surprises by its design, utility, huge viewing range, and all-around protection. This is definitely a dual dashboard camera worth investing in.