Coolwoo Dual Backup Camera and Monitor Kit

Dual Cameras Scope | Almost full 360 degrees | 175°wide angle visual scope | IP68 Waterproof | 7″ Super HD Color Monitor | 7″ Super HD Color Monitor | and more…

The Coolwoo dual backup camera is a modern, affordable, and extremely easy to install backup camera. This device is a great choice in 2019 for drivers who prefer new, smaller designs versus older styles.

Needless to say, the Coolwoo dual backup camera has received several improvements over the old version. The new version released in January 2018 is smaller, looks more appealing, and offers better recording capabilities.

Dual Backup Cameras and Monitor Kit Wired for Van,...
  • 【Dual Cameras Scope】Dual wide angle backup...
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The new Coolwoo backup camera from 2018 has no less than 8 infrared LEDs, coupled with a super-wide 175-degree recording angle and super night vision. It is also equipped with a silicon case that provides more stable connections and protects your device from weather elements.

In this Coolwoo backup camera review, we will take a closer look at the improvements this product received in 2018. We’ll also try to help you determine if this backup camera is the right option for you. Let’s start by looking at its design.

Coolwoo Dual Backup Camera – Design

This backup camera system is quite impressive when it comes to design. Even if it looks similar to many backup cameras, including the Rear View Safety 7 LCD, it differentiates from the rest. The camera looks simply gorgeous and is one of the smallest cameras you’ll ever see.

The new camera of the Coolwoo backup system is 35% smaller than the previous camera. It looks quite unobtrusive and can be hardly noticed by other drivers. It also comes with a more integrated design. You will love the way it looks, and you will certainly notice its super sleek design.

Premium Quality & Tons of Accessories

Coolwoo dual backup camera is a complete recording system that comes with everything you need in order to set it up. It includes 2 cameras, 2 types of brackets to choose from, 2 video cables, several accessories, stickers, and remote control.

This system is made of premium materials. What you will definitely love about the Coolwoo dual backup camera system is the fully sealed glue design. This device is completely weatherproof and is scratch/bump resistant. Both the cameras and the monitor were made to withstand the test of time.

Two Cameras for Several Angles

One of the most appealing aspects of this backup camera system is the multitude of recording angles you can get. Each camera has a recording angle of 175 degrees. You can easily get to a recording angle of over 340 degrees with minimal overlap.

For example, you can mount one camera on the rear left side of your RV, and the other on the opposite corner. With an overlap of around 40 degrees, you will be able to record around 310 degrees. That includes the rear, the sideways, and another several degree in front.

Or you can just mount one camera in the front and one in the rear and get a full 350 degrees. That’s almost 360 degrees. No other camera on the market comes close to that.

To top it all, each camera can rotate 360 degrees. That’s right. You can now enjoy recordings from any angle, so you can capture everything around you in 3D.

Coolwoo Dual Backup Camera – Superb Night Vision

One of the traits that make the Coolwoo dual backup camera system quite unique is its capacity to record flawlessly during the night. The cameras are equipped with 6-layer nano-filter glass, 8 infrared LEDs, and a built-in processing chip.

The device automatically increases brightness and contrast, enabling you to enjoy images as bright as in daylight. You will easily see the road behind and notice all potential obstacles.

The cameras come with built-in CCD chips that offer astounding contrast and color quality at 960×576 pixels.

Really Good Full HD Screen

Another aspect you will love about this modern backup system is the super-large 7” screen. The screen offers unparalleled clarity and quality, at an 800*480 resolution. It comes with parking assistance and 2 video inputs. It also has DVD support and an automatic backing function.

Coolwoo Dual Backup Camera – Super Easy Installation

The Coolwoo dual backup camera system is extremely easy to install. All the cables, mounting brackets, and aviation cables are there in the package.

At this point, you should know that this is not a wireless backup camera. Yes, the image is much more stable, and you can mount the cameras quite far away from the monitor. However, you lack that wireless capability which makes it so easy to set up the device.

Nevertheless, once you set up this system, you will be able to use it for a long time to come.

Extremely Versatile System

This backup system offers an unrivaled recording experience for a multitude of vehicles. You can easily set up the Coolwoo dual backup camera on buses, trucks, RVs, vans, tractors, or even on heavy machines.

The upgraded 12-32V voltage range ensures that this product will work flawlessly on any vehicle. No more blank screen or screen flashing issues. You will be able to park safely and gain the peace of mind that your vehicle is safe from accidents or scratches.

Coolwoo Dual Backup Camera – Conclusion

In a nutshell, the Coolwoo dual backup camera system is a perfect recording system for any type of vehicle, especially longer ones. It is completely weatherproof, so you can use it for years to come. Its night vision function is excellent, while the silicone case prevents corrosion and keeps the connection as stable as it comes.