DohonesBest Upgraded Dual Digital Wireless Backup Camera

The 7 “monitor has split-screen ability | Four-way video Input | Touch button | Recording unction | Wireless rear video camera | and more

The DohonesBest Upgraded Dual digital wireless backup camera is a sleek, improved version of the standard DohonesBest Wireless Backup Camera.

This newer model that was released in August 2018 features an upgraded wireless receiver, upgraded split video display.

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It also comes equipped with a longer 12 feet cable, a longer antenna and it’s also easier to install than its predecessor. Of course, the DohonesBest Upgraded maintains the high-end features of the original DohonesBest model, which was launched in March 2018.

In this DohonesBest upgraded digital camera review, we will look at all the features of this unit in order to help you decide if this is a backup system that you should invest in.

DohonestBest Upgraded Design & Practicality

The DohonesBest Upgraded wireless backup camera is a modern unit that looks extremely similar to most other backup cameras available on the market. In fact, you could easily replace it with the well-famed ZEROXCLUB Digital Wireless Backup Camera System without anyone noticing.

However, what makes the DohonesBest Upgraded system stand out from the crowd is the practicality level it has to offer. It is not just extremely easy to install, but it also offers you a split dual view for both cameras.

You can easily install the system as you seem fit. For instance, you can wire the monitor for continuous use for just one camera. You can also wire it for two cameras’ continuous use, with the monitor displaying both cameras on the screen. Ultimately, you can wire the system to display just the front camera continuously and switch to the reverse camera when you are backing off or parking.

Monitor Capabilities & Installation

One of the aspects you will thoroughly enjoy about the DohonesBest Upgraded backup camera is that you can control the monitor view by simply pressing a button. Let’s say that you choose to wire the system to view only the front camera when driving. However, from time to time, you want to get a glimpse of what lies behind you. All you need to do is to press the CH button and the rear camera’s recording will appear on the monitor.

You can view either Channel 1 or Channel 2 on the monitor. Moreover, you can view both channels at the same time. In this case, the monitor is split in half. You can now observe all directions and obstacles in order to remove blind spots and stay protected in case of accidents.

This system can easily be installed on any type of vehicle. It accommodates voltages ranging from 12V to 24V, so it can be successfully installed on anything, from cars and sedans to trucks, 4×4, semis, box trucks, RVs, busses, or 5th wheels.

When installing the monitor, you get to choose from 3 different types of mounts. You can either place it on the dash, on the windshield, or keep it hanging. Depending on your type of vehicle, choose the most suitable installation method for you.

In terms of clarity, the monitor has 960×576 pixels. Its TFT LCD displays crisp & clear images. It has a resolution of 800 TV lines and an adjustable screen ratio of 16:9 or 4:3. The video frequency is PAL or NTSC. The housing material of the monitor is ABS.

DohonesBest Upgraded Wireless Backup Camera Specs

Both cameras of the DohonesBest Upgraded backup camera system are 100% safe and meet all CE/FCC/UL/RoHS and IP6X standards. They are also IP69K waterproof, meaning they are protected against any type of weather.

You can successfully use this recording system in any type of weather and still enjoy clear, smooth recordings. The cameras are also fog-resistant and can record flawlessly during the night.

Both cameras have a viewing angle of 150 and 960x576x pixels. Once they are hooked to the taillights for power, they connect automatically to the monitor thanks to the wireless signal.

Upgraded Wireless Signal

What’s really unique about this backup system is that the wireless receiver has been upgraded to offer the most stable image transmission possible. DohonestBest Upgraded offers a stable image with no flickers in open space, at a distance of over 650 feet. No other backup camera on the market is able to offer this image stability.

In the case of vehicles, it offers a stable image for vehicles long up to 80 feet. That means you can drive virtually anything, including a long truck with a trailer, and still enjoy an exceptional signal quality. You can have a long trailer and mount the camera at the end, near the trailer, and enjoy smooth images.

However, at 80 feet, the image might flicker, especially when you are driving over 60 mph on the highway. In case you need a longer cable and an extended antenna, contact the team from DohonesBest.


The DohonesBest Upgraded backup camera is a high-end wireless unit that has a powerful, upgraded wireless transmitter incorporated in the monitor. It can easily connect with any car voltage and allows you to enjoy a wide range of video options. It comes with 2 years of warranty and professional customer service.

Use this system to keep a close eye on the road ahead and to also switch to the rear camera by the press of a button. Enjoy the longer and more stable signal to record all important events on the 32GB card included in the package.

Technical Support

For any problems related to this backup camera please email to: tech support service: or visit page DohonesBest storefront