DoHonest V23 Your High-Definition RV Backup Camera

DoHonest V23  |  Super Stable Signal  |  Super Night Vision |  IP69 Waterproof  |  Image Flip |  Multi-screen display | and more …

Are backup cameras for RVs worth it, a common question. You should be more comfortable driving your RV if it includes a backup camera. Additionally, it won’t pose as much of a threat to the nearby passersby.

If you want an upgraded signal that is incredibly dependable, the RV backup camera that comes with the DoHonest V23 is your best option. In addition, it possesses various fascinating qualities and essential attributes. As a result, most automobiles, vans, RVs, trucks, campers, and even trailers are appropriate with DoHonest V23.

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Experts advise placing a wireless backup camera close to the driver’s side. Installing it on the driver’s side is sufficient. However, mounting it above the ground will provide a better reverse vision. Find the best spot to mount your DoHonest V23 RV backup camera for better and safe driving.

DoHonest V23 RV Backup Camera Performance

It is easy to see that the DoHonest V23 offers excellent performance as a backup camera for an RV. It is also compatible with Furrion pre-wired backup camera for RV trailers. Because of improvements in its power, transmission distance, stability, and durability, this wireless RV camera system is becoming more widely used.


The DoHonest V23 RV backup camera system includes built-in Wi-Fi. You can power monitors and cameras, and they will connect automatically. You can power the cameras through the connectors on your vehicle or trailer and Bluetooth technologies.


DoHonest V23 RV Backup Camera includes a camera and a display screen that is spotless and has adequate lighting. A wireless backup camera for trucks that comes with nine infrared lights. Additionally, the CCD sensor can display images with a resolution of up to 1080P. Because of this, one can recognize it even in low-light conditions.


The monitor is 7″ in size and can automatically set the monitor screen to turn on or off. As a result, they may desire their devices to do it automatically. Additionally, the length of the power cables for the camera is 1.5 meters, and the system’s frequency is 2.4 GHz.


The DoHonest V23 backup camera for an RV accepts videos from four channels: CH1, CH2, CH3, and CH4. If you utilize these parameters correctly, you’ll be able to switch between seeing a single image and a split.

DoHonest V23 RVs backup cameras offer setting it up couldn’t be more straightforward. The base can be detached and mounted on a flat surface or windshield. Ensure to check first the package kit. Then, check the what’s in the box page to see if the part is all included. Finally, identify any broken features and contact your supplier if necessary.

DoHonest V23

To begin the installation, select a mounting spot within the car. First, ensure it will allow your vision to be precise. Second, connect the power cable to the monitor. Then, hook up the positive and negative terminals, and the power indicator will light up. Finally, check the lights to show that the test of the screen went well.

After mounting, adjust the monitor’s angle for optimal viewing. Ensure to connect the power to the camera and the monitor. Follow the package instruction, and you may find it very easy to install.

Waterproof Camera System

DoHonest’s V23 RV backup camera enclosure is IP69K-rated for water resistance. It indicates that it is strong enough to withstand any challenge. In addition, these wireless trailer backup cameras can withstand temperatures ranging from -4 degrees Fahrenheit to 149 degrees Fahrenheit.

Reasons to Choose DoHonest V23

Always consult an expert, especially with troubleshooting backup cameras. Many people choose wireless RV backup camera versions because they are more convenient. So why not choose the V23 if you seek a wireless backup camera?

Here are the reasons to choose DoHonest V23 for your RV’s backup camera.

Using cutting-edge technology such as a new chip and a touchscreen
Digital wireless for dependable and real-time image transmission.
A high-definition (1080p) display provides a more authentic viewing experience.
Parking with Super Night Vision
The system uses four channels to support a front, back, and side perspective.
There are four options for rotating images: normal, mirror, upside down, and upside up.
Vehicle distance recording during forward and reverse motion.

DoHonest V23 RV Backup Camera VS. Xroose FY04 Backup Camera

For backup cameras on RV trailers and other vehicles, DoHonest V23 and Xroose FY04 are excellent options. Both offer sharp images with full HD digital color. Its wired backup camera distinguishes the Xroose FY04. Also, a 32GB recorder on the Xroose FY04 can keep recording for at least 40 hours.

Within 300 feet, there is no delay for high-speed observation. However, the V23 also avoids interference and has a vehicle range of up to 320 feet. Additionally, just like V23, the monitor of the Xroose FY04 brackets can be installed on the dashboard or the windshield.

In additional comparison, Xroose FY04 offers sensitive touch buttons with cutting-edge technology. Although both are user-friendly, DoHonest V23 is ideal for people who want a plug-and-play system. Finally, both are easily adjusted camera’s field of view upwards and downwards using the lens.

DoHonest V23 RV Backup Camera VS. AMTIFO A10 Monitor with 2 Wireless Rear View Cameras

The DoHonest V23 and Amtifo A10 are wireless HD 1080P. Although, the A10 is a 10-inch-wide monitor display compared to the 7-inch V23 monitor. Once again, these goods are excellent for RV trailers, and the cameras are long-lasting.

Signal transmission stability for the A10 can reach a distance of 984 feet, while the V23 can only get 320 feet. And, talking about the camera system, the Amtifo A10 monitor and DoHonest V23 include a camera system with dual or squad split-screen capability.

As a result, it displays photos from multiple cameras simultaneously. With their IP69K-rated cameras, however, both trailer cameras can endure all harsh weather conditions. In addition, the 10″ monitor is connected directly to the rear backup and license plate cameras via the reverse lights.

DoHonest V23

The images of the AMTIFO A10 monitor with two wireless rear view cameras can capture and save by the reverse camera. When the SD card is complete, the loop recording feature causes the system to overwrite the previous videos. It eliminates the need for manual removal.

Therefore, if you want a large screen that allows you to see the image’s details but can only install in surfaced mounted, AMTIFO A10 can be your option. However, if you want more options for installation, like Dashboard Mount and Surface Mount, DoHonest V23 is your perfect option.


DoHonest V23 backup camera installation: easy and durable?
  • Yes! Reviewers have reported that the DoHonest V23 is easy to install, has good video, and is durable. You can mount the monitor anywhere, on the dashboard, windshield, etc. The package kit includes simple instructions.
What are the dimensions of this item?
  • The product dimension is 1.18 x 7.09 x 4.72 inches (3 x 18 x 12 cm) with a weight of 3.94 pounds (1.77 kg).
Is there a USB power adaptor for the monitor?
  • Yes! USB powers the monitor. It has a 12V DC cigarette lighter adaptor. In case, many stores sell 120-volt adaptors.
Can another screen be added to this?
  • No. The system is capable of supporting up to four cameras. But, the DoHonest V23 backup camera system can only have a single screen simultaneously.
How long are the cameras’ power cords?
  • The camera’s power cords are 1.5m long.
How many years is the warranty?
  • DoHonest covered the warranty for two years. Remember to call or email their customer service for more details about the product warranty.
Is internet access not necessary?
  • No, internet access is not necessary. It is an entirely standalone system. It connects the cameras and the display unit with Radio Frequency (RF) transmitters and receivers. The camera transmits data from the camera to the monitor using radio waves generated by the camera. Cameras need a power source to link wirelessly to the display.
What is the optical sensor technology used for DoHonest V23?
  • A charge-coupled device, or CCD, is an image sensor that converts light into electrical charges. The elements of an image are divided into pixels using a CCD sensor. Light captured by a pixel is proportional to the strength of the electrical charges it generates. In addition, TVs, video cameras, scanners, and digital cameras all use CCDs. For example, the DoHonest V23 backup camera uses a CCD sensor for your RV.
What characteristics should the best RV backup camera have?
  • The most important consideration when selecting an RV backup camera is to ensure that it will be simple to install in your vehicle. Of course, buying a wired RV backup camera is your choice. But a wireless RV backup camera doesn’t need as much technical assistance. Ensure that you should confirm the wireless RV backup camera range. Lastly, an excellent RV backup camera design should be waterproof.
Do these features exist within DoHonest V23?
  • Yes! DoHonest V23 is a wireless backup camera for RVs. It promises simple camera installation and excellent waterproofing that can withstand demanding conditions. With all its characteristics, it is no wonder it became one of the popular backup cameras for RVs. You can ask for more assistance with its features by contacting DoHonest manufacturing. Most especially if you have problems like refunds, they have reliable customer service.


A properly maintained vehicle reduces the risk of accidents. It is at this point that car cameras start to catch on. Any car you choose will benefit from having a backup camera. You may be overwhelmed when you google for an RV backup camera near me. There are many types and stores available for backup cameras.

Remember, the features and characteristics of an excellent backup camera for your RVs are crucial. For example, the monitor’s ability to give you a clear picture of your back bumper is its primary purpose. It is because recreational vehicles (RVs) have limited visibility when using only rearview mirrors. As a result, the DoHonest V23 backup camera offers excellent images of your backup camera. Lastly, the significant rate of its waterproof system is ideal for RVs.

The bottom line is that the DoHonest V23 backup camera for RVs is reliable, durable, and worth purchasing.