Eonon 9.88 Backup Camera Gps Touch Screen Operation

Eonon 9.88 backup camera is a sleek, gorgeous backup camera that is suitable for any type of vehicle. This modern backup camera was released in May 2018, and it is available at a worldwide level.

The Eonon rear view mirror dash cam is an exceptional buy for any type of driver. This dual-lens backup camera can literally replace your traditional rear view mirror. The outside-mounted rear view camera can enhance the field of vision by roughly 300%, which is 4 times what a traditional rear view mirror can give you.

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This potent dash cam is perfect for sedans, trucks, SUVs, RVs, trailers, or even buses. You can mount it on virtually any vehicle and enjoy its dual 140 degrees coverage of the road. You get 280 degrees of full vision, plus a rotatable front camera that can swipe left and right to record even more of the road ahead.

Without further ado, let’s dive straight into reviewing this modern backup camera released in 2018.

Eonon 9.88 Backup Camera – Main Specs & Features

The Eonon 9.88 is a modern dual-dash cam that has a built-in speaker, built-in lithium battery, and is equipped with many cool features. It supports loop recording, auto recording, G-sensor, parking monitoring, GPS tracking, and lane departure warning system.

The rear camera is connected to the main camera through the cables. The front camera replaces the traditional rear view mirror and offers you a dual view of both the front and back road.

One of the features that this product is lacking is wireless connectivity. Standalone backup cameras such as iStrong Digital Wireless Backup Camera System can stream wirelessly, without interferences. However, these cameras are specially built for longer vehicles such as trailers and RVs. Eonon 9.88 is a hybrid backup camera that works excellent for any type of vehicle.

Outstanding Design

One of the aspects you will definitely love about the Eonon 9.88 backup camera is that it looks just gorgeous. The design is smooth, modern, and high-quality. The all-black cameras and screen cover perfectly complement any type of vehicle design.

Instead of your traditional rearview mirror, try Eonon backup camera for an amazing improvement in quality and aspect. Your new vehicle will look different and you will feel more in control.

Eonon 9.88 Backup Camera – Recording Quality at Its Highest

Another aspect you will certainly get to enjoy about this device is the super high recording quality. The super large 9.88 Inch screen allows you to view recordings in Full HD, at 1296 pixels. The front camera, which is mobile and can be rotated by just swiping up and down on the screen, records exceptionally well at 30 fps.

The video captured it smooth and super high-quality, and all details are captured with flawless quality. You’ll never miss any more signposts, license plates, or important details that matter.

To make things easier, this gorgeous dashboard camera offers a responsive touch screen. You can swipe left and right in order to adjust brightness.

Another aspect you will definitely love about this product is the superior night vision. Thanks to the low exposure, F2.0 6-glass lens, and high-end CMOS sensor, the camera prevents video overexposure and gives you extremely clear recordings. Plus, you can also adjust the brightness in an instant to obtain the desired recording quality.

Four Times More Vision

The Eonon 9.88 gives you 4 times more vision in the rear than what a traditional rear view mirror can offer. It also eliminates the rear pillow, seats, or passenger obstructions. You will love to get an unimpeded view of all the lanes behind and remove the traditional blind spots. Parking becomes a breeze with the new Eonon 9.88 backup camera.

Perfect in Any Weather

Of course, you must love this device not just because of its gorgeous design, great recording quality, and wide range, but also because it is suitable for any weather. The Eonon 9.88 backup camera is water, splash, fire, and dust resistant. This dashboard camera has been tested in controlled environments and has an impressive rating of IP68.

Eonon 9.88 Backup Camera – Other Features

The Eonon 9.88 supports an SD card of up to 128 GB. Note that it is not included in the package. It also includes a Lithium 500 mAh battery that kicks in once the power supply cannot offer any more energy. Some other great features of this backup camera are a lane departure warning system, GPS, G-sensor, and parking monitoring.