eRapta Wireless Backup Camera for RV Truck Trailer Pickup With DVR Built In

eRapta Wireless Backup Camera | 2020 Newest Wireless Technology | Built-in DVR Recording | come with a 32GB SD Card, max up to128G | 16 infrared light and CCD sensor | Stable Wireless Signal with 2.4G transmission | High 69K Waterproof | and more …

No complexity is involved in the installing eRapta Wireless Backup Camera. You can decide where you want to mount this backup camera. In other words, it can be installed in any place you prefer. With 1080P HD image quality, you can expect clear images.

You can find 4 Super HD CCD Cameras on this device. Don’t worry about recording clarity. Every image is captured with precision and clarity. Moreover, you don’t have to bother about any blind spots. Make driving a pleasant experience with this backup camera.

You don’t need Wi-Fi if you mount this backup cam on your vehicle. With the help of a 5 TV antenna, cameras transfer the video to monitor by wireless tech. Further, you can come across a sophisticated, built-in DVR on this device. It saves the video files automatically.

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Let us compare the eRapta Wireless Backup Camera to the eRapta A9 model. You can find the former offering a better image quality than the latter. However, the monitor size of the eRapta A9 is larger by two inches compared to the monitor of the latest version.

When did eRapta launch this backup camera? It is a new product that was released on May 28, 2020. That is to say, this model is a new entrant in the market. However, many people are showing interest in buying this product.

What is the weight of this eRapta Wireless camera model? Well, it weighs 6.18 pounds. The product specifications are 10.55 x 8.43 x 7.17 inches. Okay; we have offered some basic information on the eRapta Wireless Backup Camera. Now, let us find out everything in detail. If you read this unbiased review, you can make an informed decision.

Enhanced Image Quality, And Recording

You can expect high image quality due to the 1080P HD Image resolution. There are 4 super HD CCD cameras attached to this system. Crystal clear image is what you can expect. Therefore, driving becomes a pleasant experience.

You can find a 7-inch AHD monitor on this backup camera system. It comes with an excellent recording function and supports record 4 Channels Camera at the same time. Without creating any blind spots, four cameras capture everything seamlessly. You can expect a 100% safe driving experience.

You can find an upgraded 3.0 loop recording function on this eRapta Wireless Backup Camera. The oldest video clips are automatically overwritten by the new footage. When you purchase this product, you will receive a 32GB memory card. It supports a maximum memory of up to 128GB. Further, the automatic reverse feature can be activated by changing to full screen.

Wide Coverage And High Signal Strength

Truck drivers are always on the lookout for backup cameras that offer wide coverage. Well, you can choose this one with the confidence to get super-wide coverage. Secondly, the camera can be rotated up to 360 degrees. You can describe this one as a wide-angle backup camera system. It eliminates blind spots efficiently.

You can expect high signal strength with this eRapta model. Thanks to the 2020 New Wireless Technology. Since the advanced technology offers stable signals, it recovers 100% true road conditions without any unwanted delay. What about the transmission distance? It goes beyond 164 feet with a rate of 10Mbs/s. If you are searching for a trusted guard, you can choose this backup camera.

No doubt, eRapta Wireless Backup Camera is a flexible device. High compatibility with various types of large vehicles easily makes it a popular choice. In other words, you can use this backup camera on a wide variety of vehicles. No matter whether you own a truck, camper, pickup, trailer, RV, or motorhome, this device is a perfect option.

Simple Installation And Outstanding Ease Of Use

Installation becomes a breeze with an eRapta backup camera. After installing the monitor, you can use the car charger to power the monitor. If you want, hardware can be used to power the same. Most importantly, high flexibility and ease of use can be associated with this product.

Generally, all cameras are connected to a constant power source except for one backup camera. For the purpose of backing, you can connect one reversing camera to the taillight power. Don’t worry about finding a location for installing the cameras. In fact; you can place them wherever you want based on your convenience.

Ease of ease is another quality that distinguishes the eRapta Wireless Backup Camera from other products. The package contains a simple instruction manual where you can find answers to all your questions. Get immediate answers from the customer support team as well.

Other Notable Features

If you use this camera, you don’t have to search for a Wi-Fi connection. It comes with a 5 TV antenna that helps the cameras transfer the video to the monitor by wireless tech. Moreover, you can find a refined, built-in DVR on this eRapta model. It facilitates the automatic saving of video files. Whenever you need footage, you can recover it easily.

Equipped with waterproof cameras, this device offers high longevity. Therefore, you can use it on rainy or snowy days daringly. Another interesting feature is the split-screen function. Supporting quad view display, the monitor makes the eRapta backup camera extremely user-friendly. You can change the split-screen modes between 1, 2, and 4 channel displays.

In addition, you can find a parking line feature on this backup camera. Any camera can be switched on or off individually based on your convenience. Overall, you can expect a smooth and comfortable driving experience.

Final Words On eRapta Wireless Backup Camera

Okay, you might have got a clear picture of what the eRapta Wireless Backup Camera offers. In conclusion, this backup camera is a highly functional and user-friendly device that offers many smart features and benefits. It is a very good choice for large vehicles like trucks, trailers, camper, RVs, Pickup, and buses.

Moreover, stable signals, high image quality, and simple installation make this eRapta model one of the best dashcams available today.