Fookoo Ⅱ FHD3 Backup Camera System Kit,1080P 7” DVR Split Screen Monitor+IP69 Waterproof

Fookoo HD Wired Backup Camera System Kit | Fookoo FHD3 | Multi-function Split Screen | Parking Lines Assistance | Flip & Mirror Images Function | IP69 Waterproof | and more …

Fookoo II FHD3 backup camera system is a popular choice for a broad variety of vehicles. The track record of the manufacturer, Fookoo extends beyond 10 years in this industry. It is the first company to introduce 1080p technology for backup cameras.

You can install this device easily on your vehicle. It makes driving safer and more convenient for drivers. Innovative technology and strict product testing leave nothing to guesswork. You can expect admirable functionality with the Fookoo II FHD2-Wired camera.

Fookoo HD Wired Backup Camera System Kit, 7'' DVR...
  • HD Split Screen Monitor: The first introduces High...
  • HD Weatherproof Camera: You will get lossless...
  • Record & Auto Dimming: Features with Loop...
  • Easy to Install: It is wired system, but the...
  • Quality Assurance: Voltage range from 9-36V DC...

Providing a high voltage range, this product meets the needs of different types of vehicles. Above all, this backup camera makes your driving safe without making any compromise on comfort.

If you compare the Fookoo II FHD3 to the Fookoo FHD2 backup camera, you can find the former is equipped with three cameras. The latter comes with only two cameras. However, the Fookoo FHD2 is lighter than Fookoo II FHD3.

It is one of the fastest-selling backup camera systems available on the market. The ever-increasing sales figures clearly reassert this opinion without an iota of doubt. The Fookoo II FHD3 device weighs 7.6 pounds. The product specifications are 12.2 x 8.9 x 7.2 inches.

What should you expect when you buy this product? This Fookoo II FHD3 review impartially examines the pros and cons of this product. An informed buying decision can be taken with the help of this unbiased review.

Fookoo Ⅱ FHD3 is Highly Innovative and Functional Camera

You can find two side-view cameras and one rear-view camera on this device. All these cameras embrace advanced HD 1080P resolution technology. Therefore, you can expect a safe driving experience.

Equipped with a digital high definition image processor, the 2 Million Pixel Camera of Fookoo II FHD3 makes parking and reversing tasks incredibly effortless and safe. Additionally, the IP69 waterproof feature of the camera makes it highly useful during the rainy season.

Other important features of this backup camera system are 18 Infrared Lights and a sharp CCD sensor. You can expect an enjoyable and safe driving experience along with a parking and reversing experience when you use this camera on your vehicle.

Super Bright Display at Day and Perfect Dimming at Night

What to expect with a perfect backup camera? Best devices always stay optimally functional during the day and night. That is what exactly happens with Fookoo II FHD3. The auto-dimming feature of this product responds positively to the variations in ambient light.

In other words, the auto-dimming feature dims the display brightness depending on the ambient light. It clearly suggests that you can expect a super-bright display during the day and a perfect dimmer one at night.

Fookoo Ⅱ FHD3 have Split-Screen Monitor and Image Flip

The split-screen function of the Fookoo II FHD3 allows you to view three cameras at the same time. You can split the monitor to view sights from four different angles.

Based on your needs, you can select to turn on or off the camera’s mirror function. For instance, if you are planning to mount one camera in the rear and a second one in the side; you can flip one to get the exact image without negatively influencing the images of the other camera.

Flexible Vehicle Compatibility and Commendable Parking Lines Assistance

You can mount this backup camera on any type of vehicle. For example; it is compatible with different vehicles like buses, trailers, trucks, motorhomes, 5th wheel, and many more. The wide voltage range (9V DC to 36V DC Power) is what makes this camera a perfect choice for various types of vehicles.

You can find many drivers seeking assistance from someone else while parking or reversing their vehicles. This device addresses this issue perfectly. There is no need to seek any external help when you use this Fookoo model.

The reversing screen of this backup camera system is equipped with a parking line. It makes everything perfectly visible. Parking the vehicle becomes a breeze with this Fookoo model. You don’t need to bother about safety anymore.

Loop Recording Function

Enabled with loop recording function, Fookoo II FHD3 overwrites or replaces the previous video footage with the new ones automatically. The loop recording feature becomes active when the memory storage space is full.

Therefore, you can make driving safer during the day and night. In other words, proper monitoring and recording features retain safety at optimal levels.

Effortless Installation and Reliable Customer Support Solutions

Simple and clear instructions make the installation simple and effortless. First of all, you have to connect the red wire to ACC. The next step is to attach the black wire to the metal (Ground). Other wires must be connected to the cameras exactly according to the guidelines provided. You can find everything needed in the package to perform the installation conveniently.

As a trusted backup camera system, Fookoo offers excellent support services for each customer. You can get in touch with the customer support team at any time you prefer. The team is available 24 hours a day. The company is committed to offering speedy answers to your questions and ensures 100% customer satisfaction

The Highly Beneficial Warranty Scheme

You need to look at the warrant scheme of the manufacturer before buying a backup camera for your vehicle. Fookoo comes up with a 12-month replacement service to protect the interests of the customers. The technical support solutions are made available for a lifetime to serve customer needs better.


  • Automatic dimming and perfect brightness
  • Flexible vehicle compatibility
  • Split-screen monitoring
  • Parking lines assistance
  • Digital High definition Image Processor


  • SD card is not included in the package
  • Installation of cables may cause confusion in newbies
  • A multifunction timing relay may be needed for side cameras

Final Words

In conclusion, Fookoo II FHD3 is a reliable and durable backup camera system that makes driving safe and comfortable. Advanced features, ease of use, and outstanding functional benefits make this device one of the best choices available today. In addition, this device has flexible vehicle compatibility to meet the varying needs of different vehicle owners.

Technical Support on Fookoo II FHD3

If you have any problem with this backup camera please contact technical support here