Fookoo FHD1 Backup Camera System

Fookoo FHD1 | Fookoo Ⅱ HD Wired Backup Camera System Kit | 2 Million Pixel Camera | Parking Lines Assistance | Flexible Vehicle Compatibility | and more …

Fookoo FHD1 is a modern backup camera system that has just been launched on the market at the end of 2018. This product comes with an ultra-full HD monitor, auto-dimming feature, flexible vehicle compatibility, a 2-megapixel camera, and many other great features.

This unique backup camera system kit is in a league of its own. The monitor is the largest and brightest monitor available for backup cameras, while the camera is the sharpest there is.

FOOKOO Ⅱ HD Backup Camera System Kit,7''1080P...
  • ✔ 1080P Fookoo Technology: The 1st to Introduce...
  • ✔ 2 Million Pixel & IP69 waterproof Cameras:...
  • ✔ Parking Lines Assistance: The trigger wire...
  • ✔ Flexible Vehicle Comatability: Voltage Range...
  • ☺After-Sales Service: If You Found the Product...

If you want a modern backup camera system that offers recording clarity that is out of this world, then Fookoo FHD1 is just right for you.

Who Should Purchase the Fookoo FHD1 Backup Camera

If you are looking for a reliable product that works in any type of weather and is equipped with multiple features, then you should try this system. You should also purchase this camera if you want to stay ahead of the curve and get your hands on one of the most innovative backup cameras released recently.

Are There Cons to this Product

However, the Fookoo FHD1 is not perfect in all areas. It lacks many other features possessed by other backup cameras launched in 2018.

One of the features you will definitely miss on Fookoo FHD1 is the fact that it is wired. Unfortunately, for the product to maintain its super high-quality, it needs to be connected to a wire. The camera is connected to the monitor, similar to a dash cam.

As for other backup camera systems such as ZEROXCLUB WX02 Digital Wireless Backup Camera, the wireless functions kicks in. The fact that these systems are wireless saves you a lot of energy and time. No more difficult installation and space occupied by cables.

If installing cables and occupying extra space in your car is not something you like, then you should probably look for another backup camera. Erapta E5 is a good alternative to the Fookoo FHD1 backup system, offering a simple design and great night vision.

Fookoo FHD1 Backup Camera – Monitor & Design

Let’s continue our Fookoo FHD1 review by looking at the first thing you will notice about the Fookoo FHD1 backup system – the design.

This system does not look extravagant. Both the camera and the monitor have a bulky, industrial design. Nothing exceptional here. Many other backup camera systems look more appealing. However, what is exceptional about the Fookoo FHD1 is the clarity of the monitor.

This is the first monitor of a backup camera that uses 1080p technology. The screen is super wide and exceptionally bright. You will easily notice the difference in quality over other backup cameras available on the market. And things get even better. The recording quality is out of this world.

Top-Notch Recording Quality

We cannot overstate how good the camera records. Fookoo FHD1 uses a waterproof, high-quality camera that records in full HD. The camera has 2 megapixels and is equipped with multiple layers of protection.

FooKoo’s camera is equipped with an advanced waterproof rubber ring to protect it from water and snow. Hence, the fog and water issues disappear completely. The recordings are perfect, even in heavy rain or storm.

Of course, the camera is waterproof. It withstands bad weather and can work at temperatures of under 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Auto-Dimming Feature

A unique feature that only Fookoo FHD1 possesses is auto-dimming. As the ambient around your car changes, the monitor will automatically adjust the brightness.

This innovative feature makes it extremely easy for you to park your car during the night, or during sunny days. You will clearly see the rear of your car even when sun rays fall on the monitor. Equally, your eyes won’t hurt you during the night when trying to park the car, because the brightness will fall to a minimum.

Needless to say, the auto-dimming feature can dramatically improve your comfort and can boost your reflexes. You won’t be blinded by the extra light during the night, and you won’t be trying to see what’s on the screen during high light. You will see everything perfectly clear.

Fookoo FHD1 Backup Camera – Precise Guide Lines

Another feature you will greatly appreciate at the Fookoo FHD1 backup camera is the guide lines. The system has been tested over and over again by programmers, so the guide lines are perfectly aligned with your car. They measure the distance flawlessly, enabling you to park your car safely, without hitting any object.

Perfect During Dark

The camera of this system is equipped with no less than 18 Led Lights. You can see perfectly the road before, even in complete darkness. Parking has never been easier.

Stability & Compatibility

Another two features we have to highlight about the Fookoo FHD1 system are the stability and compatibility it has to offer. First, the fixed bracket keeps the monitor steady, even at over 100 mph. Second, the device is compatible with any type of vehicle, thanks to its voltage range of 9-36V power.

Fookoo FHD1 is also equipped with a sunshade and comes with remote control, which you can use to control the system from afar.

Using it For Other Purposes

And lastly, the great news is that you can buy the Fookoo FHD1 backup system even if you don’t need one in your car. You can install it on your window to record what is happening in your yard, or mount it on your camper to keep an eye on your children outside. The possibilities are endless.