Drive and Reverse More Confidence with Fookoo HD DW9T4

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Fookoo HD DW9T4 offers more confidence in driving and reversing with its 9-inch monitor compared to an ordinary 7-inch monitor. In addition, it will safely assist you in parking your RV, truck, trailer, bus, or van. It also gives cameras high-quality resolution in color and works effectively.
Several users praise the Fookoo HD9T4’s crisp, clear video and outstanding customer service. For example, using the camera system for over a year satisfied them. In addition, vehicle owners benefit from having them connected to their car’s running lights because it offers good night vision on the front and rear cameras.

Why Choose Fookoo HD DW9T4?

Fookoo HD DW9T4 has the equipment to set up a reliable wireless signal from each camera. For example, when reversing onto a campsite, it’s best to set up four cameras: two on the camper’s rear for a close-up view and one for a broader perspective. Likewise, if you set up a camera at the front of the trailer on each side, you’ll have a great view of the surroundings.
The monitor’s size lets the driver regularly view the screen while driving. The features and functionality will satisfy the vehicle owner. In addition, the superb video quality is one of the top reasons many vehicle owners choose the Fookoo HD DW9T4.

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Additionally, Fookoo fulfills consumer demands. They reply to messages right away. They know the importance, worries, and enthusiasm to find solutions for each client. Their customer support line is responsive and top-notch.

Fookoo HD DW9T4 Performance

  • Connectivity

Fookoo HD DW9T4 works with cutting-edge wireless digital signal technology. Camper can enjoy driving due to its system with excellent anti-interference capabilities. The transmission range is up to 128 feet in an open space. Moreover, the image remains stable, without lag, and is clear and smooth.
  • Camera

The camera and recording system are vital when traveling or parking your vehicle. Therefore, the Fookoo HD DW9T4 monitor can capture your driving and save you in an emergency. For example, you can present the loop recording as evidence of an accident.
The driver no longer needs a guide or someone to get out of the car to help them view the road. It is an excellent device with a 170-degree camera with infrared lights. With the finest night vision, side, and rearview cameras enable you to drive safely in the dark.
  • Monitor

You can view more precisely and in-depth on a 9-inch display with a higher resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. In addition, the Split Screen monitor lets you view multiple camera images simultaneously, increasing your driving and reversing confidence and safety.
  • Installation

Fookoo HD DW9T4 installation is easy to install. Between the display and the cameras, there is no wire. However, monitors and cameras need to be wired to a 12–24V DC power supply to get power and work continuously. The monitor can first be charged using a car charger or while being connected.
The camera’s power connections are also linked. Before installing them, ensure they are both linked and functional by testing them with a temporary power supply.
  • Waterproof Camera System

Fookoo HD DW9T4 is weatherproof to IP69 standards and functions flawlessly. Also, for some suppliers, you may request a bracket adapter if you wish to apply it to a Furrion pre-wired mount. The DW9T4 possesses high and low-temperature resistance, about -4 °F to 198 °F.

Fookoo HD DW9T4 VS. Erapta A9 Backup Camera System

Installing the Erapta A9 Backup Camera System on RVs, semi-trailers, or motor homes is possible. It shares the same wide input voltage range, 12–24V DC Power, as the Fookoo HD DW9T4 device.

Sensors in backup cameras are crucial. It makes it possible for the system to get a clear image, keep track of everything around us, and avoid blind areas to have fun while driving. The Erapta A9 Backup Camera has a CCD sensor and a DVR which the Fookoo HD DW9T4 lacks.
Erapta A9 camera features a built-in DVR and an excellent recording feature. On the other hand, the Fookoo HD DW9T4 and the Erapta A9 are HD cameras with a sizable 9-inch monitor. However, the Erapta A9 lacks a 32GB slot.

Fookoo HD DW9T4 VS. Xroose WX4 Backup Cam System

In contrast to Fookoo HD DW9T4, which has a transmission range of up to 128 feet, the Xroose WX4 rear view camera with monitor can only operate within a 100-foot radius of the car. However, they both share the same IP69-rated waterproof camera system. In addition, these two have built-in 32GB SD cards.

A wireless high-resolution monitor reverse camera is easy to install. The camera on the Xroose WX4 should be powered continuously by the vehicle’s running lights, taillights, or reverse lights. The monitor is powered by a regular 12V or 24V cigarette lighter. You may avoid running cords between the camera and the screen.
Fookoo HD DW9T4

The DW9T4, which is wireless and does not require wiring to connect the monitor and cameras, operates similarly. Instead of using cables, they send images via wireless signals. But before running, they must be connected to a power source.


Is Fookoo a reliable brand?

Yes! They have over ten years of experience in the industry. A decade of expertise has improved an understanding of their client’s demands. Their development, updated firmware, and rigorous testing.
Fookoo has an average star rating of 5.0, indicating that consumers are happy with what they buy from their favorite sellers.

It means that Fookoo, a Top-Rated seller on numerous selling platforms, offers a very high-quality product.

How good is the monitor of Fookoo HD DW9T4?

It is a large 9-inch HD monitor with a monitor size of 24x16x3 (cm). It is possible to view more excellent details and clarity with 1920×1080 pixels. Also, the split screen can simultaneously display all camera images to monitor the conditions on the road behind you.

What Does a Wireless Backup Camera Mean?

Wireless technology eliminates the need for cables to transmit data between the monitor and the cameras. However, they do not begin functioning once the power connection is on.
In addition, without the hassle of installing cable throughout your car, truck, or RV, an exemplary wireless backup camera increases your visibility. It helps you avoid accidents when you’re backing up.

How strong is the signal of Fookoo HD DW9T4?

The value of parking sensors and rearview mirror cameras is evident. If you install these safety features in your car, you’ll have less of a possibility of accidentally crashing into something. In addition, they aid the motorist in pinpointing obstacles, which helps reduce collisions.

Modern signal technology eliminates the problems caused by factors such as velocity, distance, obstacles, and environmental conditions. As a result, Fookoo HD DW9T4 is perfect for your RV, trailer, etc. Thanks to its better penetrating power and signal transmission distance of up to 128 feet.

What is the Loop Recording function?

A dash camera with loop recording continually stores video by recording over previously recorded material. The camera can keep recording even if the SD card is full. For example, you won’t lose a second of your trip when you have a loop recording system on your car.

Moreover, Loop recording capability means your driving is made more secure. It includes monitoring and recording your actions. Again, whatever appears on the monitor will be stored. The first video segments will auto-erase when the memory storage is complete.

How good is the Parking facilities Assistance of Fookoo HD DW9T4?

Many would ask, “What’s the point of a backup camera?” Reverse parking cameras make it easier for drivers to park by showing them what is behind them and how close it is. The rearview cameras are a much more effective way to keep drivers from getting into accidents or backing into people or things.

Fookoo HD DW9T4 offers a Backup display with a parking line that will make parking more secure and faster. You don’t need someone to step out of the vehicle to help you see what’s going on and guide you.

Does this Fookoo backup camera have a matching casing for the Furrion?

Yes! The Furrion pre-wired mount does support the back camera, but you’ll need a camera bracket adaptor. The supplier offers the adaptor bracket for the Furrion pre-wired installation, which can order separately.

How are the cameras mounted?

You can put the camera in any desired location on the car because it comes with a bracket and screws. Although the backup camera is wireless, it needs to be connected to your car’s power supply to receive electricity.
As a car owner, installing a dash cam provides peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of and recorded.

In addition, it maintains a log of incidents that can serve as evidence in the event of an insurance claim. As a result, proper camera mounting is essential.

Can I use a camera at night?

The cameras do use LED illumination. Fookoo HD DW9T4 night camera light satisfied many car owners. They are happy that the light will automatically switch on when the ambient light level drops, allowing you to see in the dark.

Camera lights at night are so crucial. IR cameras, often known as night vision cameras, use infrared light to capture clear footage after dark. One example of a vital scenario is enhancing the driver’s reaction time and providing visibility in otherwise dark situations.

Is the camera positional in any way?

Before installation, you can adjust the camera to the ideal angle required. Additionally, you can mount them anywhere; all you need is a power supply. It is also compatible with the Furrion pre-wired mount, but you must request a bracket adaptor for the Furrion pre-wired mount.


Fookoo HD DW9T4’s superior security features, infrared night vision, crystal-clear images, and faultless recording capabilities make it an excellent choice. Of course, like any other device, you may experience several issues after installation. But, according to many reviews, customer assistance was excellent.

You can put this camera’s dependability to the test in cold, rain, and heat, and it is always so durable. The installation process is also fast and straightforward. As a result, many shops and clients recommend this product, Fookoo HD DW9T4.