Fookoo II FHD2-Wired Backup Camera System HD Kit,1080P 7” DVR Split Screen Monitor

Fookoo Ⅱ HD 1080P Backup Camera System Kit | Fookoo Ⅱ FHD2-Wired | Multi-function Dual Split Screen | Image Mirror/Normal Function | 2 million Pixel Camera IP69 waterproof camera | and more …

Fookoo II FHD2-Wired backup camera system is a popular choice for a broad variety of vehicles. The track record of the manufacturer, Fookoo extends beyond 10 years in this industry. It is the first company to introduce 1080p technology for backup cameras.

You can install this device easily on your vehicle. It makes driving safer and more convenient for drivers. Innovative technology and strict product testing leave nothing to guesswork. You can expect admirable functionality with the Fookoo II FHD2-Wired camera.

FOOKOO Ⅱ 7" 1080P Wired Backup Camera System,...
  • 1080P Fookoo Technology: We are the first one to...
  • 2 Million Pixel & IP69 waterproof Cameras: Without...
  • Split Screen & Parking Lines: With the split...
  • Circular Video Recording: With this function, the...
  • Quality Assurance: Voltage ranging from 9 to 36V...

Compared to Fookoo II (FHD3), Fookoo II FHD2-Wired camera is lighter by 2 pounds approximately. However, Fookoo II (FHD3) comes with three cameras whereas the FHD-2 version is equipped with only two cameras.

Within a short period after the launch, this product managed to win the heart of a large number of customers. The existing customers are highly appreciative of the functional benefits and responsiveness of this Fookoo model. The weight of the Fookoo II FHD2-Wired system is 5.75 pounds. The product dimensions are 10.2 x 8.6 x 7 inches.

Let us explore what exactly this backup camera offers. This Fookoo II FHD2-Wired camera review is a realistic assessment of the features and benefits of the product. You can make the best purchase decision after reading this review.

Highly Sophisticated 1080P Fookoo Technology and Advanced Cameras

Fookoo is the first company to launch 1080p technology-enabled backup cameras in the market. This Fookoo model comes with a digital high-definition image processor that allows you to park or reverse your vehicle optimally safely.

The 2-million Pixel camera captures images brilliantly. It is an IP69 waterproof camera with excellent functional advantages. You can fund 18 infrared lights on this device.

If you are worried about washout in bright light, you can choose this product. It offers you crystal clear images. The CCD sensor on the Fookoo II FHD2-Wired backup camera system can be termed as sharp. You can drive safely during the night because this device offers outstanding night vision.

Fookoo II FHD2-Wired Backup Camera have Split Screen Monitoring and Auto-Dimming Function

If you are interested, you can view two cameras simultaneously with the help of the split-screen function. This feature can be made active by clicking the “CH-” button on the monitor.

Another remarkable feature of this Fookoo backup camera version is the Auto Dimming. Depending on the ambient light, this feature dims the display brightness automatically. You don’t need to worry about over-brightness during the day and unwanted dimming at night.

Upgraded Image Flip Function and Circular Video Recording Feature

Based on your needs, you can have the option of turning on/off the camera’s mirror function. Many users prefer to install one camera on the rear side of the vehicle and another one on the front side.

The upgraded Image Flip function allows you to flip one camera to receive the correct image without making any impact on the image of the second camera.

If you want to make driving more convenient and safer, you can choose the Fookoo II FHD2-Wired backup camera. The circular video recording function records everything seamlessly. It offers video proof of an accident whenever needed.

When the memory is full, the new videos are added by overwriting the existing ones automatically. This device allows you to record using one camera or both cameras. Using an SD card, you can playback the normal, as well as, the emergency videos on the device monitor, or any gadget you prefer.

Since Fookoo II FHD2-Wired backup camera system monitors and records everything meticulously to make driving safer day and night.

Parking Lines Assistance and Flexible Voltage Range

This device offers a reversing screen with a parking line. This feature makes your parking extremely fast with a clear focus on safety. There is no need to ask someone to guide you or offer assistance while parking the vehicle.

You can have a comprehensive view when you use this backup camera system. All you need to do is to connect the green wire to the backlight.

This product is compatible with a broad spectrum of vehicles including a box truck, semi-trailer, bus, trailer, and 5th wheel. The voltage ranges from 9-36V DC power to accommodate the varying needs of all these vehicles.

Hassle-Free Installation, Excellent Customer Support, and User-Friendly Warranty

The instruction manual contains simple and easy-to-follow guidelines. You just need to follow these instructions to install the Fookoo II FHD2-Wired backup camera.

The instruction clearly states that you just need to attach the red and yellow wires to ACC. The black wire should be connected to the Metal (Ground). You need to attach other wires to the cameras. Based on your requirements, you can use the connection of the trigger wire.

The package contains all necessary accessories for installing the system efficiently. You don’t have to seek any professional help for this purpose.

Fookoo does not disappoint users in terms of customer service. You can contact them for immediate help. The customer support team is available 24 hours a day. All your questions are answered with the utmost accountability.

For safeguarding the interests of the customers effectively, Fookoo offers a 2-year replacement service. The company also offers lifetime technical support to serve your needs perfectly.


  • Sharp CCD sensor with outstanding night vision
  • Circular video recording
  • Split screen, image flip, and auto-dimming
  • Excellent voltage range from 9 to 36V DC power
  • Easy installation and responsive customer support


  • This backup camera system is not a wireless model
  • The package doesn’t come with an SD card
  • The HD display quality could be made better

Final Words on Fookoo II FHD2-Wired Backup Camera

If you are on the lookout for a top-of-the-line backup camera system for your vehicle, you can opt for Fookoo II FHD2-Wired backup camera. This device is compatible with a broad range of vehicles including bus, van, motorhome, 5th wheel trailer, camper, truck, and more.

This backup camera comes with advanced features like circular recording, split-screen monitoring, and parking lines assistance. You can also find novel functions like auto-dimming and image flipping on this device. All these features blend harmoniously to deliver the best user experience.