Haloview MC7108 Digital Wireless Rear View Camera System

Haloview MC7108 Wireless RV Backup Camera | Infrared Night Vision | Wide Viewing Angle | 7″ LCD digital monitor | Built-in recorder | Built-in SMART IR-CUT filter image color | and more

The Haloview MC7108 rearview camera system is a sleek, modern backup camera equipped with a multitude of useful features. This system is a perfect fit for bus, RV, pickup, trailer, camper, or even farm owners. Its smart IR-cut filter image, IPS panel, and wireless signal make it extremely useful in 2019.

This backup recording system includes one camera that connects to the monitor using a built-in wireless adapter. The monitor is equipped with an advanced antenna that captures the signal transmitted at a range of 984 feet.

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Even though the viewing angle is just 120 degrees, it’s more than enough to clearly see any obstacles in the rear. You can park your car safely, even during low light conditions, thanks to the multiple IR lights that enable the vision to up to 32 feet.

If you need a wired camera system equipped with two cameras that record at 170 degrees each, we advise you to check out the Yeddy backup camera system. If vision range is not as important to you, then keep reading how the Haloview MC7108 can keep you protected when driving and parking.

Haloview MC7108 Rear View Camera – Design

In terms of looks, the Haloview MC7108 rearview camera is not as impressive as other backup cameras. However, despite looking pretty standard, it makes for a great addition to your RV, truck, bus, or large vehicle. The all-black design can complement any interior design and can boost the appeal of your vehicle.

What’s truly unique about this product is that all the components are black, including the screws, mount, bracket, adapters, or wires.

Haloview MC7108 Rear View Camera – Useful Monitor

The 7” digital LCD monitor is equipped with a built-in image filter with IR-CUT and IPS panel. This allows you to see the images clearly, at any angle. The image is also more realistic and avoids color blur.

Thanks to the monitor features, the image adapts during the day or night depending on the brightness outside. Thus, you’ll be able to clearly see the image at any time of the day without posing a threat to your eyes. A backup camera with a similar function is the Fookoo Ⅱ HD. This modern camera’s monitor adjusts its brightness to the ambient change and puts less strain on your eyes.

Another great aspect of the monitor of Haloview MC7108 is the super high resolution of 1024×600. You can clearly see everything the camera records in the rear of your vehicle and never miss any important details anymore.

The monitor also allows you to view the image in various ways. You can choose from split mode, single-display mode, auto-scan, flip, mirror, normal and mirror-flip modes. You can basically see the image as you seem fit.

Lastly, the monitor can support up to 4 cameras. You can switch between modes and easily choose your favorite camera. This allows you to use the system to supervise several points around your home or backyard, not just for recording while driving.

Recording Quality

While the camera is not impressive in terms of angle recording, you can bet that this device records astounding, both during the day and night. The camera is also equipped with a smart IR-CUT filter and records at a full 720p resolution to help you enjoy crystal-clear recordings.

During the night, the IR sensors kick in, allowing you to clearly see during the dark. Thanks to the super long wireless range, you can enjoy a whole new level of driving experience. The image will not flicker and the connection will stay stable even for longer vehicles, and even at higher speeds of over 60 mph.

Note that Haloview’s MC7108 camera features the highest IP rating possible, IP69K. It also has a vibration rating of 10G, which protects it from any type of vibrations for longer vehicles. This means the image continues to remain stable even at over 60 mph or at 30 mph on bumpy roads.

Setting it up

Setting up this system is as easy as pie. The guys from Haloview have managed to completely eliminate any cables or accessories used by other manufacturers. The instructions in the manual are simple and to the point.

To set up the monitor on your dashboard, you can use either the U-support bracket or the center-mount bracket. Additionally, use the sun shield to protect the monitor view from powerful sun rays. The unit works with voltages of 10-32V.

Haloview MC7108 Rear View Camera – Extras

The Haloview MC7108 rearview camera system has other additional features that could come in handy. For example, it has a dimmer brightness button to manually adjust the brightness of the monitor. It also has volume and allows you to adjust the volume up and down.

Another useful feature is the adjustable light on the monitor buttons. When the light is dim or you are traveling by night, the buttons will automatically light up. This makes it easy for you to adjust the features during the night without turning any other lights inside your cabin.

For its features and usability, we can’t but recommend you try this backup camera in 2019. It could prove a reliable partner when driving your long vehicle or when you want to secure your lawn against intruders.