Homder Backup Camera

This product has been discontinued, check menu for more backup cameras

Homder backup camera is like a pool into a desert, or shall we say like a cool breeze on a hot summer’s day. This modern reversing backup camera comes as a great alternative to another backup camera available on the market, offering dual recording, super night vision, and multiple features.

This reliable camera was recently launched, in January 2019. It weighs 3.3 pounds and has the following dimensions: 7.5 x 3 x 4.3 inches. Despite having a bulky frame, it looks totally different than most other backup cameras.

Homder Backup Camera – Looks & Design

Take for example Fookoo FHD1. This is a very reliable backup camera equipped with great recording technology and exquisite signal. However, it looks just like all other backup cameras available on the market.

Unlike them all, the Homder backup camera has a more sophisticated design, with a monitor that complements the rugged aspect of a truck or trailer. From the outside, the monitor looks like an integrated piece of the truck.

We are pretty sure you will greatly appreciate the design of this backup camera. The Homder backup camera perfectly blends in with truck dashboards and can boost the appeal of your cabin.

If you need a backup camera that also works amazingly on sedans and SUVs, we advise you to try the Dohenbest upgraded second-generation backup camera. You will love how sleek and unobtrusive the rear camera looks.

Recording Capability

Another aspect you will appreciate about this camera, in addition to the design, is the advanced recording. Homder has 2 cameras, one in the back and one right on the monitor. The front camera records in 1080 Full HD quality, while the rear is 720p. Both have 8 IR lights and an F2.0 lens, offering you astounding recordings both day and night.

To top it all, the system is powered by an advanced Sony imx323 sensor, which allows the cameras to capture every single detail in super high quality. You can easily see license plates and street signs from all around and you get to enjoy all-around protection.

Homder Backup Camera – G-Sensor Feature

A cool feature of this camera is the G-sensor. In case the gravity accelerator detects a bump, a sudden change of direction, or an imminent impact, it triggers the G-sensor feature. This feature automatically locks the video recorded in a special memory compartment on the card, protecting it from accidentally overwriting or erasing.

The video is stored separately, and you can easily download it after you get home. This feature is a must-have, as it protects you from fake claims or unhealthy disputes.

Motion Detection

This feature is also very important. When your car is parked and the sensor detects movement around, it turns on automatically to record any event. If it stops detecting movement over a 5-seconds interval, it turns off automatically to save power.

The motion detection transforms your backup camera into a loyal guard that keeps a vigilant eye on your truck, RV or trailer.

Homder Backup Camera – Ease of Installation

Installing the system is a breeze. The entire camera unit can be installed in a couple of minutes, with minimum technical expertise required. All you need to do is to follow the instructions in the manual and connect each wire to the corresponding color.

The cable has 15 meters in length, so you can easily install the rear camera in a long vehicle. The fuse supports 12-24V, so Homder backup camera works on pretty much any type of vehicle.

Screen & Navigation

The 7” large TFT screen is super easy to navigate and has very good contrast. There are several buttons placed strategically on the back of the monitor which helps you control all operations with minimal effort.

On the monitor, you can choose to display the image in several ways. You can switch between dual-mode/quad image/independent image

Homder Backup Camera – Rear Camera Features

The rear camera is an exceptional piece of equipment. In addition to being quite small and unobtrusive, it is totally waterproof, anti-fog, shockproof, and can be easily rotated. Together with the front camera, you can enjoy 360-degree full protection.

Moreover, the rear camera is equipped with 8 infrared sensors. Thus, it is able to easily capture any type of detail in crystal-clear quality.

This system does not come with a memory card equipped. It supports a TF cards of up to 64 GB, enabling you to record seamlessly for several hours. Note that this is one of the few backup cameras that support a memory card.


If you are looking for a reliable backup camera system that looks good on your dashboard, then the Homder backup camera is a great choice for you in 2019. This unit is super easy to install, offers numerous great features, and is equipped with a powerful rear camera.

The system from Homder gives you peace of mind that you won’t miss any more blind spots. It also offers you reliable quality, excellent operation & advanced stability. It is a great piece of equipment for professional drivers who need to ensure they have proof in case of a dispute or claim.

Alternatively, you can choose to go with the Fookoo FHD1 if you need a device with a perfect signal or choose the Dohenbest upgraded second-generation backup camera if you have a small car.