Karsuite M7 Backup Camera Mirror Dash Cam

Karsuite M7 Backup Camera | Waterproof rearview camera | Free 64GB TF card | Support streaming media | Parking Monitoring&Loop recording | and more…

Truck drivers seeking glamorous design, reliability, and intelligent features have found all these in the Karsuite M7 Backup Camera. This new release that has just hit the market in August 2019 has managed to impress drivers worldwide due to its top features and excellent quality.

The Karsuite M7 is definitely not your regular backup camera. This is a device that comes equipped with the largest screen you’ll ever find in a dashcam or backup camera. The 11.66” offers unparalleled beauty and image clarity.

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As a user of this camera, you can clamp the monitor right over the rearview mirror. You can do that on any vehicle that comes with a standard voltage of between 5V and 12V. This means that this product might not work on larger vehicles such as trucks or RVs.

This device features a Hisilicon Hi3556V200, combined with a Sony 335 front camera and an AHD rear camera. The video resolution for the front camera is 2K, while the resolution for the rear camera is 1080p. It also supports a micro SD card of up to 128 GB and offers you parking monitoring, G-sensor, and full-screen reversing imaging.

Inside the kit, you’ll discover the charger, rear camera kit, installation kit, a card reader, and a bonus 64GB card. You’ll love the free card you’ll get because you’ll be able to use it as a replacement until you buy a larger one. Of course, you can stick to this card for a long period of time if you don’t record a lot.

In this Karsuite M7 review, I want to highlight the main features of this modern backup camera and show you how you can use it to boost your driving journey.

Ease of Installation

The first and most important aspect to look at is installation. The rear camera wire is 6 meters long, so if you have a longer vehicle and you want to set up this backup camera, you would need to purchase an extension.

In terms of setting it up, you should know that this process is the same as with any other dashcam available on the market. Once you clamp the main unit over the rearview mirror using the straps, you should start connecting the rear camera to the unit. To do that, place the extension cable below the roof, on the interior of your car.

Next, install the rear camera above the license plate or right on it. Connect the red trigger line to the reversing headlight positive pole. Ultimately, insert the car charger into your car’s cigarette lighter or any other power source and turn on the device.

The entire installation process should not take you more than 30 minutes. However, if you would like a camera that is set up much quicker because it is wireless, you should check out the Yuesem 2nd 1080p.

Karsuit M7 Backup Camera – Astounding Touch Screen

One of the best features of this modern dashcam is the touch screen. At 11.66 IPS, this is the largest touchscreen you’ll ever see in a dashboard camera. The resolution is 1920*380P, plus the screen is equipped with anti-glare features.  

Needless to say, the experience of watching the recording on this screen in real-time is by far one of the best experiences you can have with a dashboard camera.

When your car is in reverse, you’ll notice how the screen switches to the camera in the rear. You don’t need to press any button. This is a risk-free experience to help you park with ease and quickly. You can also use the reversing lines in order to aid you when parking. This will enable you to park like a pro and never worry about hitting other cars or scratching your vehicle.

Karsuit M7 Backup Camera – Great Sensor & Processor

The Karsuite M7 is a high-end dashboard camera equipped with the latest generation Sony processor. The front camera has an aperture of F1.8, records at 156 degrees, and supports a resolution of 2560*1440 pixels.

The processor is a high-end Hi3556 which supports 2K front camera records and full HD rear camera footage. It comes equipped with multi-level noise reduction, WDR, various image enhancement algorithms, and defogging.

Thanks to the sensor and the processor, expect to enjoy superior-quality recordings. You will be able to stream the recordings on your laptop and enjoy exceptional quality. Even the recordings during the night are as clear as day thanks to the superior image processing engine.

Strong Light Suppression

Strong light suppression is another useful feature that will enable you to drive safer. Because of the glare filter lens placed on the rear camera, you’ll be able to enjoy flawless recordings with no glare at all from the vehicles in your rear. During the night, you’ll be able to park with ease and never be affected by powerful light that comes from other sources.

G-Sensor & Parking Monitoring

The last two features I want to present are the G-sensor and parking monitoring. This dashboard camera is equipped with these 2 standard features to help lock the video content that was recorded during an event.

The G-sensor locks the events that happened when you are driving, while the parking monitoring locks the events that happen when your vehicle is parked. The events may include anything from attempted theft to hit & run and accidents.

Make a Difference When Recording

What really sets the Karsuite M7 Backup Camera apart from other similar dashcams available on the market is the fact that it records in very high clarity, and it is equipped with a very large screen. Thanks to the resolution, you can enjoy better image clarity in court, in case of an accident.

It also captures license plates better during the night, so you’ll have all the proof you need right there.

Even if the unit is not compatible with external GPS modules, the guys from Karsuite promised that they will release a better version that will have the GPS installed. Until then, you can enjoy the G-sensor, parking monitoring, and the free 64GB card to make the most out of your trips and keep your car protected against attempted theft or hit-and-runs.

Technical Support For Karsuit M7 Backup Camera

For technical support with the Karsuite M7 backup camera please use this link