LeeKooLuu Digital Wireless Backup Camera System

LeeKooLuu LK10 | Wireless backup camera | Digital system | 7 inch LCD monitor | Super night vision | Easy installation | and more …

LeeKooLuu LK10 Digital Wireless Backup Camera System is a high-rated backup system that works flawlessly in any type of vehicle. Since the rearview camera systems available today have been proven to reduce accidents by more than 57%, considering one of these devices for purchase is definitely a wise decision in 2019 and beyond.

You can now feel much safer behind the wheel by equipping your vehicle with the LeeKooLuu Digital Wireless Backup Camera System.

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The 4.3-inch screen placed right on your dashboard provides high-quality footage of the rear and enables you to park safely.

LeeKooLuu LK10  – Overview

Even though this digital backup camera system from LeeKooLuu LK10 might not have the highest image quality, it comes with other exceptional features. It is extremely easy to install, it is completely weatherproof, and has a super stable signal that works for large vehicles of up to 80 feet.

This device was first available in July 2018. It has already been bought by thousands of drivers from all around the world and it has the potential to become one of the top 10 backup camera systems in 2019.

Monitor and Recording Quality

The monitor is not that impressive. LeeKooLuu LK10 Digital Wireless Backup Camera System has a standard 5” LCD screen with a resolution of just 480×272 pixels. As a comparison, the Toguard backup camera has the same screen size, but with a larger resolution of 720 x 480 pixels.

The recording quality is also not impressive for the LeeKooLuu model. It records at a 648X488pixels resolution. However, thanks to the 7 LED infrared sensors, you get to enjoy really clear images during the night.

Basically, the LeeKooLuu LK10 is a standard camera system that allows you to park with ease and see every detail in the rear regarding light conditions. Its recording capabilities are as plain as you might get. However, it shines in other areas. Discover them below.

IP69 Weather Proofing

What really makes this system tick is the advanced IP69 weatherproofing. The backup camera and the transmitter both meet all the IP69 rules & regulations. They withstand with ease any type of harsh weather.

The camera records extremely well even in hail storms or strong winds. Thus, you can get the peace of mind that you will be able to park your vehicle safely even in unfriendly weather conditions.

Wide Range of Vehicles

One aspect you will definitely love about the LeeKooLuu Digital Wireless Backup Camera System is that it works with a wide range of vehicles, from sedans and SUVs to trucks, RVs, or even buses.

In other words, you can use this modern wireless backup system on any vehicle you own or you are planning to buy. And it’s all hassle-free, without using any wires.

Easy Setup

Another aspect you will enjoy about this digital wireless backup camera is that it is completely wireless. You only have to connect the monitor to a power source, and then connect the wireless transmitter in the back to the camera.

The entire setup can take less than 10 minutes in total. If you want, you can easily uninstall the whole device and install it on another vehicle. You have full freedom to use this system anywhere you want.

LeeKooLuu LK10 – 10 Unique Functions

Now, the most amazing feature of the LeeKooLuu LK10 is the unique functions it has. No other similar backup camera system available on the market has so many functions.

LeeKooLuu enables you to turn on/off guide lines, flip the image vertically/mirrored/facing, perform horizontal/vertical flip, adjust the width/downward/length angle for the guide lines, and the list goes on. You can basically customize your experience so that you are full in control of your parking tasks.

The Bottom Line

LeeKooLuu LK10 Digital Wireless Backup Camera System is a modern product with exceptional quality and exquisite features. It is made to last a lifetime and to withstand any type of weather. This device comes with a viewing angle of 150 degrees and includes 7 IR sensors for ease of use during the night.

Thanks to the personalization options and functions, you can set up the guidelines as you seem fit. You can also enjoy continuous recording capabilities and adjust the brightness and contrast of the image.

If you decide to purchase this product, note that you’ll have 2 years full warranty that includes replacement service and customer support.