Review on Peak PKC0RB Wireless Backup Camera System

With over 1500 customer reviews, and a price tag under $100, and a gorgeous 3.5-inch LCD color monitor, Peak PKC0RB could be your next backup camera system.

It’s not always simple to see objects that are directly behind the vehicle when you’re parallel parking or pulling out of the driveway. This rear-mount camera will reduce blind spots, enhancing safety and offering you freedom from worry.

PEAK Digital Wireless Back-Up Camera, Color LCD...
  • Full 3.5-Inch LCD Color Monitor with Adjustable...
  • Weatherproof Camera Mounts to License Plate Frame...
  • Camera System Installs On Most Vehicles in Just...
  • Standby with Auto-On Mode when Camera Is On
  • Perfect For Cars, SUV’s, Trucks, RVs, Towing...

The LCD display monitor will secure your windshield or dashboard with a suction cup mount, and then you can change the mounting arm to get the ideal viewing angle. The Peak PKC0RB backup camera is attached to the mounting plate that is attached behind the license plate using the existing license plate screws.

It is easy to customize the view by modifying the height of the camera or tilting it to any of the five positions. This is a highly adjustable and versatile backup camera system that sets up in 15 minutes.

The Peak PKC0RB it’s worth buying if you don’t want to break the bank and go into the $200 price range. It’s also going to work better than some of the extremely cheap rearview backup cameras in the $25 and under price range.

Key Features

  • Huge 3.5-inch LCD color monitor with a suction cup and adjustable mounting arm
  • A weatherproof camera that can mount to any license plate frame and has a 110-degree viewing angle
  • Camera system installation is easy and quick on most vehicles
  • Auto-on mode with standby when the camera is on
  • Ideal for trailers and campers, towing boats, RVs, trucks, SUVs, and cars

Peak PKC0RB Wireless Back-Up Camera – Pros

Works on all kinds of vehicles: the Peak PKC0RB performance backup camera is specially designed to work flawlessly on all types of vehicles, including sedans, jeeps, and minivans.

Good viewing angle: at 110 degrees, the viewing angle of this wireless backup camera is nice and wide enough. The Peak PKC0RB has the ability to see as wide as some other award-winning backup cameras. The focal length is also pretty solid – 1.2mm. Of course, the quality is lower than what other backup cameras have to offer, but the price is also lower.

Low price: compared to the Clover TFT7001, Rear View Safety RSV 770613, or Safesight SCO302, which are considered the top rear view cameras on the market and have prices of between $200 and $300, the Peak PKC0RB costs up to 3 times less. If you are on a tight budget and you are looking for a good and affordable backup camera, this backup camera might be a very good choice.

Wireless: this is definitely a plus for the Peak PKC0RB Wireless Back-Up Camera System with a 3.5-Inch LCD Color Monitor. Most other rearview cameras require the owner to install a cable to connect the camera to the monitor or to the multimedia receiver. More than often, this installation alone costs over $100. Drivers who choose to do this daunting task all by themselves might need to spend a whole day trying to put things in order. The good news is that Peak PKC0RB wisely removes this obstacle by coming with a pre-installed wireless transmitter in both the monitor and the camera.

Very easy to install: you can screw it instantly into the back bumper of your car, without necessarily hiring an expert to do this task in your place. Of course, if you need help installing the camera, you can call the company’s phone support at 1 (800) 323-5440 (USA) or (847) 559-2000 (International). You may also contact them by filling the contact form found here:

Peak PKC0RB Wireless Back-Up Camera System – Cons

Small display: at 2.4 inches, this camera features the smallest display of all rearview cameras in its price range. Furthermore, the resolution is quite low. At only 173×115 pixels, this monitor is quite inadequate. When you compare the Peak PKC0RB’s resolution to iPod nano’s (which has a 240×240 resolution), you can clearly see the difference.

Problem with the receiver: some users complained that the transmitter does not have enough signal strength to reach the receiver. Only when the receiver and transmitter are within a 5 feet range the signal is perfect.

Might trigger the screen if someone is playing video games: if one of the passengers is playing video games or uses any device that transmits wireless signals, the monitor might turn on. Of course, this is not a rule, but there are still some isolated cases that testify to this to be true.

Parts are substandard: the overall quality of the parts is poor. Speaking bluntly, the components in the package simply are not up to the standard set by the market.

What Do The Customers Say about Peak PKC0RB

​One customer said, “Didn’t know what I was missing.” He said that it had a great screen and a nice picture. He also said that it was wireless, so he didn’t need to run anything from the tailgate to the dashboard. He commented on the picture is nice.

Another customer said that it was a “time saver”. One more customer called it a “good product” and another said that it was “nice”. Another customer said, “love these backup cameras for our cars.” One more customer said that it was “really nice” and “they are really easy to install.”

He said it takes hardly any effort, and that it has an easy installation. He said that this one was the second he had ordered and that his wife loved it. Look at what the customers are saying. The jury is in. This rearview camera is an excellent find for the price.

It’s less than $100, and it’s got a gorgeous LCD monitor that helps you keep track of everything going on behind your vehicle.

He also said that the installation was easy, but that he couldn’t comment on the durability because he hadn’t had it for a very long period of time. Another customer said, “This product works very well”.

Why Should You Purchase Peak PKC0RB Camera

This is a fully-featured wireless backup camera system with a 3.5-inch gorgeous LCD color monitor, and the price is affordable for most budget-conscious consumers. This is a good mid-range rear view backup camera that installs and sets up in a flash.

Plus, Peak came out with this camera, and Peak is a name you can trust in the rear view backup camera market.