Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX Double DIN Wireless Mirroring Android With Backup Camera

PIONEER AVH-W4500NEX Double DIN Wireless Mirroring Android Auto | Built-in Bluetooth technology | 13-band graphic equalizer with selectable tone curves | and more

Pioneer AVH-W4500nex is a sleek, modern car stereo equipped with a backup camera, a 7” large touchscreen, and a gravity phone holder.

Just like any other Pioneer product, AVH-W4500nex is created using the most advanced technology. Thus, you can ensure it works flawlessly to provide you with a complete media experience. Its list of features includes built-in Bluetooth, built-in.

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This system is just as stylish as its younger brother, the PUMPKIN Android 9.0 Car Stereo. It comes with all the bells and whistles that a premium car stereo receiver can offer.

HD radio, Apple Car Key, Apple Home Kit integration, Android Auto, 13-band equalizer, and of course the backup camera. Let’s take a closer look at each of the features offered by Pioneer AVH-W4500nex with a backup camera included.

Design of Pioneer AVH-W4500nex

In terms of looks, this car stereo system from Pioneer is an “eye grabber”. It can definitely boost your car’s appeal and improve its value. All your passengers will notice this device and will suddenly become interested in it.

The all-black finish complements any car interior and works perfectly with black limousines or SUV. The backup camera is also smooth black and complements the overall appearance of this system.

Camera for Extra Protection

Pioneer AVH-W4500nex comes with a built-in camera that you can set in the rear of your car. This modern DVD receiver has a dedicated backup camera that records seamlessly. You can also install a front view camera on this system because it comes with an RCA composite input.

However, note that the camera is not equipped with park assist lines. A firmware update should fix this issue soon enough.

Control Everything Wirelessly

One of the aspects that make this system totally unique on the market is the Wi-Fi-certified Miracast connection. You can easily pair it with any other compatible wireless smart device. It allows you to connect with ease with your home network, including Google Home, Apple Home Kit, and Android Auto.

You can use this system to control your lights inside your home, control the thermostat, lock/unlock the garage door or even turn on the stereo inside your living room. Needless to say, this system allows you to save a great deal of time because you’ll be able to fix anything at home while driving.

For example, you can turn off the light if you’ve forgotten it. You can also close the garage door if you were in a hurry to leave, or you can set the AC to turn on at exactly 30 minutes before arriving home.

Pioneer AVH-W4500nex – Clear Display

The WVGA display offers clear images. The built-in 2GB of memory makes sure all your apps will not have lag and will not get stuck. For example, you can listen to the radio, see the camera in the back live on the monitor, and also set up your AC at home without experiencing any delays.

Now, the Pioneer AVH-W4500nex is not as good as other modern dashcams available on the market because of the screen glare. On a sunny day, you might find yourself in a position to put your free hand over the screen to block the glare. You might try an anti-glare protector such as the one from Box Wave, but it might make your touchscreen become unresponsive.

Another negative aspect of this unit is the installation. It might take some while for you to put together the system. Nevertheless, these are pretty much the only two drawbacks you’ll have to deal with.

Smartphone Connectivity Made Easy

Pioneer AVH-W4500nex can seamlessly connect with your smartphone, allowing you to play music or set up your preferences while driving. This device also connects with a web link, allowing you to stream your favorite content from Spotify, Pandora, or Sirius.

Advanced Bluetooth Technology

Thanks to the advanced Bluetooth technology, you can easily talk to your close friends without holding the phone in your hands. Stream your favorite songs from your laptop or smartphone using the Bluetooth connectivity

With Pioneer AVH-W4500nex, you also gain access to the advanced audio distribution profile feature. This feature ensures that the quality of the audio is exceptional. You will be able to play your favorite songs without any loss of quality. To top it all, you have a 13-band equalizer that enables you to play your favorite music in your preferred modes.

Pioneer AVH-W4500nex – Other Top Features

Inside the package, you’ll also notice the built-in microphone, which allows you to talk to your friends and family members in a distortion-free environment. Pioneer AVH-W4500nex is being continually updated and improved by the manufacturer.  

Pioneer, as a road opener in the technology niche, is keeping up to date with all the advancements in technology and is improving this DVD video receiver.

Use this receiver to enjoy your favorite songs, stream your preferred shows and keep up to date with everything that happens online. At the same time, use it to talk to your dear ones, control smart appliances at home and have a backup camera that gives you peace of mind when parking.

Pioneer AVH-W4500nex – Technical support

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