Piroir 1080P Backup Camera Digital Wireles System Kit

Piroir Wireless Backup Camera System 7″ | 7-inch touch screen anti-glare display | Wireless System-100% No Interference | Compatible with RVs, motorhomes, trucks, semi-trailers, box trucks, shuttle buses, commuter buses, or tractors, plus, | and more…

Piroir 1080p is a modern, well-designed wireless backup camera that is an excellent addition to trucks, SUVs, sedans, busses or even camping cars. This device comes as a great alternative to all the wired backup cameras available on the market.

It offers outstanding signal stability while reducing the installation time and the issues caused by cables and hooks.

Basically, you can install this modern camera in a fraction of the time you would require to install a wired backup camera. For instance, installing the Fookoo II HD kit may take you up to an hour, while installing the Piroir backup camera can be done in less than 10 minutes.

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This modern camera has just hit the market in August 2019. It is a relatively new release, so it comes equipped with numerous perks and additions that older backup cameras failed to have. For example, its digital transmission signal is the most advanced ever to be used for backup cameras.

It allows for a range of 50 meters, which is over 164 feet in the Imperial system. That’s a lot. No vehicle is longer than 164 feet.

The camera comes with a built-in transmitter, so you can save a whole lot of space when installing it. The camera is also dustproof and waterproof. The manufacturer of this backup camera boasts the longest wireless signal ever. They even want to put one of these cameras on a train, to test out its effectiveness. Not that a train would need one.

In this Piroir 1080p review, we want to take a closer look at how this product can meet and even exceed your expectations in terms of usability. Let’s start with how easy it is to install it.

Ease of Installation & No Wires

Inside the package, you’ll be pleased to find two highly durable brackets. You can set up the monitor either on the dashboard or right on the windshield. It will stay in place, even at high speeds.

This system is super easy to install. All you need to do is to connect the monitor to the cigarette lighter and then mount it in the desired position. Next, you need to connect the camera in the rear to the rear light and then mount the camera on its bracket and screw it in the back of your van or car.

The entire process takes less than 10 minutes. If you’ve done this before, you might spend around 2-3 minutes setting up the entire system. This means that you can easily uninstall the camera and the monitor from a vehicle and mount it on another one.

This is very advantageous, especially if you have an RV in addition to your truck or sedan. When you’re planning to go on a mountain trip or visit a local forest, you can easily mount the camera on the RV. When you get back home, put it back in your car.

Piroir 1080P Has Great Screen

The 7” LCD is large and luminous. Thanks to its anti-glare features, it is super easy to see during extreme light. At the same time, it’s also very easy to see at night. You can dim it as much as you like so that the image does not disturb you.

Moreover, the monitor allows you to see the image in full HD. The difference between full HD is quite big. You’ll be able to see the image in the rear of your car with ease, without having to squint at the monitor.

To top it all, you can add guide lines, so parking becomes a breeze. This is a feature you can turn on and off anytime you wish.

Piroir 1080P is Equipped with Excellent Camera

The camera of this system is another feature you will greatly appreciate. First of all, it records in full HD. Second, it records with a super-wide 170-degree angle, so you can pretty much see all the road ahead. Third, you can mount it with ease anywhere.

As a rule of thumb, you want to mount it near or close to your license plate, because that’s where you are close to the headlight. Moreover, you also get a good vantage point, so you can see all the obstacles when parking.

You can adjust the camera up and down at 127 degrees, which is another exceptional feature. If you need the image to catch more of what happens down below, you can easily rotate the camera. You can pretty much personalize the angle view in two ways: initial setup and adjustment.

Last but not least, this camera is waterproof and dustproof. It can perfectly record in dusty weather, rain, snow or even during storms. It features the highest IP6 waterproof rating, so you can enjoy it all year long.

Also, note that this camera records during the dark thanks to the built-in IR lights. You’ll be able to park successfully during the night and not hit anything.

Industry Leading Wireless Signal

Piroir has broken new ground on the market by releasing this backup camera. Together with it, they’ve also launched the most innovative wireless digital transmission signal. You get a flawless signal in an open area at a distance of around 984 feet. That is just astounding.

You can basically use this system to monitor your family from a safe distance, or record what’s happening around your home. You can also use it when camping, to keep a close eye on what’s out there.

Inside the car, the signal works at 168 feet. It works perfectly, with no flickers and interruptions, even at speeds of over 100 mph. You can drive on the interstate extremely fast and never lose the signal. This was only possible before with a wired backup camera.

Perfect For a Wide Range of Vehicles

Piroir 1080P is a sleek digital wireless backup camera that works perfectly for a wide range of vehicles. You can successfully install it on your RV, truck, sedan, 4×4, and even with tractors, shuttle busses, box trucks, and commuter busses.

Because it is so easy to mount and then disassemble, you can switch it between multiple vehicles. You can use it both for residential purposes or commercial purposes.

Piroir 1080P Technical Support

To contact technical support on this product please follow this link TATABACK CO NA