Pumpkin Android 10.0 Car Stereo Double Din Supports Backup Camera

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The Pumpkin Android 9.0 car stereo is a modern, sleek device that allows you to transform your vehicle into a complete media package. This system allows you to see your way on Google Maps, listen to music, talk on the phone, listen to the radio, read the news, stream videos, and even see what lies behind your car using the RCA camera.

Unlike other similar systems, namely Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX, which have the camera included in the package, the Pumpkin android car stereo comes without a camera. You need to buy it separately. This product weighs only 5 pounds and has the following dimensions: 10.2 x 10.2 x 6.5 inches.

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In this Pumpkin android 9.0 car stereo review, we’ll take a closer look at all the specs and features of this unit to help you determine if it’s the right choice for you.

Pumpkin android 9.0 has Optional RCA Camera

This system supports a backup camera. To find it, simply look online for a Pumpkin backup camera. Even if the camera does not look impressive, it offers you impressive image clarity. It is equipped with 4 IR lights and can record at 170 degrees. It also boasts 720p recordings.

The camera allows you to clearly see what lies behind you. Parking your car has never been easier. You can mount the camera on the license plate in the rear of your car and you won’t have to worry ever again. The RCA camera from Pumpkin is shockproof, dustproof, waterproof, and is made of high-quality PAL to withstand the test of time.

You also get a 6 meters long video cable, which is long enough so you can set up the camera in any type of car, including a pickup. You can also adjust the angle of the camera by 35 degrees by loosening certain screws.

The camera sends sharp images to the monitor, allowing you to see 648×488 pixels at a resolution of 480 TV lines. The camera from Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX is definitely not as advanced as the camera from Pumpkin android car stereo.

Works with the Newest 9.0 Android

What you will definitely love about this system from Pumpkin, in addition to the high-quality and versatile optional camera, is the Android 9.0 connectivity. This advanced car stereo runs on Android 9.0 Pie, the most stable Android system to date.

Thanks to its included 4GB RAM, octa-core processor, and 32 GB memory, Pumpkin android 9.0 car stereo can easily go head to head with any other car stereo available on the market. In fact, it will run smoother than many other smartphones released in 2019.

Uses of The Pumpkin Android Car Stereo

This system allows you to install hundreds of apps and use them at the same time. Thanks to its PX3 CPU, this unit is also protected against overheating.

You can use it to listen to music, stream your favorite TV shows, read the news, tune in to the radio, set up your car, program smart appliances at home, and stay in control of your agenda. Also, you can use this device as an extension of your phone that sits on your dashboard and makes your life easier.

Easily call your friends, use voice-to-text to send messages while you drive, navigate using Google Maps, the search phone book or even order online if you have Alexa the app installed on it.

Pumpkin android 9.0 has GPS Support

Your trips are made easy with this device. This car stereo from Pumpkin supports both online and offline navigation. It syncs with Google Maps, Waze, and Sygic. It also supports 3D maps and offers you voice guidance.

You can also listen to the radio while the navigation is on, or listen to your favorite music via USB.

WiFi/4G Connectivity

Pumpkin has done a marvelous job when they have designed this Android car stereo unit. You can easily connect it to any open Wifi network. You can additionally mount the included 1.5m long antenna to gain a better Wifi reception.

Optionally, you can use a 4G modem via USB to make sure the unit is always connected to the internet.

Other Key Features

In addition to all of the above, this modern car stereo from Pumpkin supports a 1-second fast boot. It also has the universal 2 din stereo radio included, so it can easily fit any car vehicle and make.

It has high-quality radio reception, so it can easily capture AM /FM/ RDS channels.

Using It

You will really appreciate all the features of this unit once you get to use it. The large Full HD touchscreen is just outstanding, supporting 4K cameras and offering a built-in TDA7851L amplifier.

The navigation is super smooth, and you can easily control and adjust all settings by pressing the buttons on the screen or by swiping up and down.

You can use Bluetooth for your phone, leverage iHeartRadio to play your favorite songs, download your best apps from the Play Store, and also use the Torque app. This app connects to data from your car and your engine and allows you to see if your car is working correctly.

You can do a lot of cool stuff on this sleek car stereo. Leverage its extended memory capabilities to install all your favorite apps and make your life easier. Do not forget to buy the Pumpkin android car stereo backup camera and stay protected when driving in reverse or parking.

Technical Support

In the event, your product doesn’t work as expected, or you’d like someone to walk you through set-up, Amazon offers free product support over the phone on eligible purchases for up to 90 days. To access this option, go to Your Orders and choose to get product support.