Review on Rear View Safety 7 LCD Backup Camera

Rear View Safety 7 LCD is out with a stellar new product. This backup camera has really exceeded customers’ expectations – and you can clearly see that from the glowing reviews on e-commerce sites across the web.

On Amazon alone, this rearview camera has a 4.4-star rating and over 500 customer reviews. It’s almost unheard of for a product with so many reviews to have a rating above 4.5. What makes this product so special? Let’s get right into it.

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It costs under 220$, which is pretty expensive. But, the price is worth it for the product you get. You could spend $50 and get a product with a 4-star rating (and fewer features and accessories), but isn’t your safety, protection against fraud, and a vehicle worth more than that?

Key Futures

  • Commercial-grade – shock & weather-resistant
  • 7” LCD color monitor – mirror image feature
  • Add a couple more cameras if you want
  • 130-degree camera with 18 infrared illuminators for night vision
  • Automatic system switch with a microphone (see and hear what is behind you)
  • 50-foot infrared night vision
  • Reliable and strong with a 15G impact rating (best in the industry)
  • Comes with a full-year warranty

Rear View Safety 7 LCD – Pros

Excellent image quality: coming with a large 7” LCD, 420 lines of resolution, and 1 by 4 color sharp CCD, the RVS-770613 has exceeded all expectations in terms of image quality and sharpness. The 7” digital TFT monitor comes with mirror image capability, being able to display any image in a true perspective. Its monitor has a picture quality that literally makes your smartphone blush. At 1440 x 234 pixels, the RVS-770613 displays all obstacles and objects in the rear, bright and clear.

Solid construction: this camera has a heavy-duty construction quality which makes it last longer in time. Most customers who have purchased this product were taken aback by its waterproof connectors and cables, weatherproof casing with an IP68 rating, featuring a 10g impact rating. Both of these ratings are the highest in the industry, making the Rear View Safety 7 LCD camera one of the best when it comes to reliability and durability.

Infrared night vision: this powerful camera employs infrared technology, and it does it extremely effective. Although there are other backup cameras that feature night vision, none of them benefit from this type of high-end infrared technology. The RVS-770613 has 18 infrared illuminators which make driving at night a safe and pleasant experience. All customers and specialists have rated this product with 10 stars out of 10 when it comes to infrared night vision.

Integrated 2.1 mm ultra-wide-angle lens: the Rear View Safety 7 LCD has a very good viewing angle of 130 degrees. In addition, the 2.1mm lens allows you to capture images perfectly, regardless of the distance to the camera. This helps a lot in situations when you need to see close obstacles clearly, such as kids or pets.

Amazing features: the Rear View Safety 7 LCD backup camera has many features that could prove extremely useful to 21st-century drivers. For instance, the built-in speakers are very useful, because you don’t have to connect the camera to a digital receiver. Not to mention the switchable 16:9 to 4:3 aspect ratio, which gives you absolute control over the resolution.

Additionally, the 3 video inputs allow you to connect additional cameras or even a DVD player, while the automatic switch option turns on the device the moment your vehicle goes into reverse. On top of all, the remote control gives you complete control over all the camera’s functions.

Very easy to mount: the Rear View Safety 7 LCD Color Backup Camera System with Audio is extremely easy to mount on your car. In case you cannot handle it, just enter the company website and click the orange “Questions” tab in the left lower corner.

Rear View Safety 7 LCD – Cons

Poor image quality during harsh weather: even if the RVS-770613 works perfectly on a sunny day when it rains or snows the view is not so clear. Moreover, the camera mount might rust in humid weather.

Quite expensive: many customers have complained about the price of this product.

What Do The Customers Say About Rear View Safety 7 LCD?

One customer said that it was a “great system!” He detailed why he purchased it and what for. He said that he bought the system a few months ago for his motorhome. He said that the rearview camera performed well on the trip and that he loved it.

He even said that the manufacturer was very nice and supportive and that they sent a replacement part the same day that he called about a broken monitor piece. He wrote that it was very easy to install, as well.

One of the added benefits of this rearview camera is that you can see your towed vehicle and all the traffic behind you, even in a motorhome. This camera removes all blind spots, as well. This is a rearview camera that will make you more confident while you’re traveling in a motorhome. And, if it’s good enough for a motorhome, it’s more than adequate for any other vehicle.

Unlike some rearview camera manufacturers that provide very little customer support (or even instruction manuals in some cases), Rear View Safety 7 LCD is a very supportive and reliable company, and their products have that same level of strength and reliability. Another customer posted, “You could drive 55 in reverse with this thing… but don’t.”

He said that after shopping around on the web and reading some of the bad reviews of other backup cameras, he wanted something that was going to stand high above the rest. He wrote that he wanted a rearview camera with a lot of features and options. He said that he liked that everything was “hard-wired, durable, great infrared.”

One customer said it was “freaking amazing” and another said it was a “great affordable camera”. This Rear View Safety 7 LCD camera is more durable, reliable, strong, impact-resistant, weather-resistant, shock-resistant, and fully featured than other cameras in its class. It comes from Rear View Safety, too, which is a company with an incredible reputation.

Why Should You Purchase Rear View Safety 7

You are going to pay a little more for this product, but it is definitely worth it. You couldn’t ask for a better-reviewed product or a more reliable manufacturer. Rear View Safety 7 LCD has a great reputation, and they put out products that help to reinforce that great reputation.