Review on TaoTronics TT-CC17 Rear View Backup Camera

This Product Has Been Discontinued

With a 4.5-star rating and over 600 customer reviews, this is a backup camera that has proven itself – time and time again. Those reviews are just on Amazon alone. That’s not counting the hundreds of reviews across the web on other vendors’ websites

This is an unobtrusive rearview backup camera that you won’t even notice on your car. And, unbelievably, this camera is just around $40. You can even get a used one for under $30. Isn’t $30 worth it for such a good insurance policy?

TaoTronics TT-CC17 will mount easily on your license plate. It has a beautiful quality zinc chrome frame, and the exterior looks great on most vehicles.

It was built with a CMOS imager, and the camera creates a beautiful HD images straight to your mirror monitor, in-dash TV, or any other video input that is RCA-compatible.

Because of the compliant night vision infrared LEDs and weatherproofing, the camera works in nearly all weather conditions – and even at night. TaoTronics TT-CC17 can be tilted up and down, which means you can pick your best shooting angle. It has a 170-degree viewing angle with a macro lens, and it offers you big viewing fields and reduces blind spots.

It can even project the “grid lines” onto the monitored image, so you can see how far away the close-by objects are. Choose this camera and keep your drive a lot more secure – and a whole lot safer.

What Do The Customers Say?

One customer said that it offered better quality and that it was strong enough to handle several years on your vehicle. The customer said that this was a license plate camera that was built to last a long time. He went on to describe it as such: he said that it was made out of cast zinc and then coated with a very tough coating of black paint.

He wrote that he was stunned at how rugged and heavy this license plate is. He said that that made it easier for it to hold up in bad weather. He talked about the eight IR LEDs that help light the way even in really dark weather in the nighttime or daytime.

The customer also said that it was a color camera and that it had a 170-degree side-to-side viewing angle that was very good, and that it had a 120-degree vertical viewing angle, too. He went on to say that there were a couple of set screws to keep the camera positioned, and if you loosen them up, you can modify the camera height to get the right viewing angle for the vehicle height. He even wrote that there was an Allen wrench supplied to tighten and loose the screws.

This exuberant and incredibly comprehensive review from this customer was just one of the hundreds. Other customers wrote great things about it, as well.

One customer wrote, “heavy-duty looks good”. Another customer wrote, “does the job, nicely made”. Another customer wrote, “love it”. A fourth customer wrote, “this is the one you want.” A fifth customer wrote, “great backup camera”.

One of the most interesting things about this camera is that there are hundreds of positive reviews – on Amazon alone.

Why Should You Purchase This Rear View Camera?

You can get this affordably priced license plate rear view backup camera in a black or silver finish, and it has several hundred reviews. The customers really love this product, and it’s going to be unobtrusive on the back of your license plate.