Urvolax Mirror Dash Cam 9.88 inch Full Touch Screen Car Backup Camera

Mirror Dash Cam 9.88 inch | Full Touch Screen | Loop Recording | G-Sensor & GPS | 24 Hour Parking Monitor | Lane Departure Warning System | and more

Urvolax mirror backup camera is a modern mirror dual backup dashcam that is available on the market since February 2019. You can easily mount this unit on your rearview mirror and enjoy the two-view image of what happens ahead and in the back of your car.

Urvolax is a system that is equipped with two full HD cameras that record 170 degrees in front – dashcam and 150 degrees backup in the rear. With this system on your car, you’ll be able to constantly monitor everything that happens around your car, at 320 degrees. You’ll only be missing 40 degrees of the image, 20 degrees on each side.

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Most other backup cameras out there, including the well-famed AUTO-VOX X2, can only record around 140 degrees of vision with each camera. That leaves you with 80 degrees of footage that you cannot see, 40 degrees on each side. That is twice as much as what Urvolax lets you record.

Let’s dive deeper into how Urvolax works and why it could be a very good choice for you.

Design of Urvolax Mirror Backup Camera

The first thing you will notice about the Urvolax mirror backup camera system is its sleek design. The monitor allows you to enjoy smooth images in full HD, on a large 9.88” display. The monitor looks very fancy, especially as it replaces your rearview mirror. You could not have asked for a better unit in terms of design.

The backup camera also looks very stylish and elegant. Its rounded design makes for a great addition to any modern car, such as SUV or limousine.

Probably the only backup camera with a sleeker design than Urvolax’s is the Tekbow mirror backup camera, which is equipped with a large 10” HD IPS screen that can beat any smartphone screen available in 2019.

Dual Recording

Both cameras record in full HD. They record at the same time, so you can easily view both recordings on the monitor. Once you drive in reverse, the rearview camera will get on the screen as a priority camera.

When you turn on the camera, both cameras start recording simultaneously. You can choose to view both cameras on the display or just one of them. You can do this inside the menu.

Super Easy Operation

You can easily adjust all functions by swiping on the screens up and down, left and right. You can adjust the brightness by swiping, adjust the volume, switch between cameras and also adjust the scope. By simply swiping up and down, you can adjust the viewing angle on any of the two cameras.

This feature is super useful, especially if you need to drive safely and you want to get a clearer picture of what lies ahead. When parking, swiping down allows you to see any potential obstacles and gain the peace of mind that you’ll park perfectly.

Adjustable Front Camera

You can adjust the front camera not just up and down by swiping on the screen, but also slide it out for a better view. It can be done manually, so the camera will record more of the road ahead from a central position.

Urvolax Mirror Backup Camera – Simple Installation

You’ll also love this backup camera from Urvolax the fact that it is super easy to install. Simply use the silicone straps to mount the screen over your rearview mirror, then connect the unit to your car charger power supply and lastly connect the rearview camera to the main unit.

You have all the setting up installations and all the tools needed inside the box.

Weatherproof Backup Camera

The rearview camera is weatherproof, so you can mount it outside your car without worrying about rain, snow, or pesky weather. You can use it successfully in any weather condition and it won’t disappoint you.

Urvolax Useful Features

This backup camera is equipped with 3 indispensable features: loop recording, G-sensor, and 24 – hour monitoring. They work together to give you the peace of mind that your vehicle is safe in case of accidents, theft, or any other potential issue.

Lane Departure Warning System

To further protect you from accidents, Urvolax mirror backup camera is equipped with a modern ADAS feature called a lane departure warning system. If you suddenly fall asleep at the wheel and you turn the wheel or you accidentally stray into another lane, the camera starts beeping to let you know you are in danger.

This feature alone could save your life. It has saved countless lives so far, especially the lives of drivers who need to drive long distances at night.

Urvolax Mirror Backup Camera has One Year Warranty

In order to give you the peace of mind that you have made the right choice with this product, the guys from Urvolax are offering a one full year warranty. They provide you a free replacement in an instant in case any parts start malfunctioning.

Urvolax Mirror Backup Camera – The Bottom Line

With these in mind, it’s probably time to choose if whether Urvolax mirror backup camera is a good choice for you in 2019. Thanks to all its features, including 24 – hour monitor, lane departure warning system, G-sensor, adjustable view, front camera flexibility and no-delay display, this unit is definitely a good buy if you want to stay safe behind the wheel.

More Technical Info

In the case of technical problems this seller can be contacted by email: service02@urvolax.cn or service01@urvolax.cn