Veclesus VMS 7-inch Wired Backup Camera

VECLESUS VMS backup camera | Build-in Mic | 7# wide screen | IP68 Waterproof | Superior IR Night Vision | Multiple Mounting Methods | Adjustable Parking Line | and more

The VECLESUS VMS 7-inch Wired Backup Camera is a modern backup camera kit specially designed for trucks of all sizes. This unit has wide applicability and can be successfully used on most vehicles, from RVs and trailers to busses, SUVs, and even sedans.

This new backup camera comes with an impressive range of voltage compatibility. While most other backup cameras available on the market support between 12V and 24V, this device from VECLESUS offers support for vehicles with a voltage of between 9V and 35V.

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You can also easily install it using the instructions in the box. You can mount it on any type of dashboard. However, note that you need at least 6.7 inches in length and 2 inches in width.

Veclesus VMS Multiple Installation Methods

The VECLESUS VMS 7-inch Wired Backup Camera is a unit specially created to fit a multitude of tastes and cater to a wide range of needs. We can see that from the fact that it is suitable for cars of all sizes and voltages. Moreover, it’s suitable for drivers who have their unique way of installing backup cameras.

This unit comes with no less than 3 ways of installation. You can mount the monitor on the windshield using the suction bracket in the box, install it on the dash using the U-shaped bracket or mount it in front of you, on the dashboard, with the fan-shaped bracket. You get all the brackets inside the box, so you can choose your favorite installation method.

Inside the box, you’ll also find a crowbar to assist you when mounting the camera in the rear, plus an extremely useful remote controller so you can turn the camera on and off and adjust settings when you are outside the vehicle.

Veclesus VMS has Superior Night Vision

This modern wired backup camera from VECLESUS offers superior night vision thanks to the 18 infrared lights and advanced CCD sensor. The high-quality vision during the night is similar to what its competitor is offering, the URVOLAX-Wireless Backup Camera.

Both cameras offer you sharp image quality and allow you to perfectly see in the rear, even if you’re trying to park in a completely dark area.

The built-in sensitive chip adds more brightness and balances the image during the night. You’ll be able to clearly see in the rear of your vehicle, even at high speeds, and not be blinded by other drivers who are driving with the high beams on.

Upgraded Design With Anti-Glare Features

This wired camera benefits from an upgraded design. The manufacturer has done their best to put together a product that allows you to perfectly see the recordings in the back, without being affected by a lack of visibility.

Thanks to the larger sunshade screen, you enjoy 100% anti-glare images. Even during high-intensity sunlight on your dashboard, you’ll be able to clearly see what lies behind your vehicle. The camera records at a vertical angle, so you can adjust it up and down to increase visibility.

Similarly, you can adjust the monitor up and down in order to see better or to simply ensure you have no glare whatsoever.

Other Perks of Veclesus VMS

This device comes with an extra 66 feet long extension cord. This allows you to set it up in any type of vehicle, including very long trailers. The 7” TFT screen is quite large, so you’ll be able to see the recordings with ease.

Another perk of the VECLESUS VMS 7-inch Wired Backup Camera is the built-in speaker. Thanks to the speaker, this device offers you enhanced security. It does not just record the video in the back, but also the audio.

It can record what’s happening outside, but it also records your voice on the inside. It has no delay sound transmissions, so you can hear what is happening outside in real-time. You can basically record your voice-over videos and create great memories.

If you hardwire the camera and use the green wire to connect the device to your ignition power, you can make the camera turn on automatically when you start the engine and then turn it off when you power off your car.

Various Recording Modes

You can set the camera to normal, flip, or reverse mode. If you want, you can also install the device in front of your vehicle. You can pretty much install it anywhere, even on top of an RV to keep a close eye on what’s happening outside.

Thanks to the diagonal viewing angle of 120 degrees, you’ll be able to pretty much capture most of the action from one side. Additionally, you can set up parking lines to assist you when parking. If you’re better off without parking lines, you can always turn them off.

Waterproof and Extremely Useful

This backup camera is completely waterproof. It comes with an IP68 waterproof rating, which means you can drive in heavy rain for over 12 hours. The connectors are treated with high-end solutions, so the camera keeps working during low temperatures and freezing conditions.

Expect it to work flawlessly on the Interstates, while driving at over 60 mph during cold, rain, snow, or even during storms. You can use this camera for temperatures as low as -40 Fahrenheit and as high as 158 Fahrenheit.

Professional Service

The manufacturer of this backup camera offers a high degree of service. You can contact VECLESUS for any problem whatsoever you might experience during installation or post-installation. As a new player on the backup camera market, they are quite keen to help you leverage their product and fully enjoy it.

Multi-Function and Multi-Channel

The backup camera from VECLESUS is equipped with multiple functions and several channels. It has up to three audio channels and video inputs. You can customize it to suit your needs and even add an extra camera to the mix.

Veclesus VMS 7-inch – A Good Buy for Long Vehicles

If you have a long vehicle then this backup camera is an excellent buy for you. Thanks to the extra extension cable, you can enjoy a super stable signal even at high speeds on the road. Its anti-glare and IP68 waterproof rating makes it an excellent partner for the long road.

Leverage the microphone, the speaker, the remote control, and all its perks to drive and park safely.

Veclesus VMS 7-inch Technical Support

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