iStrong Digital Wireless Backup Camera System

Two Video Channels | Touch Button & HD 1080P 7” Monitor | Easy for Installation | Guide Lines ON/OFF | Image Flip | Waterproof | and more …

The iStrong Digital Wireless Backup Camera System is an upgraded, 2nd generation wireless backup camera that offers excellent recording capabilities for large vehicles.

Whether you own an RV, truck, pickup, or even a bus, you can use this device to completely eliminate blind spots, park safely and enjoy peace of mind when driving in reverse.

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This device is IP69 waterproof, dustproof, and works flawlessly even when your vehicle speeds up to 100 mph. It even works for vehicles longer than 80 feet. Very few similar devices available on the market function properly for vehicles between 80 and 100 feet long.

For example, the Emmako Backup Camera Digital Wireless is another well-famed backup camera system. However, it only works without flickers and interferences for vehicles of up to 80 feet in length. Conversely, iStrong Digital Wireless Backup Camera System works amazingly even for longer vehicles of between 80 and 100 feet.

Below, we will review this gorgeous backup camera system from iStrong in order to give you a flavor of how it would look on your vehicle.

iStrong Digital Wireless Backup Camera – Design

In terms of looks, the iStrong Digital Wireless Backup Camera System is a standard wireless backup camera. The device looks similar to most other units on the market, cables and all. However, the monitor looks more stable and the 7 inch does its job to offer you high-clarity images.

Setting it up

Because this camera is wireless, the installation is super easy. All you need to do is to connect the camera in the back to the taillights, then connect the monitor to your cigarette lighter or ACC. Once you turn on the screen, make sure to turn on the rear lights and the whole system comes alive.

You might have to do some adjustments in time, but you can bet that you will get to love how this backup camera works.

iStrong Digital Wireless Backup Camera – Digital vs Analog

One of the first aspects you will notice about the iStrong backup camera is the advanced digital wireless transmission. Previous models were only equipped with analog transmission, which resulted in poor image quality, signal interferences, and picture instability.

This unit uses the most advanced wireless technology to date, so you can be confident that the image will never lose its clarity. Even in fog, rain, or storm, the wireless connectivity ensures you get flawless image clarity.

7″ Large Monitor

Another aspect you will love about this backup camera is the super large 7-inch screen. The screen has a built-in digital receiver, so it automatically gets the signal from the camera. You can use the suction mount to install the screen right on the front window or use the stand bracket to mount the monitor on your dashboard.

However, you will fall in love with how the image looks on this digital equipment. iStrong Digital Wireless Backup Camera System features a stable image, high-quality captures, and no signal interferences whatsoever.

You can only use the monitor to view the recording in the back. Other cameras such as Emmako Digital Wireless Backup Camera 7” Monitor allow you to view two separate cameras in split mode.

The monitor of this camera is directly powered from the ACC or cigarette lighter socket.

Other Useful Details

iStrong Digital Wireless Backup Camera System makes you fall in love with it by offering a very good 150 degrees viewing angle. You can basically view all the dead angles in the back without having to look in the mirror for an extended period of time.

The picture is super clear, even in low light conditions. The camera is equipped with 24 light diodes, so you can bet that you won’t be missing any obstacles when trying to park during the night.

You will also love the steel camera case. It protects the camera from potential accidents and keeps it safe during harsh weather. This quality product is made to last a lifetime and to continue to surprise you with how good it is.

The Bottom Line

iStrong Digital Wireless Backup Camera System is a waterproof, wireless camera perfect for RVs, trucks, or trailers. You can use it in any type of weather to get a clear picture of what lies behind you.

This system could save your life and could protect you from dangerous maneuvers. That is exactly why people from all over the country love it.