Auto Vox Solar4 Wireless Backup Camera For Large Vehicles

Auto Vox Solar4  |   Wireless Backup Camera  |   Split-Screen Monitor  |  A Larger Solar Panel   |  IP69K Waterproof  |  15H Battery Life  |  and more …

Auto-Vox Solar4 RV is a wireless backup camera, meaning no wires can be seen within the connection. What makes it a good investment is it’s a solar-generated camera. Meaning, it will charge itself and do most of its job at all hours. It is great and has a large screen that will surely help the driver to maneuver around the area safely.

To fully get through what Auto-Vox Solar4 can do, we will be answering a few questions below and give you an overview of what it can offer. See the details and invest in a whole new Auto-Vox for your trucks.

What Are The Auto-Vox Main Parts?

Owners who want to assemble a few parts by themselves need to know which parts need keen attention to detail. However, it is recommended to talk with professional installers to avoid serious damage later on. Of course, there’s an easy-to-read booklet that will be a good guide for starters on how to install this backup camera. Check the following main parts below:

⦁ Antennas [2]
⦁ Camera [Mounting bracket and integrated battery for long hour drive]
⦁ Solar panel [to keep the battery charged during the day]
⦁ Bracket for the Solar Panel
⦁ 7-inch Display Monitor and its mounting bracket or frame

Solar Wireless Backup Camera with 7" Monitor...
  • 【5Mins Quick Connection, Money Saving】No need...
  • 【Rechargeable Battery Life for Long...
  • 【Strong Stable Signal for Driving & Parking...
  • 【7" Car Monitor with 1080P Clear View】Wireless...
  • 【Solar Backup Camera for Reducing Frequent...

Along with its cables and screws, one can simply assemble a backup camera in no time. Bear in mind that it is ideal to follow the instructions and avoid unnecessary problems in the long run. Technically, one has to check the whole Auto-Vox system before installing it on the trucks for a long drive, for work, or for leisure.

How Does The Camera Work?

Auto-Vox Solar4 RV has a solar-powered backup camera, IR Night Vision (as a Security Camera), and an RV Backup Camera with High Compatibility that can surely produce 1080P quality videos. Let’s dig into how these cameras work that contributes to the overall quality of the product.

Solar-Powered Backup Camera

By design, these solar-powered back cameras have larger panels that help in capturing sunlight and converting it into energy that will make the system work. It has a durable battery that can work for longer hours without any need for manual charging.

IR Night Vision

Enhanced IR Night Vision has been made possible with two powerful and capable IR LEDs which illuminate the rear-view for about 30ft. This way, the camera will work without any halo across the screen even on a full night scale.

RV Backup Camera with High Compatibility

Mount one camera in the desired area to allow it to observe obstacles and traffic, and hitch a trailer. This type of camera provides a comprehensive view of the road condition where the truck is at. With this, misjudgment and possible road accidents can be avoided.

What Other Things Can We Get From Using Auto-VOX Solar4 RV?

Ensuring that all transactions and road trips are safe, investing in a good backup camera will make things safe. Auto-VOX Solar4 RV is the leading solar backup camera that has been in the field for a little while. Along with its built-in 6600 upgraded battery capacity, having a no-reverse light option makes it one of the best solar-powered backup cameras in today’s time. It certainly works independently fitting all RV and other wired systems.

Why Do We Need A Backup Camera On Our Trucks?

Recent traffic rules and regulations have required all trucks and other vehicular modes to have a rearview or surveillance system to avoid accidents. Most of the time, backup cameras reduce the occurrence of such accidents making it more beneficial to the driver and the public as well.

Basically, a good and well-maintained backing camera system can help you in knowing what was going on from all angles. Whether you move forward or do reverse and parallel parking, these cameras can help you avoid troubles. Here are the advantages of owning one:

Provide A Safe and Secure Driving

Obviously, this is by far one of the most important advantages that make these backup cameras worth the investment. It helps avoid accidents, injuries, and fatalities. It expands your view at all angles giving support to the driver as well as to other people on the road. Moreover, it provides a clear view of those blind spots which can be a great help when lifting and reversing along a critical area on the road or on the streets.

As the name suggests, it provides support to the driver when moving forward or parallel parking. These cameras are great aids to the driver to avoid obstacles or other vehicles during their drive along the highway. Whether it’s a manual or automatic truck, the camera will work instantly providing a clear view of all angles, especially the blind spots.

At certain levels, one can prevent collisions, especially on a congested street. Bear in mind that no matter how good your driving skills are it is better to have a clear view of what was going on around the perimeter of the truck. For this reason, it is much clearer now why backup cameras are good investments. Also, one can also avoid collisions along the blind spots which can be a good thing for both the driver and other vehicles.

Cost Efficient

A rear or backup camera for trucks can be more expensive than a normal rearview camera for cars. So, why is it cost-efficient? Recent prices of this kind of camera are becoming pocket-friendly which makes it affordable at some point. Yes, the initial cost might cost a fortune but the benefits we can get enjoy throughout its lifespan are worth investing in. It is a long-term investment that will somehow help us in saving money.

Do I Really Have To Install One?

As mentioned above, installing an Auto-VOX Solar4 RV can avoid serious damages such as road accidents, collisions, fatalities, or worse death. As much as we can avoid traffic cases, one must also deal with various financial issues if these kinds of scenarios happen. The likelihood of such an event can be avoided by installing a reliable backup camera that can provide a clear view of what was going on.

In the same way, hitting a car that is behind us can be tricky. One must spend a whole lot for repairs, insurance, and other health-related bills for worse situations. Luckily, we can now avoid these things by just installing a well-working backup camera. Nevertheless, installing a solar-powered backup camera changes how we drive along a certain traffic density. 

What Makes Auto-VOX a Lot Better Than Other Well-Known Backup Cameras?

A backup camera can do other things than just aiding the drivers in their long rides. Investors and people in manufacturing companies have been in constant quest on how to make these a lot better. Most of them have a plethora of options that make one wonder how vast and helpful other camera options are. Here’s a quick overview of the other two truck cameras and how Auto-VOX is the better option:

Pioneer AVH-W4500nex is a car stereo with a camera equipped with multi-touch screen panels. A big thank you to these various screen panels for it allows you to better respond when controlling the device or by simply adjusting the colors during its function.

Furrion FOS07TASF 7” Vision S this backup camera provides a full observation kit to the driver making him aware of his surroundings. It has four connecting cameras that make up the main screen providing a clear view of all sides of the truck. It records 360-degree angles which makes the whole driving experience a safe one. These are usually the type of cameras installed in campers and trucks.

auto vox solar4

Auto-VOX Solar4 RV is a wireless solar-powered backup camera that makes it one of the most ideal ones out of the three. The panels situated at the top of the truck convert the solar energy into power that makes the camera function at all hours. Thus, it gives a very clear view of what is going on at all angles which provides great support to the driver and other vehicles along the road.

Furthermore, it is cost-efficient and can be of great help during long trips.

Owners and drivers alike have one thing in mind: to be safe and secure during a long venture on the road. Yes, accidents can be avoided but it is not only driving skills that matter but also the equipment you have to prevent them. Backup cameras are good options to avoid vehicular accidents and the like.

It provides a clear view of what was happening around your truck’s perimeter. Moreover, it can be of great help when we move forward or do parallel parking. This way, we can avoid accidents and other vehicular fatalities that might cause financial disputes when it happens. Either way, installing Auto-VOX Solar4 RV is a better option available in the market today.

The Bottomline

Vehicular accidents are inevitable. It happens unannounced and at our least expected time. All we can do is avoid it and somehow do it by simply having a device that tells us what was going on around our perimeter.

A solar wireless backup camera that will do the work for us during a long drive can be of great help. It gives us the assurance that our perimeter is safe from any form of vehicular issues for it provides a clear view of the area. Furthermore, Auto-VOX Solar4 RV provides these comforting benefits which make it a much-needed backup camera.

It has a super easy installation process without needing to drill it into the roof of the truck. It is a solar-powered one. Meaning, it charges at all hours converting these energies into power that makes the camera work. It has large screen panels to avoid issues during the maneuver. In short, it has an excellent quality component that lives up to its name.

As clear as the details above, Auto-VOX Solar4 RV can be more than just a camera for safe driving. It’s a great aid when driving and also a good recorder of what was going on around the truck. This way, one can have a safe and secure journey by having these cameras around the perimeter at all hours. 

Douxury 4K Backup Camera System

Douxury | 4K Backup Camera System | 10.36’’ Monitor | 4 AHD Camera 4 Splits | Great Night Vision | 365-Day Replacement Warranty | Operated Temperature from -59°F to 176°F | and more …

The Douxury 1080P is a wireless backup camera that can be used for monitoring your RV, truck, or 5th wheel. It features a 7” dual-monitor LCD screen and a stable signal. The monitoring mode can be changed to either a single or full screen with 4 video inputs. You can also add additional cameras for future use. Also, the four video inputs are easy to upgrade.

The new generation of Douxury wireless backup cameras is equipped with an upgraded signal chip, which can provide a signal that can reach up to 300 feet in an open area and 180 feet in a truck camper. The wireless camera system of Douxury can provide you with a wide view angle and full HD images, while the color image processor and the sharp lens will allow you to take great pictures during driving

Wireless Backup Camera, DOUXURY IP69 Waterproof...
  • Upgraded Wireless Backup Camera: With unique dual...
  • 4 Split Screen: 4 channels rv monitor. You can add...
  • DVR Recording Function: RV backup camera supports...
  • IP69 Waterproof Level: With the latest sealing...
  • 1080P HD Backup Camera: Adopting 1080p CCD image...

The camera features a 1 light sensor and 18 infrared lights. It can provide you with a clear and unobstructed view of the night at up to 50 feet. Compared with glass-based backup cameras, the Douxury wireless backup camera is IP69 waterproof. It features full glue sealing technology, which makes it more effective in various weather conditions.

Using A Douxury Backup Camera For Your Vehicle

The camera can be mounted on the rear of a 40-foot marker light. After the power is turned on, the system will work immediately. It can be able to transmit images at speeds of up to 65 mph during a rainstorm. The camera was easy to install, but since the power to the camera came from the marker lights, you have to figure out how to turn them on.

After a bit of work, you will be able to get the camera to work properly, and you can experience a good image, and you will feel happy.

If you get this Douxury camera for your vehicle car, which does not have a backup camera, you can install it in just less than an hour, and you would not have to mess with the wires. The ability to see what is behind the machine also helps people feel more secure, and the screen brightness can be adjusted to achieve a more natural effect. The other good thing about this model is that it can be used during the day and at night.

Douxury is a better model product and is recommended for anyone. The picture quality is good, the extra lead is good, and the menu options are better than the other backup camera systems.

Why Douxury 4k Backup Camera Is Better?

With a Douxury backup system, it can help drivers avoid getting into accidents while parking or driving in crowded areas. It features a 170 rear view camera that allows you to see clearly and safely.

The wireless reversing camera system from Douxury eliminates having the wires between the camera and the rear view monitor. It is incredibly easy to install and maintain, and it is also less expensive. The signal strength of the Douxury camera is solid and stable, as it can reach up to 10m from the vehicle and up to 100m from the open area. It can be used for various applications such as hatchback, SUV, mini lorry, estate car, cargo van, etc.

The Douxury wireless camera system also features excellent quality and is equipped with an IP68 waterproof feature. It can also be used with a night vision function that will help you drive more safely and securely. A back up camera for your car is an integral part of a vehicle. It adds a level of sophistication to a vehicle. However, what if you want to purchase a new back up camera like Douxury? Most people would happily take this opportunity.

With the availability of a high-quality car backup camera, you can now enjoy the best possible driving experience while using your vehicle’s backup camera. This feature not only provides you with a safe and secure way to monitor your vehicle, but it also allows you to enjoy the feeling of having one from your car in crystal clear view.

Douxury Backup Camera 4k vs. Xroose Backup Camera

The Xroose F3 is a wireless camera that can be used to back up your vehicle. It features a 152-inch wide-angle lens, a 3.0 AHD control chip, and an IP69k waterproof and fog-resistant coating. On the other hand, The 4K AHD and 1080P camera system of Douxury provide the best picture quality at the best possible resolution. It eliminates the blind spot and makes driving safer.

Is the Xroose F3 a better choice than the Douxury 4k backup camera system? for your car security needs? There are various models available for your car security cameras. However, before you decide which one to buy, you need to make sure that it meets your specific requirements. One essential factor you need to take into account is the built-in digital video recording function of Douxury. This allows you to record multiple video clips at the same time.

As the Xroose Backup Camera comes with a built-in backup camera that is ideal for capturing images in adverse weather conditions. The Douxury Back-up Camera is compatible with most modern vehicles, such as box trucks, trailers, and tractor-trailers. It can also function seamlessly with a power supply that’s 12-24V DC. It features a durable and reliable design that can function seamlessly even in harsh weather conditions.

Douxury Backup Camera 4k vs. AMTIFO A10 Camera

The Amtifo A10 features a 170-degree wide vision and is IP69K waterproof. Its 4 channels and 10.1′′ monitors provide a large viewing area. Meanwhile, the Douxury 4K backup camera system features a 10.36” monitor and a 4 HD camera for monitoring RV truck trailers. It can also record audio and video using a digital video recorder.

However, some facts about AMTIFO A10 is that due to the size of their bodies, recreational vehicles are often more complicated to navigate than regular cars. Doing so can be very dangerous, especially for those who are used to driving in reverse. One may also say that side mirrors are for this purpose. On the other hand, The Adjustable parking assist line on douxury features 18 infrared LED lights that provide clear images at night.

You can adjust its height and width according to your needs. Also, it is very convenient for a fast operation.

The use of AMTIFO A10 rearview cameras has replaced the need for drivers to manually look at the road in order to see what is happening around them. Most vehicles come with these cameras after the purchase. But the Douxury’s wide and waterproof angle cameras are made of IP69, which can withstand various harsh weather conditions. They can operate at temperatures ranging from -59 degrees Fahrenheit to 176 degrees Fahrenheit.

The wireless system of the Douxury 4k backup camera system is easy and very simple to install, and it does not have any signal problems. You just need to provide the power to the monitor, and the camera will automatically switch on.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Douxury a wireless backup camera?

The Douxury is a wireless camera system that features a robust and stable digital signal that can reach up to 300 feet in open areas and 180 feet in vehicles. It also comes with an auto-dimming feature that allows you to dim its output whenever it senses that something is wrong. It is an excellent choice for truck campers that are looking for a reliable and secure way to protect their vehicle.

2. Is it worth installing a Douxury 4k backup camera?

If you are looking for a way to monitor the distance between yourself and another vehicle in the dark, a douxury wireless backup camera is a great investment. It is one of the most extensive tech upgrades that you can make to your older car, and it will keep working all the time seamlessly.

3. What is better? Wireless or a wired backup camera?

A wired camera is much better than a wireless one for capturing high-quality images. The connection between the camera and the car’s screen allows it to receive and transmit data faster, which results in a more focused and sharp picture. Fortunately, the douxury is as good as wired and wireless due to its function.

4. Is Douxury an affordable backup camera?

Douxury is an affordable backup camera for your vehicle, given its nice features. You can get an excellent backup camera at an affordable price. So, if you’re on a tight budget, you may want to consider this one.

5. What is the size of the screen of the Douxury?

The Douxury 1080P is a wireless camera that can be used for monitoring the rear view of your RV, truck, or 5th wheel. It features an 11 x 8 x 3 dimension and a 7 inches screen dual-monitor system.


One essential factor that you will want to consider when it comes to choosing an aftermarket backup camera is its visibility. This is because having a camera that has a wide viewing angle and a deep lens will allow you to see what is behind your vehicle more clearly.

The resolution of the screen and the camera are two factors that affect the image’s clarity. The larger the screen, the better view from the camera. Also, the angle of the lens is taken into account to determine the best viewing distance.

eRapta Wireless Backup Camera for RV Truck Trailer Pickup With DVR Built In

eRapta Wireless Backup Camera | 2020 Newest Wireless Technology | Built-in DVR Recording | come with a 32GB SD Card, max up to128G | 16 infrared light and CCD sensor | Stable Wireless Signal with 2.4G transmission | High 69K Waterproof | and more …

No complexity is involved in the installing eRapta Wireless Backup Camera. You can decide where you want to mount this backup camera. In other words, it can be installed in any place you prefer. With 1080P HD image quality, you can expect clear images.

You can find 4 Super HD CCD Cameras on this device. Don’t worry about recording clarity. Every image is captured with precision and clarity. Moreover, you don’t have to bother about any blind spots. Make driving a pleasant experience with this backup camera.

You don’t need Wi-Fi if you mount this backup cam on your vehicle. With the help of a 5 TV antenna, cameras transfer the video to monitor by wireless tech. Further, you can come across a sophisticated, built-in DVR on this device. It saves the video files automatically.

eRapta Battery Wireless Backup Camera ADC5, Stable...
  • [ Easy to install ] No complicated wiring...
  • [ 1080P HD Image ] This digital wireless backup...
  • [ 2022 Newest Wireless Technology ] Upgrade Stable...
  • [ Multi-Function ] New generation Built-in DVR...
  • [ Wide Compatibility ] This Wireless Car Rear View...

Let us compare the eRapta Wireless Backup Camera to the eRapta A9 model. You can find the former offering a better image quality than the latter. However, the monitor size of the eRapta A9 is larger by two inches compared to the monitor of the latest version.

When did eRapta launch this backup camera? It is a new product that was released on May 28, 2020. That is to say, this model is a new entrant in the market. However, many people are showing interest in buying this product.

What is the weight of this eRapta Wireless camera model? Well, it weighs 6.18 pounds. The product specifications are 10.55 x 8.43 x 7.17 inches. Okay; we have offered some basic information on the eRapta Wireless Backup Camera. Now, let us find out everything in detail. If you read this unbiased review, you can make an informed decision.

Enhanced Image Quality, And Recording

You can expect high image quality due to the 1080P HD Image resolution. There are 4 super HD CCD cameras attached to this system. Crystal clear image is what you can expect. Therefore, driving becomes a pleasant experience.

You can find a 7-inch AHD monitor on this backup camera system. It comes with an excellent recording function and supports record 4 Channels Camera at the same time. Without creating any blind spots, four cameras capture everything seamlessly. You can expect a 100% safe driving experience.

You can find an upgraded 3.0 loop recording function on this eRapta Wireless Backup Camera. The oldest video clips are automatically overwritten by the new footage. When you purchase this product, you will receive a 32GB memory card. It supports a maximum memory of up to 128GB. Further, the automatic reverse feature can be activated by changing to full screen.

Wide Coverage And High Signal Strength

Truck drivers are always on the lookout for backup cameras that offer wide coverage. Well, you can choose this one with the confidence to get super-wide coverage. Secondly, the camera can be rotated up to 360 degrees. You can describe this one as a wide-angle backup camera system. It eliminates blind spots efficiently.

You can expect high signal strength with this eRapta model. Thanks to the 2020 New Wireless Technology. Since the advanced technology offers stable signals, it recovers 100% true road conditions without any unwanted delay. What about the transmission distance? It goes beyond 164 feet with a rate of 10Mbs/s. If you are searching for a trusted guard, you can choose this backup camera.

No doubt, eRapta Wireless Backup Camera is a flexible device. High compatibility with various types of large vehicles easily makes it a popular choice. In other words, you can use this backup camera on a wide variety of vehicles. No matter whether you own a truck, camper, pickup, trailer, RV, or motorhome, this device is a perfect option.

Simple Installation And Outstanding Ease Of Use

Installation becomes a breeze with an eRapta backup camera. After installing the monitor, you can use the car charger to power the monitor. If you want, hardware can be used to power the same. Most importantly, high flexibility and ease of use can be associated with this product.

Generally, all cameras are connected to a constant power source except for one backup camera. For the purpose of backing, you can connect one reversing camera to the taillight power. Don’t worry about finding a location for installing the cameras. In fact; you can place them wherever you want based on your convenience.

Ease of ease is another quality that distinguishes the eRapta Wireless Backup Camera from other products. The package contains a simple instruction manual where you can find answers to all your questions. Get immediate answers from the customer support team as well.

Other Notable Features

If you use this camera, you don’t have to search for a Wi-Fi connection. It comes with a 5 TV antenna that helps the cameras transfer the video to the monitor by wireless tech. Moreover, you can find a refined, built-in DVR on this eRapta model. It facilitates the automatic saving of video files. Whenever you need footage, you can recover it easily.

Equipped with waterproof cameras, this device offers high longevity. Therefore, you can use it on rainy or snowy days daringly. Another interesting feature is the split-screen function. Supporting quad view display, the monitor makes the eRapta backup camera extremely user-friendly. You can change the split-screen modes between 1, 2, and 4 channel displays.

In addition, you can find a parking line feature on this backup camera. Any camera can be switched on or off individually based on your convenience. Overall, you can expect a smooth and comfortable driving experience.

Final Words On eRapta Wireless Backup Camera

Okay, you might have got a clear picture of what the eRapta Wireless Backup Camera offers. In conclusion, this backup camera is a highly functional and user-friendly device that offers many smart features and benefits. It is a very good choice for large vehicles like trucks, trailers, camper, RVs, Pickup, and buses.

Moreover, stable signals, high image quality, and simple installation make this eRapta model one of the best dashcams available today.

ZSMJ Digital Wireless Backup Camera Waterproof Night Vision

ZSMJ digital wireless backup camera | The monitor has split-screen ability | 4-way video Input CH1/CH2/CH3/CH4 | This digital wireless backup camera designed with 16 infrared light and CCD sensor | You can still watch 50 feet vision even in a dark environment | and more …

ZSMJ digital wireless backup camera is a standard, modern digital camera that works perfectly for vehicles under 70 feet. This unit offers open field transmissions of over 450 feet and works flawlessly for trucks, buses, RVs, or pickups as long as 80 feet in length.

Thanks to the incorporated digital signal transmission, you can enjoy wireless recordings without having to install any type of cable inside your vehicle. At the same time, you can use it on an open field to supervise an activity done by your employees or to keep a close eye on your kids.

DoHonest RV Backup Camera Wireless Easy Install:...
2,252 Reviews
DoHonest RV Backup Camera Wireless Easy Install:...
  • 【Easy Installation】This rv backup camera...
  • 【4 Channels RV Camera System with...
  • 【Dual-Antenna Design with Enhanced Stability】...
  • 【Infrared Night Vision】You can easily get...
  • 【7 Inch Large Screen & Aluminum Shell】The 7"...

The screen of this unit is full HD, similar to the screen offered by Fookoo FHD1. Both cameras enable you to enjoy full HD quality and to view any details to perfection. In this ZSMJ backup camera review, we will take a closer look at the top features and specs of this unit.

We will also try to help you determine if this unit would make a good buy for you in 2019 or you should look for other top backup cameras available in 2019.

ZSMJ Digital Wireless Backup Camera Overview

The camera from ZSMJ is a dual-channel backup system with a 7” large monitor. It offers clear recordings, both during the day and night. At night, its 24 LED IR sensors work to offer you flawless recordings.

The monitor comes with 3 unique mounts, so you can easily install the system on the windshield, dash, or on a fixed position. ZSMJ backup camera is 100% safe to use and complies with all CE/FCC/UL/RoHS standards. It also complies with IK69 weatherproof standards.

The effective resolution of the screen is 800 TV lines. The lens viewing angle is 150 degrees, and the power range is 12V-24V.

ZSMJ – Design & Installation

The ZSMJ digital wireless backup camera does not really stand out of the crowd in terms of design. It looks fairly stable and can easily complement any interior design. The all-black finish could work in any setting and is very good at night. People from outside the vehicle won’t be able to see that you are recording them.

In terms of installation, this camera comes with all the tools & extensions needed for flawless installation. It even has an extra antenna with 12 feet cable extension and a magnet base for enhancing the signal. Thus, you can use it for long trucks.

What you will love about this unit is that it is one of the few backup cameras on the market to work for vehicles up to 80 feet in length. Most other backup cameras do not work for vehicles longer than 50 feet.

With ZSMJ wireless backup system, you can enjoy a stable signal even if you use it on extra-long trucks of 75-80 feet.

 Recording Quality

ZSMJ’s camera can record anything behind your truck at a wide range of 150 degrees. If you need more, you can try out the Coolwoo dual backup camera. This amazing unit from Coolwoo offers you an extended 175 degrees of viewing angle. If you use both cameras at the same time, you get 350 degrees of vision.

That’s almost 360 degrees. Coolwoo is the best when it comes to recording quality and field of view, there is no doubt about that.

Nevertheless, ZSMJ digital wireless backup system has its own strong points too. The image is quite good during the day and exceptional during the night. The 24 IR sensors kick in, offering improved contrast and enhanced brightness.

The 6 lens and advanced image processor tune the image and make it better, especially during hot days.

ZSMJ Digital Wireless Backup Camera – Double Channel

This backup camera released in July 2018 is equipped with a modern monitor that lets you use the dual channel feature. You get two separate channels, so you can use the camera both as a front view or rear view camera.

Thanks to the dual-channel, you can easily install another camera and see both cameras on the screen. However, note that ZSMJ wireless backup system comes in the package with just one camera.

 Super Stable Signal

One of the strongest points about this backup camera is the super stable signal. Its wireless signal gives you flawless connection, with zero interferences, flickers, or loss of signal. It works perfectly for vehicles up to 80 feet in length.

You get to enjoy very good signals even when driving on the interstate, with more than 70 mph. For more than 70 mph, you may experience a loss of signal and flickers, especially if you are driving a long vehicle.

ZSMJ Digital Wireless Backup Camera – Guide Lines

ZSMJ backup camera enables you to enjoy several types of guide lines. You can turn them on and off, or use mirror/rear-facing lines.

These guide lines are extremely helpful when parking, especially during the night.

ZSMJ Digital Wireless Backup Camera – Conclusion

Whether you want to use it on a long vehicle or on a shorter one, the ZSMJ backup camera system works exceptionally well to keep you safe and enable you to park easily. You can also use it successfully to record events outside your camper, keep a close look at your kids in the backyard or even protect your property from intruders.

Emmako Digital Wireless Backup Camera and 7″ Monitor System

The Emmako Digital Wireless Backup Camera and 7” Monitor System is a heavy-duty, waterproof camera, perfect for any long vehicle.

Thanks to its advanced features and innovative additions, this backup camera is excellent for your safety when driving RVs, trucks, or trailers. As a driver, it is imperative to have a powerful, reliable wireless rear camera when driving a longer vehicle. This can greatly reduce the chances of an accident and could even help save your life.

Wireless Backup Camera for Furrion RV: 7-Inch...
  • 【Plug and Play】The rv backup camera kit is...
  • 【Stable wireless signal】This backup camera is...
  • 【Monitor with 4 Channels】The rv backup camera...
  • 【Video Recording Function】To top it off rv...
  • 【Sturdy and Durable】AMTIFO back up camera for...

That’s exactly what this digital backup from Emmako does. Today, backup cameras are increasingly better, and they provide more security than ever before.

Let’s dive deeper and see why the Emmako Digital Wireless Backup Camera could be an excellent choice for you in 2018 and beyond.

Emmako Digital Wireless Backup Camera and 7” Monitor System – Overview

This backup camera from Emmako is no toy. Instead, this heavy-duty device is perfect for any RV, truck, trailer, or camper. The first thing you will love about this system is the super large 7” monitor. The image is super clear and any distortion is reduced to a minimum. Thus, you will get to enjoy a flawless parking and driving experience.

The second aspect you will cherish about this system is the large 150 degrees viewing angle. You get excellent night vision and a super large vision range in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises. And lastly, you will greatly appreciate all other specs of this device: IP69k waterproofing, great wireless range, two inputs, distortion-free, ease of installation, and the list goes on.

Setting it up

First things first. Probably the most important aspect of this backup camera is the ease of installation. You will love how quickly installing this device is.

You can view the installation video right on YouTube, or follow the steps listed in the instructions manual. For vehicles less than 70 feet in length, the wireless signal is as good as it gets. The modern digital transmitter ensures you will get no distortions, better image clarity, and enhanced stability.

Optionally, you can get the longer antenna equipped with 12 feet wire in order to enjoy even better image stability. Once you connect the display to the supply power in the cigarette lighter or wire it to the ignition, pair the camera to the taillight and to the wireless antenna and you are good to go.

Upgraded Camera & Recordings

The Emmako Digital Wireless Backup Camera and 7” Monitor System is second to none in terms of recording quality. This modern device offers high-quality recordings at a resolution of 800 TV Lines. The screen ratio is adjustable at 16:9/4:3.

Of course, the recording quality cannot compare to that offered by a vehicle dashboard camera. Dashcams like Nextbase 612GW can record exceptionally well and can even take photos in 4k. Conversely, the Emmako backup camera for RVs and trucks can only record.

Emmako Digital Wireless Backup Camera – Better Recordings at Higher Speeds

One thing you will certainly love about the Emmako Digital Wireless Backup Camera 7” Monitor is that it records flawlessly, with no distortion, at speeds of up to 100 mph. Thanks to the built-in module and high-capacity antennas, you get to enjoy no interferences whatsoever.

Similar backup cameras available on the market such as ZSMJ Digital Wireless Backup Camera can record without interruptions at a maximum speed of 80 mph. This gives Emmako a clear edge over the competition.

In the empty field, expect this device to record at an impressive distance of over 450 feet. Inside the vehicle, the wireless adaptor can get high-quality recordings at a maximum of 70 feet.

Emmako Digital Wireless Backup Camera – Monitor Capabilities

You will also love that Emmako Digital Wireless Backup Camera 7” Monitor comes with a two-way video input. You can wire another similar device and split the screen in two. You will see the wireless backup camera on one side, and another camera on the other side.

Thankfully, this product comes with 3 different types of mounts – windshield, hanging, and dash. You can practically set another camera anywhere you see fit.

Other Interesting Specs

Finally, Emmako Digital Wireless Backup Camera 7” Monitor is worth your time due to its wide 150 viewing angle, fog resistance, and IP67K waterproof rating. The camera is safe outside of your vehicle and can offer you flawless real-time recording capabilities in any type of weather.