Wireless Xroose Backup Camera FW01 with 5″ HD Monitor

Xroose F3 Wireless Backup camera with monitor | Xroose Backup Camera F3 | 152° wide-angle lens | 3.0 AHD Control Chip | Super Color Night Vision | IP69k Waterproof & Fog Resistant | Easy installation, Suit for most Vehicles | and more …

Is Xroose Backup Camera F3 a product worth buying? There are many different types of backup cameras available today. However, you need to choose the best one that meets your exact requirements. Let us check whether this Xroose model is a good choice.

You can find a highly functional wireless digital monitor on this device. It offers clear and vivid images to make driving enjoyable and safe. Further, this Xroose Backup Camera comes with a reliable industrial design. You can find the performance of this dashcam superior even in adverse weather conditions.

Xroose Backup Camera F3 – Smart And Responsive Features

Providing a top-of-the-line navigation system, Xroose Backup Camera F3 makes lie a lot easier for the users. Also, you can expect superior night vision technology, waterproof cameras, and a high transmission rate when you buy this product. To meet customer needs responsibly, the company offers a 36-month replacement service and lifetime support.

If you compare this Xroose Backup Camera to DoHonest Dual Backup Camera 7, you can find many similar features. Both cameras offer smooth and clear images even if you drive at a high speed. However, the Xroose model is lighter in weight compared to the DoHonest model. The screen size of the latter is slightly larger than the former one.

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Okay, you might have a basic idea about this Xroose Backup Camera. When did the company launch this product? It was introduced into the market on February 12, 2020. Above all, the overwhelmingly positive responses of the customers make it one of the fast-selling backup cameras available today.

As mentioned above, this backup camera is a lightweight device. It weighs only 1.69 pounds. The package dimensions are 10.7 x 6.2 x 3.9 inches.

Let us study this product a bit deeper to make a realistic assessment. Offering detailed and accurate information, this review helps you make the best purchase decision.

High-Resolution Images And Perfect Color Night Vision

You don’t have to worry about image clarity if you buy this dashcam. Equipped with a highly advanced image sensor, it offers HD and high-resolution images. Therefore, the sharp sensitivity and high processing speed help this product stand out from many other dashcams available today.

Night driving becomes a breeze if you mount the Xroose Backup Camera F3 on your vehicle. You can expect a super color night vision. Further, with the lowest illumination of 0.0075 LUX, it captures precise, detailed, and clear color images even at night. If you are searching for a good companion who guides you properly while driving, look no farther than this dashcam.

What about the rearview range? It goes up to 34 FT irrespective of the road conditions. Don’t worry about blind spots. That is to say, you can enjoy perfect vision without any blind spots. Meanwhile, this camera also comes with low image noise.

High-Quality Monitor And Wide View Lens

You can find the HD 5-inch monitor displaying images perfectly. Since the screen is reasonably larger, you can expect an enhanced viewing area. It complements the 3.0 color display technology brilliantly to ensure the best viewing experience. If you install this dashcam, you can feel more confident and safe.

Designed with the best angle for vehicle backup, Xroose Backup Camera F3 meets the expectations of users efficiently. It comes with a 152 wide-angle view to deliver optimal field view. After extensive research, testing, and enhancements, the manufacturer decided to keep the viewing angle at152. Therefore, you can not only expect the maximum field of view while reversing. Moreover, you should not bother about any picture distortions.

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Equipped with an advanced and reliable navigation system, this device makes your drive amazingly easy and enjoyable. You can even see the license plates of other vehicles clearly. That is to say, image clarity stays at higher levels even at high speeds. What about the transmission rate and distance? Well, it deserves special appreciation. Reaching up to 164 feet, the transmission distance goes past your expectations.

When it comes to the transmission rate, you can expect the best results as well. It easily reaches up to 8Mbs/s. Above all, the Xroose backup camera F3 is dedicated to making your drive safer. There is also a parking line feature on this device. You can switch on or off this feature based on your needs. Installation can be done wherever you want with ease and comfort.

Weather-Resistance And High Flexibility

With a strict waterproof rubber ring, it stays optimally functional even during heavy rain. You don’t have to bother about the lens getting foggy. Like any other top model, this dashcam also comes with a waterproof rating of IP69K. Get clear images without any delay.

In addition to offering excellent water or fog resistance properties, the Xroose Backup Camera F3 stays functional in a variety of hostile weather conditions. With a temperature range between -14℉ and 176℉, it makes an ideal choice for all types of vehicle owners. In short, this backup cam is a highly reliable product.

Another positive aspect is flexibility. In other words, you can install this backup camera on most 12-24 V vehicles without worrying about compliance or suitability. No matter whether you own a car, small truck, minivan, pickup, SUV, camper, or other types of vehicle; you can mount this camera to make the driving experience safe and comfortable.

Installation does not involve any complexity. You don’t have to seek professional help to mount this camera. Being a trusted manufacturer of dashcams, Xroose gives the utmost importance to customer satisfaction. You will qualify for a 36-month replacement service when you buy this model. Lifetime support is also provided to take care of customer needs responsibly.

Xroose Backup Camera F3 Final Thoughts

Now, you can make a purchase decision. If you are looking to buy a dashcam that offers high-resolution image quality and super cool night vision, you can choose this Xroose Backup Camera. Further, it offers outstanding wide-angle, high weather-resistance, good mirror function, fast processing, and unbeatable transmission speed. You can mount this camera on any type of 12-24V vehicle with ease.